Top Heroes Tier List – Best Characters Ranked

Don’t know which heroes to choose in Top Heroes? Our comprehensive tier list will guide you on the most powerful characters in the game

Top Heroes tier list
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Top Heroes is a thrilling mobile game that transports you to a mystical medieval continent filled with magic and wonder. As the chosen leader, you must guide your warriors through treacherous quests, and battles, and defeat tough world bosses to save the future of this world.

In this game, having the strongest and most skilled heroes is crucial in rapidly advancing and easily defeating those monster waves. This guide will provide a complete tier list for Top Heroes ranking the best characters in the game, helping you build an unstoppable team to conquer all challenges that lie ahead.

The game offers a quite large collection of heroes from three factions (Nature, League, and Horde) and four classes (Damage Dealer, Tank, Supporter, and Healer). Additionally, all characters have various abilities (two sets for Legendary and one set for Epic and Rare heroes).

We built this tier list based on our own gameplay but also on other community creators like BryonWithaY and considered factors such as their characteristics, skills, and stats. We divided our tier list into four tiers, the S-Tier offering the best-performing characters in the game.

S-Tier Heroes

S-Tier: the finest hero choices for Top Heroes.
S-Tier: the finest hero choices for Top Heroes.

In our opinion, these are the strongest and most versatile heroes in Top Heroes. They excel in almost every aspect, from dealing high damage to providing great support and protection to their team.

  • Pyromancer (Damage Dealer, Burst Damage)
  • Astrologer (Damage Dealer, Burst Damage)
  • Adjudicator (Tank, Sustained)
  • Windwalker (Damage Dealer, Burst Damage)
  • Forest Maiden (Supporter, Control)
  • Stonemason (Damage Dealer, Control)
  • Druid (Healer, Buff)
  • Hostess (Tank, Control)
  • Wilderness Hunter (Damage Dealer, Sustained)

We believe that Pyromancer is the best character in Top Heroes for multiple reasons. First, she is a strong attacker who deals massive burst damage with her first skill. Additionally, her ultimate skill, Meteor Blaze, can hit multiple enemies at once, making it a great AoE hero. But the best thing about her is that you can obtain Pyromancer just by logging in for seven consecutive days, making her a valuable addition to any team.

Astrologer is also another top-tier character in Top Heroes. Her high critical hit rate makes her a great choice for dealing burst damage to smaller groups of enemies and she can move while performing normal attacks. Her ultimate skill, which can hit multiple times and increase her critical hit rate even further, is especially effective in boss battles or against tougher opponents.

A-Tier Heroes

A-Tier: strong hero alternatives for Top Heroes
A-Tier: strong hero alternatives for Top Heroes

These heroes are also powerful but most of them lack the necessary attack power or support to progress faster in the game. However, they can still be excellent choices when paired with the right team composition.

  • Soulmancer (Supporter, Buff)
  • Shaman (Healer, Sustained)
  • Sage (Tank, Sustained)
  • Headhunter (Damage Dealer, Burst Damage)
  • Treeguard (Tank, Sustained)
  • Bard (Supporter, Buff)
  • Nun (Healer, Buff)
  • Barbarian (Tank, Control)
  • Warlock (Supporter, Buff)
  • Watcher (Damage Dealer, Burst Damage)

Soulmancer is a fantastic support character for any team, especially those focused on the Horde faction as he can increase their HP by up to 20% (at skill level 4). His ability to link with multiple allies and share damage makes him a must-have hero in tough battles. Additionally, his ability to freeze enemies when they are afflicted with the Chill effect is incredibly useful for crowd control.

B-Tier Heroes

B-Tier Characters for Top Heroes. They have average buffs and stats
B-Tier Characters: average options with decent buffs and stats

These heroes are decent options, but they are significantly less powerful in ATK and Defense stats than the ones in higher tiers. They can still be effective in the early stages of the game though.

  • Swordmaster (Tank, Sustained)
  • Pathfinder (Damage Dealer, Sustained)
  • Secret Keeper (Tank, Control)
  • Rogue (Damage Dealer, Debuff)
  • Knight (Tank, Control)
  • Outlaw (Supporter, Debuff)
  • Priest (Healer, Buff)
  • Ranger (Damage Dealer, Buff)
  • Brawler (Damage Dealer, Sustained)

Swordsmaster is a solid tank choice for beginners. His ability to deal damage while also providing a shield for himself makes him durable in battle. His ultimate skill, which allows him to continuously spin blades and attack enemies while being immune to negative effects, is especially useful in tough situations. Overall, Swordmaster is a well-rounded character that can help new players progress quickly through the game.

C-Tier Heroes

C-Tier, the least powerful heroes in Top Heroes
C-Tier Heroes: we do not recommend them for serious gameplay

These are the weakest heroes in Top Heroes and should only be used as a last resort. They lack significant strengths, and abilities, have low base stats and are the least effective rarity (Common). We do not recommend spending too many resources on leveling them up.

  • Dancer (Supporter, Buff)
  • Priestess (Damage Dealer, Summon)
  • Escort (Tank, Control)
  • Warrior (Damage Dealer, Sustained)
  • Archer (Damage Dealer, Multi-target)
  • Blacksmith (Supporter, Buff)
  • Pharmacist (Healer, Multi-target)
  • Wizard (Damage Dealer, Multi-target)


Our tier list for the Top Heroes mobile game has ended, but your journey to become the ultimate hero has just begun. Consider the S and A tiers for the best chances of success. Keep exploring, fighting, upgrading your heroes, and saving the mystical continent from darkness with your unbeatable team.

Top Heroes tier list
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