7 Top Heroes Tips for a Better Start

New to Top Heroes? Our guide will help you start strong with a list of key tips for maximum growth in this thrilling mobile game.

Top Heroes tips for starting players
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It’s been almost 2 months since my first dive into the world of Top Heroes, and I’ve learned a few tips and tricks along the way. Yeah, the learning curve was steep, but that’s the fun part of any game, right? Today, I’m excited to share my knowledge with fellow players who are just starting or looking for ways to improve their gameplay.

In this guide, I’ll cover seven essential strategies to boost your progress in Top Heroes, from improving your construction speed and collecting daily freebies to utilizing portals for efficient navigation. But before we dive in, please remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more gaming content and follow us on social media for updates. Let’s get started!

7. Elevate your World Quest level

Epic and Legendary quests are crucial for fast progress

World Quests probabilities based on the current level (7)
World Quests level 7 drop chances

My first tip is to increase your World Quest level to get much better rewards for completing these missions. These quests have five tiers: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. At level 1, you only have access to common and a few uncommon ones, which are good for starting the game but don’t offer much in terms of rewards. The spawn percentages of the Uncommon quests and beyond increase as you level up.

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Once you reach level 6, Epic quests will start showing up more frequently, and those are the ones you want to prioritize for better rewards. Of course, Legendary Quests offer the best rewards in Top Heroes but it takes a while to have at least a decent 20% drop chance, which probably is at level 14 or so (I’m level 7 currently so I don’t know for sure).

6. Use the portal button strategically

There is a 1-hour cooldown

As you noticed, the only way to get back to your territory/village from exploration and vice-versa in Top Heroes is through those blue portals. Defeating enemies on the map is only temporary, meaning they will respawn after a short amount of time.

Therefore, returning to a specific portal it means you’ll have to clear the same enemies again. This takes time, and you certainly will be tempted to use the portal “Back” button in the bottom-right corner of your screen.

Before you do that, make sure you are around halfway between two portals (you can tap the map button on the opposite corner to see your location). That’s because once you tap the portal button, it will spawn a permanent portal and it will take 1 hour to be available again. This way, you have more portals placed strategically on the map and return quickly whenever you need to complete a task or gather a specific resource.

5. Clear Realms to get better idle rewards

And unlock special item drops

Idle rewards are crucial for any new player’s progression in Top Heroes. These rewards are earned and accumulated for 8 hours when your heroes are not actively battling and can give you Meat, and Player EXP points.

To claim your idle reward, you must first upgrade your Castle to level 6 to unlock the Expedition Hall building. Once you do that, your chosen heroes will start attacking enemies to earn you the mentioned rewards.

Pro Tip: Tap “Queue” on the bottom-right corner of your screen while viewing the Expedition Hall’s main screen and select your strongest heroes to optimize your idle rewards.

By default, the idle rewards reflect the first stage, which means you’ll earn very little resources. But don’t worry, there are two ways through which you can improve your idle rewards, as follows:

  1. Discover Secret Realms: These are secret caves that you can discover while exploring the map in the Adventure mode. They consist of 4, 7, or more stages (as seen in the second screenshot above), where the final stage features a powerful boss that you must defeat. Each cleared Secret Realm permanently increases your idle rewards in the Expedition Hall.
  2. Clear more stages: You can do this by tapping the Challenge button. You will face a mini-boss every 5 stages and a powerful one every 10. Again, make sure you setup your squad properly by placing your best characters in the right positions.

The more stages you clear, the better your idle rewards will be, and new items will be dropped. These are not included in the idle rewards but you will get them after each cleared stage. Here are the stages required for these items:

StageUnlocked Item
19Timber and Stones
60Promotion Emblems
140Gear Essence

4. Boost your territory development

Construction Speed tech is a must

When you first start playing Top Heroes, your main goal should be to develop your territory as quickly as possible. Upgrading buildings in your city is necessary but can take a lot of time. However, by researching the Construction Speed 1 tech in the Research Cottage building, you can boost your construction speed by up to 10%. It may not seem like much, but trust me, every little bit counts when you’re trying to catch up with more experienced players.

Pro Tip: You only need to upgrade one level each of these 3 (Timber Yield 1, Meat Yeald 1, and Stone Yield 1) to unlock Construction Speed 1, so keep that in mind when planning your research priorities.

At the same time, upgrading the Research Cottage will drastically reduce research costs by up to 30% (from level 20 and beyond). Other helpful techs to prioritize in the early game include Free Time, Research Speed 1, 2, and 3, and of course, Construction Speed 2, and 3.

3. Make use of the Top Lord event

Participate in all seven stages for maximum growth

If there is one event I would highly recommend participating in, it’s the Top Lord event. It takes place every week and features seven stages with different tasks that you can complete to get rewards such as resources, Rubies, Glory Medals, Legendary Universal Shards, diamonds, speedups and other useful items. The key is to participate in all seven stages for maximum growth.

Some of the tasks may seem repetitive or tedious at first, but they all contribute to your daily score and ranking when the event ends. My take on this is to prioritize the tasks that offer the maximum points to boost your ranking and rewards.

2. Collect the daily freebies of Top Heroes

To get free resources

There’s nothing better than receiving free rewards for simply logging in and playing the game. This is exactly what Top Heroes offers with its daily freebies. By logging in for 7 days in a row, you get resources, Rubies, and even a free Legendary hero. Here’s a detailed list for your convenience:

Daily login rewards with the legendary hero rewards highlighted by a red rectangle
The 7-day login’s legendary hero (day 7)

The 7-day login event

  • Day 1: 1000 Meat, 1000, Stone, 1000 Timber
  • Day 2: 10 Priest shards, 200 Meat, 200 Rubies
  • Day 3: 100 emblems (League, Horde, or Nature), 200 Meat, and 2000 Stone
  • Day 4: An epic sword, 200 Meat, and 2000 Timber
  • Day 5: 200 emblems (League, Horde, or Nature), 300 Meat, and 200 Rubies
  • Day 6: 4×25 stamina, 300 Meat, and 3000 Stone
  • Day 7: The legendary hero, Pyromancer, 500 Meat, and 500 Rubies

Another important aspect is claiming your common and rare guild gifts. These are given out daily to all members, and the quantity depends entirely on the current level of your guild. Similarly. Other ways of collecting free resources in Top Heroes include:

  • Mail rewards (particularly the system tab)
  • Achievement rewards, the VIP and Ranking chests on your profile page (both offer diamonds. Not much but enough)
  • Any event tab where you see the red dot on it

1. Donate resources daily for guild techs

To get Guild points and better gifts

Yep, the daily guild tasks are a great way to get some decent loot early on. But as a member of one, it’s important to do your part every day and contribute towards the guild’s growth. One way to do this is by donating resources for guild techs via the Traits page.

It will help accumulate the required number of resources and once the bar is filled, your guild leaders can start the tech research. In return, you get 10 points for every resource donation (up to 10 donations at a time, with a 60-minute cooldown for each donation).

Pro Tip: Donate resources on recommended techs to get extra bonuses. You should also consider donating a few diamonds if you have enough, to get more guild points.

After that, you can use your points to buy useful items from the Guild Store such as Relocate items, Shield to protect your city, resources, and even diamonds. Of course, this requires a long-term commitment to accumulating a decent amount of points, but the rewards are worth it for sure.

Top Heroes offers endless adventures

In conclusion, Top Heroes offers a lot of opportunities for new players to progress quickly in the game. By following these tips and strategies, you can climb up those rankings and be among the top players in no time. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more Top Heroes tips and tricks to get ahead in the game! Keep playing, keep growing, and have fun!

Top Heroes tips for starting players
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