8 Essential Medieval Merge Tips to Get You Started

Ready to merge and upgrade things faster in Medieval Merge? Our tips and tricks offer a shortcut to success in this medieval adventure

Medieval Merge Guide, Tips and Tricks 2023
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Medieval Merge is an exciting mobile game that combines the classic merge puzzle mechanics with role-playing elements, great LEGO-inspired graphics, and a calming medieval soundtrack that will take you back in time.

The story of Medieval Merge begins with your main character Astoria and its companion, the Friendly Fairy, driving a carriage through a dense medieval forest. Soon, your path is blocked by a fallen tree and you will need to clear the road.

Although the typical little-hand tutorial is useful enough to understand the basics, new players may struggle to progress in the game. In this guide, we will provide some basic tips and tricks to help you make the most of your journey and progress faster through the game.

1. Unlock some additional inventory slots

If you have too many items on your Board and you don’t want to sell any of them either, you can unlock some new inventory slots.

The inventory is a separate container that will appear as soon as your Board is full. There you can store items, and each item will require one slot. The first slot will cost you 25 gold coins, and each additional slot price will be increased by 5 coins.

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However, you should not go wild with this, and save your coins for more important things. Although it can be useful to have some inventory slots, there’s also a drawback as the items you put in the inventory are paused. This means that their recharging time will be paused until they’re back on the board.

To add items to the inventory slots, simply drag an item from the Board to any of the available slots in your inventory. To remove an item from the Inventory, simply tap on it and it will automatically return to your Board.

2. Sell unnecessary items

selling unnecessary Board items

When you have too many items on your Board or if it is full, you can sell some of the items for gold coins. This will help you free up some slots, as well as gain some gold coins that can be used to buy more useful items. To sell an item, tap it and you will see the “Sell” button above your Board and the selling price of the item. Tap this button and the item will be sold.

3. Spend your gems wisely

Avoid spending gems on unnecessary things such as opening chests and instead focus your spending on the important ones. Upon receiving a Special Chest, you need to wait a specific amount of time to open it or you can use gems.

The more valuable the chest is, the longer you have to wait. That’s why is better to save your gems for later (at least in the early stages of the game) and wait for the chests to open.

4. Merge coins and gems before collecting them

different levels of gold coin stacks in Medieval Merge

Merging coins is a great way to increase their value. If you get multiple stacks of coins from chests or rewards, make sure to merge them before collecting them so you can get more coins in return. Coins can be merged up to a level 6 stack.

For example, a stack level 1 gives you 1 coin, but merging 2 stacks of level, gives you 3 coins, and 2 level 2 merged stacks, will give you 8 coins, and so on. The higher the merged levels, the bigger the amount will be. The same applies to gem stacks.

5. Spawn items at the right time

I know how tempting it is to hit generators such as Barrels, Seed Bags, and other containers to spawn more items, as soon as we get them. However, spawning items consumes energy.

Therefore it is wise to wait until there is a specific item or combination of items you need, and then spawn them. This will not only save you some energy but also space slots in your Board.

6. Out of energy? Follow these methods

Ways to get more energy in Medieval Merge

If you run out of energy and can’t spawn more items, there are 3 ways to restore it, 2 of which can be done by tapping the energy icon and picking any of them. Here are the methods to get more energy:

  • Wait until the energy bar is automatically refilled. The bar will be filled with 1 point every 2 minutes until it hits 100 points.
  • Spend some gems to get more energy. This is a great way to quickly restore your energy and be able to continue playing. However, each consecutive use on the same day will be more expensive. For example, the first refill will cost you 1 gem for 100 energy points, the second 10, and so on.
  • Watch video ads to refill the energy bar. You can watch a video ad every 1h 10m for 15 energy points.

7. Unlock items to get more space

Merging with a locked item to make more room in the inventory Board
Merging with a locked item

In Medieval Merge, your Board is filled with different random items that can be merged. But you also have several items covered by cobwebs. These items are locked and take up valuable space in your board.

To unlock them and make more space, you should merge them with other items, every time you get the chance. You just need to pay attention to the generated items or those you produce by merging. If they are the same type as any of the locked items, they will start pulsing, meaning that they can be merged.

8. Get your Daily Items

Daily items in the Shop in Medieval Merge

Once you reach level 4, you will interact with a new character that will present you with a new quest. He will need an axe, and after completing his quest, you will get access to the Shop. Here you will be able to see all the premium packs and offers that the game has to offer, but also the Daily Items.

Some of these items are free, while others might cost a small number of gems or coins, or watch a video ad. You should take advantage and collect them before the refresh, which happens once every 8 hours.

Final Words on Medieval Merge

With its varied gameplay, intriguing story, and colorful graphics, this game is sure to be a hit with gamers of all ages. By following the tips and tricks mentioned above, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master of Medieval Merge and improving your gaming experience.

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