11 Merger Legion Tips and Tricks for a Great Start

These tips and tricks will help you build a formidable kingdom in Merger Legion and progress quickly through the game.

Merger Legion Guide Tips and Tricks
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With stunning graphics and iconic historical characters, including Cleopatra, Caesar, and Hannibal, Merger Legion is an engaging strategy game in which you can build your own empire. The storyline begins with your ship on a stormy night in the ocean. When you finally find a piece of land, your ship is attacked by enemy towers, and you are given two choices: to storm the beaches and clear the enemy area, or swim to the shore and find cover.

The main objective in this game is to grow your empire by merging units, expanding your resources, and battling enemies. Your level plays an important part in your gameplay because most of the advanced features, buildings, and higher-level troops require you to reach a specific level to unlock them. But there’s a lot to learn and master, so here’s our guide for beginners with some tips and tricks for having a better start in Merger Legion.

11. Claim your free VIP daily rewards

Using the daily free VIP chest in Merger Legion

Once every 13 hours, you will be able to claim a free reward from the VIP tab. Make sure you do not miss this free reward as it contains valuable items such as Epic Universal Shards, used to exchange for shards of Epic Heroes.

To claim your free VIP reward, tap the VIP tag under your avatar, and if the chest, visible in the top-right corner, is ready to be opened, hit it and claim the rewards. This chest can also include Gold Coin Chests, which leads us to the next tip.

10. Constantly upgrade your Palace level

Upgrading your Palace level as soon as you meet the requirements for each level, is crucial. By doing so, you will unlock new techs, and buildings, and train stronger soldiers. It will also increase the maximum number of soldiers you can have, as well as the maximum deployment size.

As a result, all this will increase your kingdom’s power considerably. To upgrade the Palace, you will need gold and Basic Technology Book items.

9. Use the “Quick deploy” button

using the "Quick Deploy" button in Merger Legion

During battle scenarios, it is wise to manually pick your strongest units and your best heroes in Merger Legion. But if you want to save some time, and you think that the majority of your army is strong enough, you can hit the “Quick deploy” button (it will appear on the bottom-right corner as you enter the battle) which will automatically place your units on the battlefield slots.

8. Pick a name and an avatar for your account

By default, your account’s name is formed by a long combination of words and numbers, which is not easy to remember. It is recommended to choose a name that you prefer. This will help you identify who you are when playing with others.

To change your name, simply tap your avatar on the top left corner of your screen. This will lead you to the Player info page and you can change the name by tapping the little pencil icon visible on the first field (see the screenshot). Type in your name and hit ok. Keep in mind that the first time you enter a name it will be free, but changing your name, later on, will cost you 300 gems each time.

Merger Legion changing the account name

You can also change your avatar if you want to fully customize your account. Unfortunately, you cannot upload a custom image, but you can pick a different avatar from the existing collection.

After starting the Merger Legion game, you will have 2 additional avatars to choose from, but more will be included as you progress through the game. To change your avatar, simply tap your avatar on the top-left corner of the screen, and pick a different one from the list.

7. Merge soldiers as often as possible

Merging two soldiers of the same type, allows you to create one soldier with higher stats. To merge two soldiers, simply drag one over the other and you are all set. You should do this as often as possible since higher-level units are essential for tough battles. Higher-tier soldiers, however, require specific techs to be researched to merge them.

6. Claim your bonus rewards from each Age

Merger Legion, at the moment, has 10 Ages, ranging from Stone Age and up to the Imperial Age. After completing each Age, you will receive a valuable free reward which can only be claimed once. However, since the game is still in the early access stage, at the moment only the Stone Age is available, and the other 9 Ages are under development.

The Stone Age rewards

Nevertheless, you can have a preview of what bonus rewards each Age has to offer. The more advanced the Age, the better the rewards. This bonus reward needs to be claimed, and for that, you need to tap the Palace building, and next, tap the Age icon visible in the top-left corner.

On this page, you need to hit the “Claim” button, and the rewards will be instantly added to your bag. The Stone Age will offer you 100 gems, which is pretty good, considering how difficult it is to obtain them. 

5. Check your bag and use the items at the right time

Merging Legion is a game where planning ahead is of crucial importance. Make sure to always check your bag and keep an eye out for the items that you can use to your benefit. This includes the Gold Coin Chest, which upon use will give you an increase in gold coins.

Merger Legion using chests

Other items such as Supply Chest, once used, will offer you a random building or upgrade items such as Upgrade Plans, including Infantry, Cavalry, or Missle Units Upgrade Scroll items (required to upgrade their merge level), but also Building Plans required to upgrade your buildings’ levels (e.g Archery Range Building Plans, Stable Building Plans, etc.).

To use these chests or other usable items in your bag, tap the bag icon on the right side of your screen, tap the item or chest that you want to use and then tap the “Use” button. If you have more than one item with the same name, tap the plus icon visible above the “Use” button, and select the number of items that you want to use.

4. Clear your conquered zones from obstacles

Removing obstacles in Merger Legion

Each conquered, or unlocked area will also contain small obstacles such as stones or palm trees. By eliminating them, you will get a coin bonus, Basic Technology Book items, and sometimes even gems.

This is useful for times when you want to upgrade your soldiers or buildings and do not have enough coins or other resources. To clear an obstacle, simply hold your finger on it and it will automatically start the process and reward you.

3. Check the system messages periodically

Claiming system rewards in Merger Legion

Every now and then, the Merger Legion developers will post a system message in the System tab of your in-game mail, which can contain special events and offers but also free rewards. You should check this periodically and collect the rewards that you can get by simply tapping the “Receive rewards” button.

2. Use your heroes’ skills during battles

Each of your heroes will have its own set of skills, which can be used to gain an edge during battles. Use them as soon as they are recharged, as this will allow you to completely turn the tides of a battle. To use a skill, simply tap the card visible on the bottom of your screen during a battle.

1. Join a powerful alliance or create one

Playing solo is always an option, but it is highly recommended to join a powerful alliance or create one. This will give you access to countless resources and additional help from other players. Alliances can help you clear missions faster, gain access to new areas, and develop strategies. The Alliance icon becomes visible after reaching level 4, but you’ll need to be at least level 7 to join or create an alliance.

Final Thoughts

Merger Legion is an exciting game, full of surprises and adventures, with plenty of strategies to master. As a beginner, take your time to understand the game mechanics and combine this knowledge with the tips and tricks mentioned in this guide to become a true winner. Good luck and let the battles begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the merge level in Merger Legion?

The merge level refers to the maximum allowed level of your troops that can be merged.

Why I cannot see the bag icon?

If you cannot see the bag icon in Merger Legion, is because you did not unlock yet the Palace building, which becomes available after reaching level 4.

What is Summon Runestone used for?

The Summon Runestone items are used for summoning heroes at the Altar of Heroes.

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