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Unleash your inner hero with our comprehensive beginner’s guide to Top Heroes! Learn about gameplay, characters, and more.

Top Heroes characters featured on a medieval battleground prepared to fight enemies
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Top Heroes, one of the latest and most exciting medieval mobile games, takes players on a journey to a mystical continent filled with magical creatures and ancient secrets.

As the leader of a team of brave warriors, you must embark on a daring quest to defeat the dark forces that threaten the peace of this world. This guide is designed for beginners and includes all the essential information for starting the game and understanding the gameplay basics.

Understanding the various game modes in Top Heroes

The game story begins with your main hero in a mysterious forest searching for an unknown town. To control it, you can simply drag the on-screen joystick in the direction you want your character to move. Once you discover the town and start upgrading the Castle, the first game mode becomes available, the Adventure mode.

Adventure mode

The Adventure mode featuring a Boss Challenge statue on a fantasy forest background
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This mode will introduce you to the basic gameplay mechanics and help you progress through the early stages of the game. It consists of exploring and unlocking new foggy territories by defeating all sorts of enemies, and monsters

You can also challenge bosses on different difficulty tiers for unique rewards. The territory bosses can be challenged via the Boss Challenge Statues. The rewards for defeating these bosses include legendary gear, hero shards, resources, and decors.

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Quick Tip: make sure you defeat as many monsters and bosses before hitting the back button to spawn the gate as it has a 60-minute cooldown.

Emerald Sanctuary

An Emerald Sanctuary cave entrance in Top Heroes

These scenarios can be found while exploring the map in Adventure mode. These are secret caves and usually include up to 5 stages of increasing difficulty, the last stage featuring a boss.

The rewards can be resources, Recruit Vouchers (for recruiting heroes), Gear Essence, Gear Enhance Rune or even good-quality equipment for your heroes. Each cave can only be cleared once.

PVP mode

As the name suggests, this mode allows you to attack other players located on the world map in real time. This is a great way to test your team’s strength and earn more rewards. But before you do it, it would be wise to check with your allies to avoid a guild conflict.

Guild mode (rallies and guild-related events are the best)

Joining a guild is one of the best ways to progress in Top Heroes. You will have access to exclusive guild missions, events, and rewards. But for beginners, the most important aspect of being in a guild is participating in rallies.

This feature allows you to attack cities or world bosses together with your guildmates, increasing your chances of victory and acquiring valuable resources.

Expedition mode

Playing the Expedition mode, level 16 and a red arrow pointing towards the button to claim the idle rewards

Last but not least, the Expedition mode is quite similar to the Adventure mode in terms of difficulty tiers but with its unique rewards. To unlock this mode, you must first reach Castle level 6 and have the required amount of Timber.

The Expedition mode includes an Idle reward which is accumulated over a maximum period of 8 hours. It will give you Meat and Player XP. How much you receive depends on your current conquered stage – the higher it is, the more you will get.

Essential features and settings for beginners

Before diving into your adventure, it’s crucial to understand the essential features and settings of Top Heroes to improve your gaming experience. These include changing the display name, the avatar, and the game’s language if needed. All these can be found by tapping your profile image in the top-left corner of your screen.

We also recommend linking your game account via the Settings page. This will ensure your progress is safely backed up in case you switch devices or accidentally lose your account. Additionally, you can set to be notified in case of an unexpected attack from other players (useful once your beginner’s shield expires).

Managing the game’s currency and resources

To progress in Top Heroes, you need to understand the purpose of the different resources and in-game currencies and how to farm them. The most valuable currency and also the hardest to obtain is Diamonds.

You can use it to finish building upgrades, research new techs in the Research Cottage building or train new troops, all instantly. Other resources and in-game currencies include:

  • Gear Enhance Rune: can be used to level up the gear of your heroes
  • Emblems: these are required for breaking the level cap every 20 levels when upgrading heroes. There is one type for each hero faction – League, Horde, and Nature.
  • Hero Shards: can be used to increase the star rating of your characters, which unlocks new abilities for each additional star. Can also be used to recruit heroes once you have 10 of the same hero
  • Stamina: these points are consumed when attacking monsters on the world map. Once depleted, it will gradually replenish over time.
  • Meat: needed to increase the level of your heroes
  • Timber and Sone: can be used for building upgrades

Hero recruitment and proper placement

In Top Heroes, the characters can be recruited via the Tavern building. Here you can spend your Recruitment Vouchers individually or in packs of 4 or more. We highly recommend saving your vouchers for events where you can get exclusive heroes with a higher chance of obtaining them.

Quick Tip: Always consider spending your Vouchers in bulk to increase your chances of getting a higher tier hero. It will also increase your recruitment level faster, which also means higher chances of obtaining better characters.

Once you have recruited your heroes, it’s crucial to place them strategically in your team formation. Tank heroes should always be placed in the front row. They can absorb a lot of damage for their team and help your team last longer in difficult combat.

Damage dealers, on the other hand, should be placed in the mid-row to maximize their attack potential. Support and Healer characters should always be placed in the back row to protect them from taking damage and allow them to heal or buff up your team effectively.

Missions and daily tasks in Top Heroes

Missions and daily quests play a major role in progressing in Top Heroes as a new player. Completing them not only provides you with valuable rewards but also helps you progress in the game faster.

Daily quests refresh every day, and they include various objectives such as completing a certain number of PvE battles or Bounty Quests, upgrading buildings and gathering any resource on the map.

Don’t forget to check the daily login rewards too for additional bonuses! Similarly, Weekly Quests can offer you Diamonds and Gear Essence, so make sure to complete them before the week ends.

Buildings and territory expansion

Top Heroes features a different approach when it comes to unlocking new buildings for your village. Instead of having a menu with all the available buildings, we must go through a progression system to unlock new structures. As you level up your Castle, new buildings will become available around it, and you can build them just by tapping them.

The more buildings you unlock to wider your village territory becomes and the more resources you will be able to produce. Make sure to plan your expansion and prioritize essential buildings for your progress. This includes the Castle (obviously), Tavern, Research Cottage and Guild.

World Map and the various locations to explore

Using the world map search function to find resource mines and enemies. A red arrow pointing towards the search button

The world of Top Heroes is more than just your village. As you progress in the game, you will unlock the world map, which can be accessed by tapping the World button in the bottom-right corner of your screen.

From there you can zoom in and out to view the different zones, other players’ villages, creatures, and resource mines. You can send your troops to gather Timber from the Forest Resource, Stone from the Ore Resource, and Ruby from the Ruby Resource.

Quick tip: use the map’s search function to search for resource tiles and specific types of enemies (Timber Guard, Stone, Guard, Ruby Guard, or Legion Treasure).

The number of resources you can gather per hour depends on the level of the mine, which varies from level 1 to level 10. However, before being able to gather resources from a mine, you must first defeat the resistant enemies for the first time, so make sure your hero squad has enough combat power.

Top Heroes characters featured on a medieval battleground prepared to fight enemies
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