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Curious about the best pets to have by your side in Use this tier list to find out which ones will give you the greatest advantage in battle. pets tier list
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As you noticed, in the neverending enemy hoards and ever-evolving environments and tough bosses can be quite a challenge to overcome. Luckily, the latest addition to the game allows you to bring your own pets with you on your journey. Each pet has its own unique abilities and buffs that can be a great help in most situations.

To help you out, we created this pet tier list which ranks all the pets in from best to worst. We took into account their abilities, stats, and effects to make sure that you have the best chance of success. Pets Tier List

  • Croaky – S Tier
  • DD-6 – S Tier
  • Rex – A Tier
  • Crabobble – A Tier
  • Neemo – B Tier
  • Cheshire – B Tier
  • Murica – B Tier
  • Shelly – C Tier

1. Croaky

Croaky, best pet in

Croaky is by far the best pet in because of its amazing set of skills. Its main skill, Spit Attack, deals an outstanding total of 400% ATK damage over 2 seconds. Furthermore, this skill can also be increased in damage by 10% whenever the owner levels up, making it even more powerful.

Besides this, Croaky also has great survivability thanks to its United Effort skill, which increases the pet’s inherited HP by 10%. When combined with some of the best weapons, it can easily help you take down the toughest bosses in the game.

Additionally, Croaky also has a deploying skill that will increase your Crit Rate by 4% and a Legendary assist skill that increases your Crit Damage by 10%, giving you an even greater edge in battle. All these useful abilities make Croaky a must-have pet in

  • Tier: S (Great)
  • Pet Type: Frog

2. DD-6

DD-6 pet

This little robot pet is also one of the most powerful pets in, with its main skill Laser capable of dealing 400% ATK damage, plus an additional 10% when you level up. Additionally, its two deploying skills Battle Lust and Unyielding Will make it a great fighter that can take less damage and revive faster.

But that’s not all. Its legendary assist skill, Satellite Cannon, deals an enormous 1000% area damage to a certain location plus an additional 250% when you level up. Overall, DD-6 is a fantastic pet if you want to deal massive AoE damage.

  • Tier: S (Great)
  • Pet Type: Robot

3. Rex

Rex - pet

With its main skill Cacophonia activated, Rex yells at enemies with loud noises, dealing a stunning 250% ATK damage, plus an additional +25% damage whenever you level up. And the best part is that this skill has a short cooldown of 1 second.

But Rex’s secret power is a legendary assist skill called Utmost Loyalty. Once you unlock this skill, Rex will get tanking abilities, allowing him to take 30% damage for your chosen hero. Unfortunately, this will not be easy to achieve as it requires you to evolve Rex to the Legendary tier.

His first two Deploying skills are also great. Motivation, the first skill, increases your Crit Rate by 3%, while Inspiration, the second skill, gives you a decent boost of 6% in Crit Damage.

  • Tier: A (Good)
  • Pet Type: Dog

4. Crabobble

Crabobble - pet

Crabobble’s main skill Water Shot can penetrate up to two enemies while causing 500% damage, making it a great pet for taking out multiple targets at once.

While he is not as tanky and a great damage dealer as the other pets mentioned above, his legendary assist skill Super Battle Lust makes up for it by reducing his ATK and Skill cooldowns by 30%. This crab pet is a great choice when you need speedy attacks to take out multiple enemies quickly.

  • Tier: A (Good)
  • Pet Type: Crab

5. Neemo

Neemo, pet

Neemo seems to be an average pet compared to the other pets in this tier list and comes with a few decent skills. Its main skill, Bubble Bullet is ok but lacks in terms of damage, only dealing 200% ATK.

However, its two deploying skills are quite useful, increasing battle EXP gain by 5% and collision damage reduction by 10%, although the latter can only be convenient in certain chapters.

But his most valuable ability is his legendary assist skill Time Stop, which freezes enemies for 5s and makes you and your pet invincible while it’s active. Unfortunately, its 60 seconds cooldown is quite long and the effect cannot be increased with the owner’s level like most other skills.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a pet that can help you with survivability, Neemo is a decent choice and should not disappoint.

  • Tier: B (Average)
  • Pet Type: Fish

6. Cheshire

Cheshire - pet

Chesire has decent skills and can be a helpful pet, especially in boss fights. Although most of its skills are slightly better than Neemo’s, its Legendary skill, Nine Lives, only applies in Co-Op, which can help your team survive intense battles because it rejects all fatal damage to your hero and pet, and heals your team.

Its main skill Scratch, even though it lacks a bit in terms of damage output, it has a short cooldown of only 0.5s. I would say Chesire is a decent pet for both solo and Co-Op modes, but there are better options to consider.

  • Tier: B (Average)
  • Pet Type: Cat

7. Murica

Murica pet

Murica is all about high mobility and good damage output. This little bird can deal a good amount of damage by default, thanks to its first skill Dervish. Its deploying skills are quite similar to what other pets offer but once you unlock its epic skill, Advanced Bravery, Murica can move around the map at a blazing speed.

On top of that, its legendary skill, Crush, has a 5% chance to deal 10x damage to enemies below 50% HP, making it even more of a beast in combat. Unfortunately, the 5% activation rate of Crush is quite low to make it reliable, so Murica is best used as a fast-moving damage dealer.

  • Tier: B (Average)
  • Pet Type: Bird

8. Shelly

Shelly, weakest pet in

Shelly, is the weakest pet in our tier list and not a great choice for combat. Although its set of skills allows this little turtle to last longer and be revived faster during fights, the attack power is significantly lower than other pets.

Nevertheless, can still be useful if your current skills cannot help you enough and you need to survive an intense battle. But keep in mind that this pet’s legendary skill is not as great as those of other pets as it only reduces its damage taken by 60% without offering any kind of offensive bonuses.

  • Tier: C (Weakest)
  • Pet Type: Tortoise
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