Best Skills to Help You Win (Tier List)

We ranked the best skills in to help you become an unstoppable force and crush the zombie hordes faster. Best Skills Tier List
Image via Habby / Edited by Medievalfun features an exciting game mechanic with myriad types of zombies, monsters, and challenging bosses. As you noticed, the difficulty levels increase as you progress through the game, and your success depends entirely on 3 main factors: how far your character is evolved, the equipment you have, and the skills that you chose during battle.

In this guide, we will discuss the 15 best skills in to help you defeat zombie hordes and progress faster in the game. We have ranked these skills in reverse order from the weakest to the strongest, based on their type and efficiency in battle.

Smashing enemy waves with our EVO skills Best Skills Tier List

15. Ronin Oyoroi

The Ronin Oyoroi skill in
  • Tier: D
  • Type: Passive Skill
  • 1 Star Effect: Decreases the damage received by -10%
  • 5 Stars Effect: Decreases the damage received by -50%
  • EVO: No

The Ronin Oyoroi skill will help you receive less damage from enemies in battle. The higher its star tier, the more damage you will reduce from incoming enemy attacks. Although this skill can be quite useful if you don’t have a strong collection of active skills and need to increase your survivability, is the least efficient skill on our tier list.

The fact that we ranked it in the last spot does not necessarily mean that is not a good skill, but compared to the rest skills you will see below, it does not provide enough advantages in the battle to be considered one of the best skills.

14. Fitness Guide

  • Tier: C
  • Type: Passive Skill
  • 1 Star Effect: Max HP +20%
  • 5 Stars Effect: Max HP +100%
  • EVO: No

The Fitness Guide skill will also help your character survive for longer in battles. This passive skill will increase your character’s health by a minimum of 20% and doubles the entire HP at level 5. It is also a great addition to your passive skills list but it should not be one of your first choices because active skills are generally more useful.

13. Kunai

Spirit Shuriken EVO skill
  • Tier: C
  • Type: Active Skill
  • 1 Star Effect: +1 Kunai with more damage
  • 5 Stars Effect: 5 Kunai in total and more powerful
  • EVO: Spirit Shuriken

Kunai is the default skill of your character in, and it continuously shoots one or more Kunai, kind of like spearheads. The higher you increase its star level, the more spearheads will shoot, with more attack power.

This skill can be particularly effective in boss fights. To upgrade this skill to the EVO tier, you will also need the Koga Ninja Scroll passive skill.

At that point, it becomes Spirit Shuriken, which will throw numerous shurikens toward your closest target and deal great damage. Again, really effective against bosses.

12. Exo-Bracer

  • Tier: C
  • Type: Passive Skill
  • 1 Star Effect: Over-time effect duration +10%
  • 5 Stars Effect: Over-time effect duration +50%
  • EVO: No

This skill is quite effective when combined with active skills like Guardian or Type-B drone because it helps decrease the cooldown between the firing/attacking cycles.

The more you increase its star tier, the longer these skills will remain active, making it easier for you to take down hordes of zombies. The Exo-Bracer skill is also a required component for the EVO tier of Void Power and Guardian skills.

However, this skill should not be your top priority. Pick this once your active skills bar is almost full and you have already picked at least a few of the mentioned skills below.

11. HE Fuel

  • Tier: B
  • Type: Passive Skill
  • 1 Star Effect: All ammo and weapon range +10%
  • 5 Stars Effect: All ammo and weapon range +50%
  • EVO: No

The HE Fuel skill can be a great addition to your skill arsenal when combined with active skills that deal massive damage such as the two types of drones, RPG, or even the Forcefield or Guardian.

This skill will further increase the size and range of your chosen skills and provide you with a great advantage against powerful zombies or bosses. This skill can be upgraded up to 5 stars, and it is required for the EVO tier of RPG and Durian active skills.

10. RPG

  • Tier: B
  • Type: Active Skill
  • 1 Star Effect: Fires an explosive rocket
  • 5 Stars Effect: 3 rockets in total
  • EVO: Sharkmaw Gun

The RPG skill is also a good active skill, and quite effective against tough bosses. The only downside is that you will need to keep moving around the boss in the direction of the rockets since it does not shoot in a straight line.

The RPG skill can be upgraded to the Sharkmaw Gun, the EVO tier, by having the HE Fuel skill picked and upgrading the RPG skill to the 5-star tier. Its EVO tier fire rate will slightly decrease but it will cause a lot more damage to your enemies. You might as well consider equipping one of the best tech parts in to make this skill even more powerful.

9. Medi-drone

  • Tier: B
  • Type: Active Skill
  • 1 Star Effect:
  • 5 Stars Effect:
  • EVO: Divine Destroyer

The Medi-drone skill can be a great asset in tough battles, especially if you struggle to defeat a boss. Medi-drones can create healing zones that will restore a percentage of your HP if you stay inside them.

The more you increase its star tier, the wider and more healing-effective these zones become. Its EVO tier, the Divine Destroyer, not only maximizes its healing capability but will also fire missiles around you and the healing zone.

To upgrade it to its EVO tier, all you need is to increase its star level to 5 stars and pick the Divine Destroyer on the next skill choice.

8. Energy Drink

  • Tier: D
  • Type: Passive Skill
  • 1 Star Effect: Restores 1% HP every 5s
  • 5 Stars Effect: Restores 5% HP every 5s
  • EVO: No

Energy Drink is a passive skill that will heal your character a small percentage every 5 seconds in battle. Even though is a passive skill and does not offer any attack power bonuses, the Energy Drink skill is actually one of the most essential skills in because it is required to upgrade the Forcefield skill to its EVO tier.

7. Molotov

  • Tier: A
  • Type: Active Skill
  • 1 Star Effect: Throws 2 Molotovs
  • 5 Stars Effect: 5 Molotovs in total, and a larger burn area with more damage
  • EVO: Fuel Barrel

The Molotov skill is also one of the skills you should definitely pick in because it’s quite effective in battle. Each star upgrade adds an extra Molotov which causes more fire damage to enemies.

The great thing about this skill is that the more you upgrade it, the more area it will cover with fire around you and the more damage it will cause. In combination with the Guardian and/or the Forcefield skill, you will create an impenetrable, fire-filled fortress around you.

Its EVO tier is called Fuel Barrer, and it will surround you with a blue fire effect, which can deal massive damage. For this tier, you need the Oil Bond skill plus the Molotov skill at 5 stars.

6. Laser Launcher

  • Tier: A
  • Type: Active Skill
  • 1 Star Effect: Fires lasers that deal high damage
  • 5 Stars Effect: Adds more damage
  • EVO: Death Ray

This skill shoots lasers around your character which not only deal great damage but also remove the poison areas on the ground. These effects can be quite useful to stay alive in fights, in specific chapters.

Increasing the Laser Launcher’s star level adds more damage, the EVO tier being the most powerful. For the EVO tier, you need the Energy Cube skill, plus the Laser Launcher pushed to the fifth star tier.

5. Hi-Power Bullet

  • Tier: A
  • Type: Passive Skill
  • 1 Star Effect: ATK +10%
  • 5 Stars Effect: ATK +50%
  • EVO: No

Hi-Power Bullet is the best passive skill in because it will increase the attack power of all your chosen skills by up to 50%. This is a great skill to have if you want to increase the damage of your best weapons and protect yourself from zombies.

And since it’s passive, it does not have an EVO tier, but 5 Stars upgrade is enough to make the most of it. To be effective and cause more damage, you should pick this skill along with Type-A or Type-B skills, as well as the Guardian or the Forcefield skill.

4. Type-B Drone

Destroyer EVO skill
  • Tier: A
  • Type: Active Skill
  • 1 Star Effect: Summons a Type-B Drone
  • 5 Stars Effect: Adds more damage
  • EVO: Destroyer

The Drones are some of the most powerful skills in this game. The Type-B Drone skill is kind of similar to Type-A. The difference between the two drones is that Type fires more and faster missiles for a cost of attack power. Type-B, on the other hand, has a short cooldown between each firing cycle, but it causes more damage.

Personally, I prefer the Type-A drone because that small break between firing cycles that Type-B has could be enough to get a lot of damage from enemy hordes, especially during a Zombie Income.

However, the cooldown of Type-B can be decreased over time by choosing and upgrading the Exo-Bracer skill. That’s why you should pick both types of drones.

3. Guardian

  • Tier: S
  • Type: Active Skill
  • 1 Star Effect: Summons 2 tops that circle you, which can stop bullets
  • 5 Stars Effect: 6 tops in total and adds spin speed and damage
  • EVO: Defender

Guardian is also one of the best skills because it acts in a similar way as the Forceshield. After picking this skill, two large disks will start rotating around your character, with a small cooldown between the cycles.

The great thing about this skill is that can stop bullets or projectiles from enemies, which is really useful in the first Chapter. Another benefit of this skill is that each new star tier brings more power and an extra disc/top.

To upgrade the Guardian skill to the EVO tier, you need the Exo-Bracer picked and the Guardian skill pushed to the 5th star.

2. Type-A Drone

Upgrading the Type-A Drone skill to the 4th-star tier
  • Tier: S
  • Type: Active Skill
  • 1 Star Effect: Summons a Type-A drone
  • 5 Stars Effect: Adds more damage
  • EVO: Destroyer

This black and red colored drone is almost as effective and powerful in battle as the Forcefield. This drone launches many missiles clockwise with a high degree of accuracy. The missiles are fast and if you upgrade the drone to 5-Star or EVO tier, it will become an unstoppable force against enemy invasions.

Type-B drone is also great, but not as powerful as Type-A. The great thing about this skill is that it does not require any skill combo to upgrade it to the EVO tier. Once you hit 5 Stars, pick it one more time from the Skill Choice pop-up window and it will be transformed into a Destroyer.

1. Forcefield (The Best Skill)

  • Tier: S
  • Type: Active Skill
  • 1 Star Effect: Generates a dissolving forcefield
  • 5 Stars Effect: Increases the forcefield size and adds more damage
  • EVO: Force Barrier

Forcefield is by far the best skill in because it allows you to stay protected in large groups of zombies and enemy invasions. And since the game is all about surviving the zombie hordes, choosing the Forcefield skill can be a game-changer.

This skill will surround you with a kind of laser shield and will destroy any enemy that comes near you. The more you increase its tier, the wider the area of the shield becomes and the more damage it will cause.

Just like other skills in this game, the Forcefield can be upgraded up to 6 tiers, 5 of which are Star-tiers, and the 6th one being the EVO tier and most effective in battle.

The EVO tier, called Force Barrier, transforms the shield’s color from green to orange and it increases its damaging power significantly. To transform Forcefield into Force Barrier, you need the Energy Drink skill plus the Forcefield skill upgraded to Star-5.

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