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Our guide will help you pick the best weapons and armor in, so you can smash enemy hoards with ease and complete chapters quickly. best weapons and armor
Image Assets: Habby / Edited by Medievalfun can offer you a fun and exciting gaming experience. In the beginning, you may find it relatively easy with just basic weapons and armor to choose from. However, as you progress through the game, you will be facing tougher enemies.

That’s why it is necessary to choose the best skills and equip yourself with the best weapons and armor available in With the right items, you can smash enemy hoards easily and complete chapters much faster. So let’s get started! Best Weapons Tier List

For the sake of simplicity, we will address the weapons’ grade skills by their colors: Good (green), Better (blue), Excellent (purple), Epic (yellow), and Legendary (red). The Normal (gray) grade is not included because it does not offer any bonuses.

Void Power

Void Power, the best weapon
  • Tier: S
  • Green: Attack is increased by 15%
  • Blue: All projectile range is increased by 15%
  • Purple: Released black holes explode before fading
  • Yellow: Attack is increased by 25%
  • Red: Energy veil explodes when shattered

Void Power is hands down the best weapon in because of its range, amazing attack boosts, and effectiveness in boss fights. Its black holes allow you to do some serious damage against the enemies as they get sucked in.

For a more effective attack, you should fire the black holes in opposite directions so you can be protected from all sides. Stepping into these holes can also be a great strategy to keep enemies away from you.

Another great thing about this weapon is that during boss fights, the black holes will follow the boss, which will make it more difficult for them to evade your attacks. All these features make Void Power the most efficient weapon to use this year in


Lightchaser weapon
  • Tier: S
  • Green: Attack gets increased by 15%
  • Blue: All attack intervals are decreased by 15%
  • Purple: Triggers a backward slash every 5 attacks
  • Yellow: Attack is increased by 25%
  • Red: Leaves behind a sword array every 10 attacks

Lightchaser is also a fantastic weapon, almost as powerful as Void Power. Its fast attacking speed, backed up by its backward slash ability and sword arrays, make it a formidable weapon in any situation.

Once upgraded to 5 stars or EVO tier, this weapon can deal massive damage with its purple and pink combination of slashes. This makes it a great weapon to have when dealing with large groups of enemies, although not as effective in boss fights as the Void Power.


Katana weapon
  • Tier: A
  • Green: Attack is increased by 10%
  • Blue: Adds one more blade wave
  • Purple: Blade waves also release ki blasts
  • Yellow: Attack is increased by 15%
  • Red: Regenerates 3% HP for each defeated monster

The Katana weapon is quite fun to play with, and it does some good damage with its wave effect and ki blasts. But its most impressive ability is that it can offer a small HP recovery bonus once you defeat a monster. That’s definitely a plus if you’re low on health and fight against difficult mobs.


Kunai weapon
  • Tier: A
  • Green: Increases the attack by 10%
  • Blue: Damage increased by 30%
  • Purple: Begins with level 2 Kunai
  • Yellow: Attack gets increased by 15%
  • Red: Kunai will split after hitting an enemy

The Kunai weapon, which is the default weapon in, can deal a decent amount of damage to enemies around you. By default, it shoots one kunai but you get more as you upgrade the weapon. Once upgraded to EVO grade, this weapon is almost as effective against bosses as the Void Power.

It will shoot numerous shurikens toward the closes enemy, which can offer you a huge advantage while dealing with more static bosses – you can basically run around the boss and the weapon will do its thing.

Additionally, once upgraded to its legendary grade, each Kunai will split into two after hitting an enemy, so you can actually damage multiple enemies at once.


Shotgun weapon
  • Tier: B
  • Green: Attack gets increased by 10%
  • Blue: Deals double damage to enemies in front of you
  • Purple: The shotgun’s range is increased
  • Yellow: Attack is increased by 15%
  • Red: Pierces all enemies

The Shotgun weapon was one of the weapons I was most excited to get in, especially after hearing all the buzz about the Gatling, its EVO star level. Although this weapon does some decent damage, it’s quite slow to use, meaning that it takes a good amount of time before you get to fire again, which is a major disadvantage when enemies are rushing toward you.

However, the upside to it is that it uses high-power bullets which guarantee extra damage within the game. When upgrading the Shotgun to its next star level, you get an additional three bullets with increased attack damage. This means that once is fully upgraded, you can shoot 15 bullets all at once.

Finally, when evolving the Shotgun into a Gatling, it gets transformed into a fast-shooting weapon, which looks like a machine gun. Unfortunately, this is not as effective as I thought it would be. Instead of a spread, it becomes a single line, which might be useful on some bosses, but definitely not when facing enemy hoards.

Baseball Bat

baseball bat weapon
  • Tier: C
  • Green: Attack increased by 10%
  • Blue: Attacks inflict Bleed (slow damage)
  • Purple: The knockback distance is doubled
  • Yellow: Attack is increased by 15%
  • Red: The swing range becomes circular

Baseball Bat might not have the highest attack power, but it can be quite useful in certain situations like tough mobs or hard-to-hit bosses due to its Bleed effect. Once enemies are hit by this effect, they will suffer damage for a short period of time.

It’s also good for crowd control as its attack range becomes circular, which means more enemies can be hit by the attack. Is still not as effective as the other weapons mentioned above, but can still be a good weapon in the early stages of the game.


Revolver weapon
  • Tier: D
  • Green: Attack is increased by 10%
  • Blue: Reload time is decreased by 2s
  • Purple: Restores 1 bullet for each defeated monster
  • Yellow: Attack is increased by 15%
  • Red: Causes a minor explosion when an enemy is hit

The least powerful weapon in is the Revolver. Although this weapon can deal a great amount of damage, and you can get more bullets as you upgrade it, the area of effect is quite narrow. This makes it very difficult to hit a group of enemies in one shot.

Even after evolving this weapon, which basically gives you a second revolver, is still not effective when dealing with enemy hoards. I would not recommend upgrading this weapon as there are much better options available. Best Armor Tier List

Eternal Suit

 Eternal Suit armor
  • Tier: S
  • Green: Revives with full HP once
  • Blue: HP is increased by 15%
  • Purple: After revival, Movement Speed +15% and ATK +15%
  • Yellow: HP is increased by 25%
  • Red: +1 revival

Eternal Suit is the best armor you can possibly have in This armor not only offers fantastic health buffs and free revives, but also increases your movement speed and attack power upon revival.

This armor is best used when you are going up against powerful enemies or bosses as it can be quite advantageous when having an extra life. You should definitely try to maximize this item as soon as possible.

Full Metal Suit

Full Metal Suit, armor
  • Tier: S
  • Green: None
  • Blue: HP is increased by 15%
  • Purple: Revive once with 50% HP if defeated
  • Yellow: Revive with full HP, Movement Speed +10%, and ATK +10%
  • Red: HP is increased by 20%

The Full Metal Suit is basically a light version of the Eternal Suit. It offers good buffs and more importantly, it gives you additional revives. These abilities are extremely useful in difficult battles as they may save you some gems.

However, when compared to the Eternal Suit, the bonuses are not nearly as good. Still, it can be a great choice if you are looking for an armor that gives some extra survivability. If you don’t have the Eternal Suit, this armor is a great option.

Traveler’s Jacket

Traveler's Jacket armor
  • Tier: A
  • Green: None
  • Blue: HP is increased by 15%
  • Purple: All healing is increased by 20%
  • Yellow: You get healed for 5% on every 200 defeated monsters
  • Red: HP is increased by 20%

The Traveler’s Jacket offers decent buffs and can be useful when dealing with large hordes of enemies. The HP boost and the healing increase can help you survive longer in battle.

While the small heal on every 200 defeated monsters might seem to be a must-have ability, it can only become effective as long as you have picked powerful skills that could help you melt down the hordes. Otherwise, it might be better to go with another armor.

Voidwaker Windbreaker

Voidwaker Windbreaker, the best armor
  • Tier: A
  • Green: You gain Berserk for 5s after being defeated. All skill damage can absorb HP (1 time each battle. Resets on revival)
  • Blue: HP is increased by 15%
  • Purple: Berserk duration is extended to 10s. Also immune to damage
  • Yellow: HP is increased by 25%
  • Red: Excess HP is absorbed when Berserk is converted into an energy shield

Voidwaker Windbreaker, although is the latest armor added to, is not the greatest one. The berserk ability, which grants you extra damage for a few seconds upon a revival (presuming you can revive) can be useful when dealing with tough bosses.

Unfortunately, it’s kind of useless because you have to be defeated first in order to activate it. The HP boosts are great though, compared with the other armor, but there are better options available.

Protective Suit

Protective Suit armor
  • Tier: B
  • Green: None
  • Blue: HP is increased by 15%
  • Purple: Releases radiation pulse when the hero is hit
  • Yellow: Increased radiation pulse range with knockback
  • Red: HP is increased by 20%

The Protective Suit is also a decent armor to have in the early game. While the radiation pulse can be useful in certain situations, it does not bring much value overall, especially when things become more difficult.

The HP boost is still useful for helping you survive longer in the game, but there are other armor items that offer better stats and bonuses.

Army Uniform

Army Uniform armor
  • Tier: C
  • Green: None
  • Blue: HP is increased by 15%
  • Purple: Gain “Inspire” from defeated Elites/Bosses, which heals 3% HP/5s. It fades away when the hero is hit.
  • Yellow: Inspire healing effect is increased to 10% HP/5s
  • Red: HP is increased by 20%

The Army Uniform is a good armor for beginners as it can offer an additional health boost. This armor can be useful in the early stages of the game when you are still figuring out the mechanics, or if you find yourself in a stage with less food around you.


Carapace armor
  • Tier: D
  • Green: None
  • Blue: HP is increased by 15%
  • Purple: Bullet damage received -100%, +10% for each bullet received. Max 0%.
  • Yellow: With bullet damage reduction active, a storm will blow enemies away and nullify shots when bullets hit the hero
  • Red: HP is increased by 20%

Carapace is the weakest armor in due to its ineffective buffs. The damage reduction you get from bullets might seem nice, but compared to what other chest plates in this tier list offer, it is not worth the effort.


Overall, has a great selection of weapons and armor that you can choose from. By using this tier list, you can make the best decisions when it comes to building your character. Pick the Void Power if you need the best weapon in, and the Eternal Suit if you need the most effective armor to help you last longer in battle.

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