Triumph: Fantasy RPG Tier List for the Strongest Heroes

Our tier list will help you form an unbeatable team by showing you the top heroes in Triumph: Fantasy RPG!

Triumph: Fantasy RPG Tier List
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Triumph: Fantasy RPG offers a unique experience for mobile gamers. It is set in a futuristic world filled with magic, gods, heroes, and monsters, where you must gather a team of champions to battle the forces of evil. The stronger your squad, the better chance you have of conquering the campaign mode and defeating your opponents in PvP battles.

But with such a large variety of heroes to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one is the best for your team. This tier list ranks the best heroes in the game, so you can make the most out of your team and earn more rewards.

S Tier (Best Heroes)

  • Deadeye the Reaper (Mage)
  • Ace the Hotshot (Marksman)
  • Rusty the Iron Juggernaut (Tank)
  • Roslyn the Dawn Queen (Fighter)
  • Hopper the Whirlwind (Enchanter)
  • Ghost the White Widow (Fighter)
  • Flora the Micilia Mother (Enchanter)
  • Ecco the Eyes of the Storm (Marksman)

Deadeye the Reaper

Deadeye hero Triumph: Fantasy RPG game

Deadeye is one of the most powerful ranged heroes in Triumph: Fantasy RPG. His amazing set of skills allows him to deal massive damage with his magical damage effects. He also can heal himself for more than half of the damage he causes to his targets, while also recovering a good amount of damage thanks to his Ultimate skill.

Speaking of which, this skill offers him the highest area of effect damage, which is great because this skill comes automatically unlocked for every hero. Additionally, his second and third skill gives him a boost in critical damage which makes him a great asset in PvP and PvE fights.

  • Class: Mage
  • Faction: Wild Waste
  • Max Evolution: Triumphant

Ace the Hotshot

 Ace hero Triumph: Fantasy RPG game

Ace the Hotshot is another excellent ranged hero. Because he is a Marksman, he can strike a single target multiple times, instead of hitting multiple targets at once as Mages do. Ace has also a companion, Spark. This little drone follows Ace everywhere and aids him in battle, increasing his critical damage and attack speed.

For instance, with his first skill, Ace and Spark will attack together the closest enemy for a total of 10 hits. Each hit will cause great damage by also offering a small chance to affect their target with a Burn effect. This effect can deal more damage for 3 seconds. Overall, Ace is a great addition to any team.

  • Class: Marksman
  • Faction: Wild Waste
  • Max Evolution: Triumphant

Rusty the Iron Juggernaut

Rusty hero Triumph: Fantasy RPG game

Rusty the Iron Juggernaut is hands down one of the best tanks in Triumph: Fantasy RPG. His high health pool and defense make him an impenetrable wall for your team, allowing them to stay safe and focus on their targets.

On top of that, Rusty can use his skills to heavily damage enemies while also knocking them back. He can also debuff his targets thanks to his third skill, causing them to lose a decent amount of attack power for 8 seconds.

Not only that, but he can also heal himself, once his passive skill is unlocked, which makes him even more resilient. All in all, Rusty is a great addition to any team composition, especially in PvP matches.

  • Class: Tank
  • Faction: Wild Waste
  • Max Evolution: Triumphant

Roslyn the Dawn Queen

Roslyn the Dawn Queen - Triumph: Fantasy RPG hero

Roslyn is all about close combat and survival capabilities. Her set of skills, especially her Ultimate skill, makes her a great asset in battle. With this skill, she will call the might of the Bastion faction, dealing an enormous amount of damage to her target.

On top of that, her target will suffer additional damage for every 10% HP that her target is missing. But her secret weapon is her third skill. This skill allows Roslyn to deal an impressive amount of damage while also Stunning her enemies.

This is a major benefit, especially if your team lacks a good crowd-control hero. You definitely should consider Roslyn for your team composition.

  • Class: Fighter
  • Faction: Bastion
  • Max Evolution: Triumphant

Hopper the Whirlwind

Hopper hero Triumph: Fantasy RPG game

You cannot have a great team without at least one Enchanter. And Hopper is one of the best available in Triumph: Fantasy RPG. She can use her skills to buff allies, granting them bonus stats or shielding them from incoming damage. She also can heal her entire team while boosting their Haste status.

But the best part is her Ultimate skill, which allows her to cleanse allies from the Freeze effect while also dealing great damage and restoring a portion of the HP of affected allies. Hopper is definitely a great addition to any team, no matter what game mode you are playing.

  • Class: Enchanter
  • Faction: Stronghold
  • Max Evolution: Triumphant

A-Tier Heroes (Good)

  • Bowie the Ghost Blade (Marksman)
  • Kira the Speed Demon (Fighter)
  • Bjorn the Northpaw (Tank)
  • Serra the Star Scholar (Enchanter)
  • Eden the Natural Mystic (Mage)
  • Fang the Molten Berserker (Fighter)
  • Hunter the Silent Stricker (Marksman)
  • Jasper the Monrock Wiz (Enchanter)
  • Duncan the People’s Shield (Tank)

Bowie the Ghost Blade

Bowie - Triumph game hero

If you need a powerful ranged, multitarget hero for your team, and you haven’t summoned yet Deadeye or Ace, then Bowie is a great option. Bowie can use her skills to randomly attack enemies with a flurry of knives, dealing physical damage while also slowing down her targets.

In addition, once you unlock her third skill, any enemy that is affected by her Slowed effect, will also have their defense reduced for a short time. Bowie is a good addition to any team, especially if you want to deal AoE damage and crowd control.

  • Class: Marksman
  • Faction: Wild Waste
  • Max Evolution: Triumphant

Kira the Speed Demon

Kira the Speed Demon hero

Kira is another fantastic melee hero in Triumph: Fantasy RPG. She may not be as powerful as Roslyn, but she can quickly move around the battlefield, allowing her to jump between enemies and cause great disruption.

On top of that, she can also Silence her enemies for up to 3 seconds and steal a small amount of attack power from her targets and buff herself.

If you manage to unlock her 4th skill, she will also take less damage and a better energy recovery rate, allowing her to stay in the fight longer. Overall, Kira can be a great asset in both PvP and PvE fights, thanks to her mobility and crowd-control capabilities.

  • Class: Fighter
  • Faction: Mist Nation
  • Max Evolution: Triumphant

Bjorn the Northpaw

Bjorn the Northpaw hero

If you need a good tank for your team, almost as good as Rusty but with more crowd-control capabilities, then Bjorn the Northpaw is a great choice. Despite not having as much health pool and defense as Rusty, Bjorn can still take a lot of damage.

Thanks to his ultimate skill, he will jump into the air and smash his fist into the ground, dealing a good amount of damage to the enemies in front of him and knocking them back.

On top of that, if any of his targets are knocked into another enemy, both will be stunned for up to 6 seconds. All these benefits make Bjorn a valuable asset to any team composition.

  • Class: Tank
  • Faction: Stronghold
  • Max Evolution: Triumphant

Serra the Star Scholar

Serra the Star Scholar hero

Serra can be considered a good alternative to Hopper if you need an Enchanter in your team. Although her skills are not as efficient as Hopper’s, she can still help your team in different ways. For instance, she can heal her allies based on her attack power, which is a great way to help your team last longer in battle.

Additionally, she can also remove the Stun effect on her allies and buff their stats for a short period. And the best part is that with her passive skill activated, Serra will become immune to the Stun effect.

  • Class: Enchanter
  • Faction: Bastion
  • Max Evolution: Triumphant

Eden the Natural Mystic

Eden the Natural Mystic

Eden can be a good hero for those who need a ranged damage dealer with some crowd-control capabilities. Her first skill will apply the Entangle negative effect to her targets, which deals a small amount of damage every 0.5 seconds and further decreases their defense.

She also has a pet named Leaf which can deal a small area of effect damage and decrease the attack power of its targets.

Thanks to her second skill, Eden will cast a special shield on your strongest melee hero; any enemy that hits this hero while the shielding effect is active will receive up to 75% magical damage based on Eden’s attack power.

Although she lacks the attack power of Deadeye, Eden can still be a good addition to your team if you need a ranged hero with crowd-control capabilities.

  • Class: Mage
  • Faction: Oasis
  • Max Evolution: Triumphant

B-Tier Heroes (Average)

These heroes will be able to help you in battle, but they lack the power and utility of the heroes above.

  • Dark Star the Eternal Revenant (Fighter)
  • Jubei the Jade Dragon (Marksman)
  • Sura the Heavy Handed (Tank)
  • Jormun the Fork Tongued (Mage)
  • Neko the Fortunate One (Enchanter)
  • Scarlet the Gearhead (Enchanter)
  • Willow the Twilight Child (Fighter)
  • Magnus the Cool Cat (Fighter)

C Tier (Weakest)

These are the weakest heroes in the Triumph: Fantasy RPG game, and they are not recommended for serious players. Although none of the following heroes have a common rarity (which should be avoided due to their low stats), these heroes have the weakest stats, skills, and utility for the mid-late game. However, if you are just starting out, these heroes can still be useful in the early stages.

  • Drifter the Lone Stranger (Marksman)
  • Surge the Rising Son (Fighter)
  • Rok the Stone Philosopher (Tank)
  • Shade the Paranormal Pilgrim (Enchanter)
  • Rave the Shadow Caster (Mage)
Triumph: Fantasy RPG Tier List
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