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In this tier list we ranked every piece of equipment or gear in the game including weapons, armor, gloves, necklaces, belts and boots. tier list
Image via Habby offers hundreds of hours of thrilling gameplay as you battle hordes of evil zombies in a city under siege. As a human warrior, it’s up to you and your fellow survivors to defeat the dangerous creatures using your best skills and equipment.

But if you are new to the game, it can be overwhelming to decide which weapons, chest plates, gloves, necklaces, belts, and boots to upgrade and equip.

That’s where this guide comes in – we have ranked all equipment in a tier list to help you pick the best gear possible so you can maximize your power. So, let’s dive in!

Tier List Ranking Explained

We ranked all equipment across five tiers: S, A, B, C, and D. Here’s what each tier means:

  • S Tier: This tier includes the best equipment in and will give you a significant advantage in combat.
  • A Tier: These gear items are also top-tier but may have some minor drawbacks or require specific playstyles to be most effective.
  • B Tier: Decent equipment pieces that can still be useful, but do not offer as much damage or HP recovery as higher tiers.
  • C Tier: Average equipment that may not make a big difference in battle, but can still provide some benefits in the early game
  • D Tier: The lowest tier of equipment with limited stats and usefulness. It’s best to replace these as soon as possible. Tier List: Best Weapons weapons tier list weapons tier list – best weapons ranked
  • Void Power – S Tier
  • Lightchaser – S Tier
  • Katana – A Tier
  • Kunai – A Tier
  • Shotgun – B Tier
  • Baseball Bat – C Tier
  • Revolver – D Tier Tier List: Best Armor (Chest Plates) armor tier list armor tier list – best chest plates ranked
  • Eternal Suit – S Tier
  • Full Metal Suit – S Tier
  • Traveler’s Jacket – A Tier
  • Voidwaker Windbreaker – A Tier
  • Protective Suit – B Tier
  • Army Uniform – C Tier
  • Carapace – D Tier Tier List: Best Necklaces necklaces tier list necklaces tier list – best necklaces ranked
  • Eternal Necklace – S Tier
  • Voidwaker Emblem – S Tier
  • Metal Neckguard – A Tier
  • Trendy Charm – A Tier
  • Bone Pendant – B Tier
  • Army Nameplate – C Tier
  • Emerald Pendant – D Tier Tier List: Best Gloves gloves tier list gloves tier list – best gloves ranked
  • Eternal Gloves – S Tier
  • Voidwaker Handguards – S Tier
  • Fingerless Gloves – A Tier
  • Army Gloves – A Tier
  • Leather Gloves – B Tier
  • Shiny Wristguard – C Tier
  • Protective Gloves – D Tier Tier List: Best Belts belts tier list belt tier list – best belts ranked
  • Eternal Belt – S Tier
  • Voidwaker Sash – S Tier
  • Stylish Belt – A Tier
  • Waist Sensor – A Tier
  • Army Belt – B Tier
  • Broad Waistguard – C Tier
  • Leather Belt – D Tier Tier List: Best Boots boots tier list boots tier list – best boots ranked
  • Voidwaker Treads – S Tier
  • Eternal Boots – S Tier
  • Light Runners – A Tier
  • Army Boots – A Tier
  • Prosthetic Legs – B Tier
  • Layered Snowshoes – C Tier
  • Highboots – D Tier


I hope this tier list has helped you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each equipment piece. Although we ranked the best gear in the S-tier, your playstyle, and preferences may also affect which gear is best for you. Experiment with different combinations and find what works for you: full sets or mixing and matching from different tiers. Good luck!

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