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We ranked the best boots in Whether you’re looking for extra HP, movement speed, or damage output, we’ve got you covered. best boots
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I’m sure that most of you noticed how crucial is to choose the most efficient skills in, but you should consider another important element: the boots. In this guide, we’ll compare and rank the best boots in to help you decide which ones will suit your playstyle.

Whether you are looking to increase your hero’s defense or deal massive damage, this list will show you which boots to choose. Best Boots to Equip

Boots are a vital accessory in, providing protection and speed for your character. Below you’ll find the best boots in the game, ranked from best to worst.

1. Voidwaker Treads

Voidwaker Treads, best boots in

Voidwaker Treads are the best boots in because they make your hero faster and give much more HP than the other boots. The extra damage against enemies with lower movement speed is also helpful as it boosts your ability to take down powerful opponents quickly.

These boots are excellent in any type of combat, enemy hoards, mobs, or boss fights. When paired with one of the best weapons in, your character becomes an unstoppable force.

  • Good (Green): Your hero’s base movement speed is increased by 2
  • Better (Blue): Your hero’s HP is increased by 15%
  • Excellent (Purple): Your hero gets a 10% (Max 50%) movement speed boost for every 500 defeated enemies
  • Epic (Yellow): Your HP is increased by 25%
  • Legendary (Red): Increases proportionate damage against enemies with lower movement

2. Eternal Boots

Eternal Boots

Eternal boots are slightly less effective than the Voidwaker Treads but still a great choice for players who want to maximize their movement speed and damage output.

The fire trail effect is quite helpful in boss fights if you get them to chase you and the extra HP is always nice to have. These boots are great for surviving damage as well as dealing it out.

  • Good (Green): Base movement speed is increased by 2
  • Better (Blue): HP is increased by 15%
  • Excellent (Purple): Your character leaves a trail of fire when moving
  • Epic (Yellow): HP is increased by 25%
  • Legendary (Red): Increases the fire trail damage and slows down enemies

3. Light Runners

Light Runners boots

Light Runners are the most defensive boots in because they give your hero extra HP and reflect a portion of damage taken. They also increase your damage output for a short period of time after defeating an enemy, allowing you to quickly take down more monsters.

These boots are great for those that like to play a bit more safely but still want the ability to fight effectively in large battles.

  • Good (Green): None
  • Better (Blue): HP is increased by 10%
  • Excellent (Purple): When hit, your hero receives 20% less damage for 3s
  • Epic (Yellow): Your hero’s damage is increased by 20% for 3s after defeating an enemy
  • Legendary (Red): HP is increased by 15%

4. Army Boots

Army Boots,

Army Boots like the lite version of Voidwaker Treads; increased mobility, significantly less powerful but more defensive in nature. They increase your movement speed after defeating an elite or boss, allowing you to quickly move around the map and respond to danger much faster.

The CD rate decrease when inspired is also useful for those that rely heavily on this effect during fights. These boots are ideal for players looking for a way to survive tough battles while still having a decent power boost to deal damage.

  • Good (Green): None
  • Better (Blue): Your character gets a 10% HP boost
  • Excellent (Purple): Your hero gains +30% Movement Speed from defeating Elites/Bosses (it fades when the hero is hit).
  • Epic (Yellow): The skill CD is decreased by 30% when Inspired
  • Legendary (Red): Your character gets a 15% HP boost

5. Prosthetic Legs

Prosthetic Legs boots

Prosthetic Legs are not the most powerful, but they are one of the most versatile in due to their base movement speed buff and constant HP regeneration.

The extra HP is also helpful, allowing you to survive fights that would otherwise be impossible. These boots are ideal for players looking for some all-around good boots with decent defensive and offensive abilities.

  • Good (Green): None
  • Better (Blue): HP is enhanced by 10%
  • Excellent (Purple): Your hero’s base movement speed is increased by 1
  • Epic (Yellow): Your hero heals for 1% HP/3s when moving
  • Legendary (Red): HP is enhanced by 15%

6. Layered Snowshoes

Layered Snowshoes boots

Layered Snowshoes, in our opinion, are the weakest boots in this game but they can still be a good choice for beginners, or players that like to move around a lot and deal damage over time. The radiation rings left behind can quickly take down enemies if you’re able to get them in the right spot. The extra movement speed bonus is also helpful for escaping dangerous situations.

  • Good (Green): None
  • Better (Blue): HP is boosted by 10%
  • Excellent (Purple): Leaves behind radiation rings that deal damage over time when moving
  • Epic (Yellow): When spawning radiation rings, base movement speed is increased by 2 for 2s
  • Legendary (Red): HP is boosted by 15%

7. Highboots


Highboots have a similar effect to Voidwaker Treads, but unfortunately, it only lasts a few seconds. The bullet damage immunity and collision damage reduction during Forced March is incredibly helpful in the battles, but again, it doesn’t last very long.

These boots are great for zipping in and out of fights quickly, but they don’t offer much in terms of survivability.

  • Good (Green): None
  • Better (Blue): Your character gets a 10% HP boost
  • Excellent (Purple): Your character gains Forced March for 5s (+30% Movement Speed. Does not stack) for every 200 defeated monsters
  • Epic (Yellow): Your hero becomes immune to bullet damage and receives 20% less collision damage during Forced March
  • Legendary (Red): Your character gets a 15% HP boost


This concludes our list of the best boots. All the boots discussed above offer something unique to players; from extra HP to movement speed boosts or damage immunity. But the first three boots offer the highest buffs and effects for your character. Depending on your playstyle, there is sure to be a pair of boots that suits your needs perfectly. Happy monster hunting!

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