Mythic Summon Idle RPG Character Tier List

Wondering which heroes to use in Mythic Summon Idle RPG? Our tier list ranks the best characters, so you can defeat the hardest enemies.

Mythic Summon Idle RPG tier list
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Mythic Summon: Idle RPG has a captivating combination of idle gameplay, summoning heroes, and strategic battles. To succeed in this mystical world, you must collect and enhance your heroes, conquer various dungeons, and unite with others to defeat World Bosses.

All this may sound easy but knowing which heroes to focus on can be challenging. This is why we put together this character tier list, ranking all the best heroes in Mythic Summon: Idle RPG based on their strengths, abilities, and classes.

Mythic Summon Idle RPG hero ranking explained

The game has almost 60 characters so far, each with their class, faction, and rarity. Considering this, we ranked them across five tiers: S, A, B, C, and D.

These tiers represent how useful they are in the game, whether is a campaign, a dungeon, or even against other players. Here is a breakdown of our tiers:

  • S-tier: These are the most powerful and versatile characters in the game. They excel in all aspects and can greatly impact battles.
  • A-tier: These characters may not be as versatile as S-tier, but they still have significant power to easily win some of the toughest battles in the game.
  • B-tier: These characters are decent options for battles but may require some specific team compositions to be effective. We recommend pairing them with any of the upper tiers to maximize their potential.
  • C-tier: These characters may struggle in battles and require a lot of support from other heroes or specific conditions to be useful. They have lower stats but can still offer decent buffs and can be good options for those just starting the game.
  • D-tier: These are the weakest characters in the game and may not be recommended for serious gameplay. They have the lowest stats and least powerful hero skills in Mythic Summon: Idle RPG.

S Tier

These are the most powerful heroes in the game. They have the highest main stats such as attack, HP, and Armor. For more details, check out the overview included at the bottom of this guide.

S-tier characters in Mythic Summon Idle RPG
Mythic Summon: Idle RPG best heroes (S-Tier)
  • Poseidon (Wisdom, Eternal Legend)
  • Eve (Agility, Eternal Legend)
  • Athena (Might, Eternal Legend)
  • Ice God (Wisdom, Eternal Legend)
  • Thanatos (Agility, Eternal Legend)
  • Hades (Might, Eternal Legend)
  • Hestia (Wisdom, Mysterious Legend)
  • Bast (Wisdom, Mysterious Legend)
  • Pandora (Wisdom, Mysterious Legend)


Poseidon, the best hero in Mythic Summon: Idle RPG
Poseidon, the best hero in Mythic Summon Idle RPG
  • Rank: S
  • Class: Wisdom
  • Highlights: Good for massive ranged DPS

Poseidon is the best damage dealer in the game. He does enormous AoE damage to all enemies around him, with a high chance of freezing them, reducing their attack speed. What’s even more impressive about this hero, is that he also gains speed for each defeated enemy. All these factors combined make Poseidon the best hero in Mythic Summon: Idle RPG.


Eve, Mythic Summon hero
  • Rank: S
  • Class: Agility
  • Highlights: Quick, powerful melee attacks

Eve is a powerhouse in melee combat, able to deal massive physical damage while also having high survivability against enemies of the same class. Her abilities allow her to stun enemies and increase her own Crit damage, making her a formidable force for any team.


Athena, Mythic Summon
  • Rank: S
  • Class: Might
  • Highlights: Team protection, high armor

If you are looking for the ultimate tank in Mythic Summon: Idle RPG, look no further than Athena. With her abilities to increase armor and magic resistance with every attack, she can withstand even the toughest of battles. She also has a taunt ability that forces enemies to target her, making her an essential hero for any team looking to survive against powerful foes.

A Tier

A-tier, good character alternatives in Mythic Summon Idle RPG
A-tier, good character alternatives in Mythic Summon Idle RPG
  • Artemis (Agility, Mysterious Legend)
  • Crocodile (Might, Mysterious Legend)
  • Clare (Agility, Mysterious Legend)
  • Ares (Might, Mysterious Legend)
  • Mecha Angel (Agility, Mysterious Legend)
  • Lancelot (Wisdom, Legendary)
  • Thunder Panda (Wisdom, Epic)
  • Merlin (Wisdom, Legendary)
  • Goddeer (Wisdom, Epic)
  • Souler (Wisdom, Legendary)
  • Shadow (Agility, Legendary)
  • Vesuvius (Wisdom, Epic)

B Tier

B-tier, heroes recommended mid-game battles and PvP
B-tier, heroes recommended mid-game battles and PvP
  • Overlord (Agility, Legendary)
  • Chimera (Wisdom, Epic)
  • Hasan (Agility, Legendary)
  • Lee (Might, Legendary)
  • Dracula (Wisdom, Epic)
  • Bull Demon (Might, Epic)
  • Frost Hawk (Wisdom, Epic)
  • Elizabeth (Might, Legendary)
  • Flame Panda (Agility, Epic)
  • Joker (Might, Epic)
  • Goddess Guard (Agility, Epic)
  • Redbeard (Might, Epic)

C Tier

C-tier, good heroes for starting players in Mythic Summon Idle RPG
C-tier, good heroes for starting players in Mythic Summon Idle RPG
  • Zorro (Agility, Epic)
  • Defender (Might, Epic)
  • Wind Chaser (Agility, Epic)
  • Achilles (Might, Epic)
  • Freya (Might, Epic)
  • Doctor E (Agility, Epic)
  • Monkey King (Agility, Epic)
  • Spikes (Might, Epic)
  • Fairy Dragon (Wisdom, Rare)
  • Bearsoul (Agility, Rare)
  • Dismember (Might, Rare)

D Tier

D-tier, the worst heroes in Mythic Summon Idle RPG
D-tier, the worst heroes in Mythic Summon Idle RPG
  • Hippolyta (Agility, Rare)
  • Ellsa (Wisdom, Rare)
  • Moon Messenger (Agility, Rare)
  • Undying (Might, Rare)
  • Nicolas (Wisdom, Rare)
  • Lancer (Might, Rare)
  • Rocket (Agility, Rare)
  • Alice (Wisdom, Rare)
  • Big G (Might, Rare)
  • Hanzo (Agility, Rare)


Our tier list has come to an end, but remember that this is just a guide and not a strict rule. The true strength of a hero lies in how well they fit with your team composition and playstyle.

However, with S and A-tier heroes in your roster, you are sure to have a strong foundation for success in Mythic Summon: Idle RPG. Upgrade them consistently to conquer all challenges in this thrilling idle RPG adventure.

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