Hunter Raid Tier List: Best Equipment

This Hunter Raid tier list ranks the best equipment in the game. Use it to equip Hunter with powerful stats and effects.

Hunter Raid tier list

Hunter Raid is a fun idle RPG mobile game that lets you raise and awaken powerful heroes. You can explore challenging dungeons, build a team of allies and upgrade their skills to survive the relentless monster invasions. But in the early game, your first character called Hunter is your only choice.

That’s why is important to increase his power as high as possible, and for that, you need the best equipment available. This tier list ranks all gear for your character to maximize his potential.

Hunter Raid Tier List: Best Weapons

  1. Electric Guitar (S+ Tier)
  2. Black Chainsaw (S+ Tier)
  3. Scissor Sword (S Tier)
  4. Cutter Sword (S Tier)
  5. Electric Keyboard (A Tier)
  6. Multipurpose Umbrella (A Tier)
  7. Power Spanner (A Tier)
  8. Big Anchor (B Tier)
  9. Big Hammer (B Tier)
  10. Key Sword (B Tier)
  11. Trenching Shovel (C Tier)
  12. Bayonet (C Tier)
Electric Guitar, best weapon in Hunter Raid

At the top of the Weapon tier list, we have Electric Guitar. This is the best weapon in Hunter Raid and has a massive 350% ATK increase. Plus, just by owning this weapon, you get a 2% ATK bonus, no matter which weapon you equip your character with.

This weapon is excellent for challenging tough bosses or clearing Building of Trials floors. Black Chainsaw is also excellent but is slightly less powerful than Electric Guitar.

Hunter Raid Tier List: Best Armor

  1. Hunter’s Coat (S+ Tier)
  2. Navy Coat (S+ Tier)
  3. Beige Coat (S Tier)
  4. Brown Coat (S Tier)
  5. White Brown Jacket (A Tier)
  6. Hunter’s Jacket (A Tier)
  7. Navy Jacket (A Tier)
  8. Hunter’s Vest (B Tier)
  9. Brown Jacket (B Tier)
  10. Navy Vest (B Tier)
  11. Green Vest (C Tier)
  12. Brown Vest (C Tier)
Hunter's Coat, best armor in Hunter Raid

In the Hunter Raid armor tier list, Hunter’s Coat is the undisputed king. This body armor provides a 50% HP boost and 2% for owning the item. This will increase your character’s survivability, which is great if you have spent most of your coins and resources on upgrading the ATK stat (as we all do, I guess).

Hunter Raid Tier List: Best Caps

  1. Tough Hunter’s Hunting Cap (S+ Tier)
  2. Tough Navy Hunting Cap (S Tier)
  3. Tough Blue Hunting Cap (S Tier)
  4. Navy Hunting Cap (A Tier)
  5. Hunter’s Hunting Cap (A Tier)
  6. Blue Hunting Cap (A Tier)
  7. Brown Hunting Cap (B Tier)
  8. Hunter’s Cap (B Tier)
  9. Blue Cap (C Tier)
  10. Navy Cap (C Tier)
  11. Green Cap (C Tier)
Tough Hunter's Hunting Cap, best head cap item in Hunter Raid

The most powerful cap in the game for the Hunter character is Tough Hunter’s Hunting Cap. It increases your character’s CRIT DMG by 35% and also gives you a 3% ATK boost just for owning it.

The second most powerful cap, the Tough Navy Hunting Cap offers an ATK increase of 30%, which is still quite good, but not as good as Tough Hunter’s Hunting Cap’s stat boosts. These caps are both excellent choices if you are looking to maximize your Hunter character.

Hunter Raid Tier List: Best Gloves

  1. Hunter’s Battle Gloves (S+ Tier)
  2. Black Battle Gloves (S+ Tier)
  3. Brown Battle Gloves (S Tier)
  4. Navy Battle Gloves (S Tier)
  5. Hunter’s Emblem Gloves (A Tier)
  6. Black Emblem Gloves (A Tier)
  7. Blue Emblem Gloves (A Tier)
  8. Navy Emblem Gloves (B Tier)
  9. Hunter’s Fingerless Gloves (B Tier)
  10. Black Fingerless Gloves (C Tier)
  11. Red Fingerless Gloves (C Tier)
  12. Navy Fingerless Gloves (C Tier)
Hunter's Battle Gloves, best gloves in Hunter Raid

If you need the best gloves for your Hunter character, the Hunter’s Battle Gloves, and Black Battle Gloves are great choices.

The former provides a 5.13% CRIT boost, together with a 3% ATK bonus; while the latter increases CRIT by 4.65%. Both gloves will make your character stronger in battle because having high critical damage means that your character will hit much harder.

Hunter Raid Tier List: Best Boots

  1. Hunter’s Boots (S+ Tier)
  2. Navy Boots (S+ Tier)
  3. Brown Boots (S Tier)
  4. Black Boots (S Tier)
  5. Hunter’s High-Tops (A Tier)
  6. Green High-Tops (A Tier)
  7. Navy Sneakers (A Tier)
  8. Blue Sneakers (B Tier)
  9. Hunter’s Running Shoes (B Tier)
  10. Gray Running Shoes (C Tier)
  11. Black Running Shoes (C Tier)
  12. Brown Running Shoes (C Tier)
Hunter's Boots, best boots in Hunter Raid

Finally, if you are looking for the best boots in Hunter Raid, look no further than the Hunter’s Boots. This item provides a massive 37 Accuracy boost and a 2% ATK increase just for owning it. It’s an excellent choice if you want to maximize your character’s stats and make sure that he hits as accurately as possible in battle.

Tier Explanation

We ranked all the equipment across 5 tiers, from S+ to C. We took into consideration the items’ stats and rarity.

  • S+ Tier: in this tier, we have included the most powerful equipment in the game. These will give you a huge advantage when facing off against tough bosses.
  • S Tier: This tier includes gear items that are slightly less powerful than S+ but still provide excellent stats.
  • A Tier: Here you can find gear with decent stats and reasonably good effects, although they are not as powerful as the higher-tiered items.
  • B Tier: Gear from this tier is typically quite common and has average stats and effects.
  • C Tier: This tier includes the weakest equipment in the game, which is not recommended for advanced stages.


Now that you have a better understanding of the Hunter Raid tier list and the best equipment for your character, you can rest assured that you are fully prepared to take on any challenge that comes your way. With the right gear, your hero will be unstoppable!

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