Cyber Rebellion Tier List: Top Characters

Use this Cyber Rebellion hero tier list to form a well-balanced and powerful squad. We have ranked the top-performing characters from S to D tier

Cyber Rebellion tier list
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As you recruit new characters in Cyber Rebellion, is crucial to know which ones to prioritize when it comes to upgrading and which strategies work best in battle. Building a strong team from the start is essential to advance in the game’s unique and challenging combat modes as we all know how hard those Main Story bosses can hit.

In this hero tier list, we ranked all characters in the game based on their stats, rarities, and skills. This way, you can create an effective formation with the units you have and plan your upgrades accordingly.

How we ranked the Cyber Rebellion characters

We divided our tier list into five different tiers – S, A, B, C, and D, with S being the highest rank and ranking the strongest characters, and D being the lowest and ranking the weakest ones.

S Tier

S-Tier, the most powerful characters to have in Cyber Rebellion
S-Tier, the most powerful characters to have in Cyber Rebellion
  • Saki – Zangetsu (Assault)
  • Rik – The New Order (Destroyer)
  • Frost – Vanguard (Tank)
  • Leyva – Starring Diva (Support)
  • Pastoral – Data Hub (Destroyer)
  • Frost – Omen (Assault)
  • Candido – Duke Silver (Tank)
  • Leyva – Neuromancer (Support)
  • Saki – Suzaku (Assault)
  • Frost – Tyrant (Destroyer)
  • Lindsay – Speed to Burn (Destroyer)

In the S tier, we classified the most powerful and versatile characters in the game. These are the top-tier heroes in Cyber Rebellion with exceptional skills and high stats that make them a must-have for any squad.

As you noticed, in the first four spots we ranked the top-performing characters of each class: Assault, Destroyer, Tank, and Support. That way you can have a well-balanced team with a strong core. Also, scroll down to read our brief description of each of them.

Saki – Zangetsu

Saki - Zangetsu, the best single-target character in Cyber Rebellion
  • Rank: S
  • Class: Assault
  • Rarity: SS
  • Faction: Vanguard

Saki-Zangetsu is by far the best Assault character in this anime RPG game, with high single-target damage and critical hits. She is an excellent melee combatant, with skills that can inflict massive damage to low-HP enemies, which makes her a perfect choice for boss battles.

Rik – The New Order

Rik-The New Order, the best AoE damage dealer hero in Cyber Rebellion
  • Rank: S
  • Class: Destroyer
  • Rarity: SS
  • Faction: Vanguard

Rik-The New Order is another top-tier character for this game, with unique skills that can deal damage to multiple enemies at once. Not only that, but he also has a shock effect and a damage reduction ability, making him one of the most powerful multi-target characters in the game.

Frost – Vanguard

Frost-Vanguard, the best tank character in Cyber Rebellion
  • Rank: S
  • Class: Tank
  • Rarity: SS
  • Faction: Dawnbreak

Frost-Vanguard is the ultimate tank hero in Cyber Rebellion, with high defense and resistance against debuffs. He can also sacrifice his own HP to buff his allies with damage reduction and Gene Power bonuses, making him an essential character for any team composition.

Leyva – Starring Diva

Leyva-Starring Diva, the best support healer character for Cyber Rebellion
  • Rank: S
  • Class: Support
  • Rarity: SS
  • Faction: Vanguard

Leyva-Starring Diva is another crucial character in our tier list, with the ability to heal multiple allies at once. She is a vital support hero for keeping your team alive in challenging battles, making her a must-have for any squad.

Pastoral – Data Hub

Pastoral-Data Hub
  • Rank: S
  • Class: Destroyer
  • Rarity: SS
  • Faction: Dawnbreak

Pastoral-Data Hub is yet, another outstanding Destroyer-class unit for Cyber Rebellion, with high AoE damage and auto-healing capabilities. Her attacks are most effective against Bleeding-affected enemies, making her a valuable asset in battles where debuffs are crucial.

Frost – Omen

  • Rank: S
  • Class: Assault
  • Rarity: SS
  • Faction: Dawnbreak

Frost-Omen is a powerful ranged hero with high burst damage capabilities against multiple targets. However, his skills consume life points, making him a risky yet rewarding choice in battles. Pairing him with healing support heroes is crucial to keep him alive and unleash his full potential. So, consider adding Frost-Omen to your team for some extra firepower!

A Tier

Cyber Rebellion A-tier combatants
A-Tier characters in Cyber Rebellion
  • Pastoral – Augmentor (Assault)
  • Victor – Prosthetic Doctor (Destroyer)
  • Rik – Alpha Wolf (Destroyer)
  • Noam – Ember in Ashes (Tank)
  • Lindsay – Vermilion Dawn (Assault)
  • Seer – Oracle (Support)
  • Rosa – Matrix Runner (Destroyer)
  • Candido – Barrage Fortress (Tank)
  • Lindsay – Aquila (Assault)
  • Taki – Seiryu (Destroyer)

In the A tier, we placed characters that are also highly recommended for any squad but may not be as versatile or powerful as those in the S tier. Nevertheless, they are great choices or alternatives if you haven’t unlocked any S-tier characters yet.

B Tier

B-tier characters for Cyber Rebellion
B-Tier characters in Cyber Rebellion
  • Candido – Burst Boxer (Destroyer)
  • Eric – Death Eye (Assault)
  • Pastoral – Hound of Doom (Support)
  • Amy – Foamy Sweet Dream (Destroyer)
  • Saki – Byakko (Assault)
  • Rik – Raiden (Destroyer)
  • Leyva – Ghost (Support)
  • Lindsay – Ambilight (Destroyer)
  • Candido – Iron Fist (Tank)
  • Saki – Arashi Kiru (Assault)

The B tier contains characters that are decent in terms of stats and skills. They are good choices for the early-mid game, but not as effective against higher-level enemies. These characters can serve as temporary members of your team until you find better options.

C Tier

C-tier heroes ranked in the Cyber Rebellion game
C-Tier characters in Cyber Rebellion
  • Pastoral – Agents (Destroyer)
  • Saki – Sakuragari (Assault)
  • Frost – Fortress (Tank)
  • Frost – Master Chief (Destroyer)
  • Pastoral – Plague Huntress (Support)
  • Lindsay – Metal Panic (Assault)
  • Rik – Skytrooper (Destroyer)
  • Leyva – Zealody (Support)
  • Candido – Penalty Area King (Destroyer)
  • Lindsay – Graffity (Destroyer)

In the C tier, we placed characters with low stats and skills that may not be suitable for high-difficulty battles. However, they can still be useful for new players or those of you who are looking for a challenge. With proper upgrades and careful team composition, these characters can still contribute to your team’s success.

D Tier

Cyber Rebellion D-tier Characters
D-Tier, the weakest characters in Cyber Rebellion
  • Frost – Ranger (Destroyer)
  • Saki – Kitsunemen (Assault)
  • Rik – Striker (Destroyer)
  • Pastoral – Stinger (Support)
  • Lindsay (Destroyer)
  • Frost (Assault)
  • Candido (Tank)
  • Pastoral (Destroyer)
  • Leyva (Support)
  • Saki (Assault)
  • Rik (Destroyer)

Last but not least, the D tier includes characters that do not bring much value to the team. They have low stats and skills that make them ineffective in battles, especially in PvP fights. We don’t recommend upgrading or using these characters unless you have no other options available.


Having a strong team in Cyber Rebellion is a tremendous help – it will help you progress faster in all gameplay modes and earn you more rewards while climbing the leaderboards. The S-tier characters we mentioned in this tier list are the best choices but A and B tier also good alternatives. Upgrade them regularly to outrank your enemies.

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