Gods Raid: Team RPG Best Gods for Your Heroes (Ranked)

Your heroes are worth nothing without the blessings of powerful gods.

Know which Gods to pick for your heroes with the latest Gods Raid Tier List
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Gods Raid is more than just a typical RPG mobile game – it’s a strategic battle where your success relies on the power of your chosen Gods. The mechanics and playstyle are similar to Raid: Shadow Legends, but with a unique twist: each hero can be enchanted by one God, and choosing the right combination is essential for creating a strong team.

In this team-battler game, the God characters are categorized by three rarities: Absolute, Ancient, and Mythic, with Absolute offering the most powerful Gods, with high stats and three favors.

Based on our own playtime, we also considered their synergies with the five hero species: Human, Orc, Beast, Demon, and Undead. That being said, we ranked the Gods into four tiers as follows:

S-Tier God Characters

This is the top tier of our Gods Raid tier list and includes the most powerful Gods with high stats and strong synergy with various hero species. These are the absolute must-haves for any player looking to dominate in all game modes, especially when paired with some of the greatest heroes in Gods Raid.

S-tier, the strongest Gods to pick in Gods Raid
S-tier, the best Gods for your heroes currently available in the game
  • Thor (Orc Heroes, Absolute)
  • Poseidon (Orc Heroes, Absolute)
  • Hela (Undead Heroes, Ancient)
  • Odin (Undead Heroes, Absolute)
  • Zeus (Human Heroes, Absolute)
  • Freyja (Beast Heroes, Absolute)
  • Ares (Beast Heroes, Ancient)

Thor is undoubtedly the strongest God character in Gods Raid, earning him a top spot on our tier list. Not only does he have high stats and three powerful favors, but his synergy with Orc Heroes makes him incredibly valuable.

With Thor as their enchanting God, Orc Heroes receive a 25% increase in Critical, making them even more effective in abt type of battle. On top of that, Thor’s power deals massive damage to all enemies and has a chance of stunning them for 2 seconds. This makes him an essential addition to any team, especially when facing multiple enemies at once.

A-Tier Gods

These Gods also have high stats and abilities that make them valuable additions to any team, but they do not have as strong synergy with all hero types compared to S-tier Gods. Still, they are reliable choices for any player looking to excel in the game.

A-tier Gods - still good choices for high DPS teams.
A-tier Gods – still good choices for high DPS teams.
  • Athena (Defense Heroes, Absolute)
  • Apollon (Beast Heroes, Absolute)
  • Tyr (Demon Heroes, Absolute)
  • Idun (All Species, Mythic)
  • Loki (Demon Heroes, Absolute)
  • Baldur (Human Heroes, Absolute)
  • Dionysos (Demon Heroes, Ancient)

Athena should be a top choice for players looking to strengthen their tank heroes. As an Absolute God, she offers three powerful favors and can be used for all defense heroes of any species.

With Athena as their enchanting God, these heroes receive a 25% increase in Crit Res and DEF, making them even more formidable opponents on the battlefield. While she does not offer any ATK bonuses, her defensive abilities make her a valuable God in this RPG game.

B-Tier Gods

While not as powerful as those from the previous tiers, these God characters still have decent stats and abilities that can be useful in the early to mid-game stages of the game.

B-tier Gods in Gods Raid
B-tier Gods in Gods Raid
  • Hephaistos (Demon Heroes, Ancient)
  • Anubis (Undead Heroes, Ancient)
  • Aphrodite (Human Heroes, Ancient)
  • Artemis (Ranged Heroes, Ancient)
  • Vidar (All Species, Mythic)
  • Hades (Undead Heroes, Absolute)
  • Heimdall (Orc Heroes, Ancient)
  • Asura (Orc Heroes, Ancient)

Hephaistos is a strong mid-game God character, offering valuable stats and abilities for Demon Heroes. With him as their enchanting God, they receive a 25% increase in DEF, making them more resistant to enemy attacks.

Additionally, his power boosts the enchanted hero’s ATK and DEF by 80%, providing a significant advantage in the battle for 12 seconds. While not as powerful as any of the previously mentioned god characters, Hephaistos is still a valuable choice for any player looking to strengthen their Demon Heroes.

C-Tier Gods

These Gods have the weakest skills and rarities from all the tiers and may not be as helpful in your team. However, they can still offer some support in the early stages if you don’t have other options available.

C-tier Gods, recommended for beginners only
C-tier God characters. They do not offer much for your heroes.
  • Hermes (Human Heroes, Ancient)
  • Nike (All Species, Mythic)
  • Skathi (Beast Heroes, Ancient)
  • Tisiphone (All Species, Mythic)
  • Mimir (All Species, Mythic)
  • Surtr (All Species, Mythic)
  • Charon (All Species, Mythic)
  • Themis (All Species, Mythic)


Our tier list for Gods Raid has come to an end, and we hope it has given you a better understanding of the different Gods and their rankings. Pick the S-tiered ones if you want a team with high attack power and excellent defense.

Remember that while having powerful heroes is essential, choosing the right God for them can make all the difference in battle. Upgrade them as you progress in the game, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations to find the perfect team for your playstyle.

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