Gods Raid: Team RPG Character Tier List & Which to Pick

This guide attempts to rank all characters in Gods Raid: Team RPG into different tiers based on their roles, rarity and more.

Learn which characters to pick and upgrade with our updated Gods Raid hero tier list
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GODS RAID : Team Battle RPG can be a challenging and rewarding RPG mobile game, where your success heavily relies on the strength of your heroes. That is why it’s crucial to carefully select the best heroes for your team, considering that there are five different species to choose from. This way, you can maximize the bonuses and powerful effects offered by your best God characters.

Below you will find a detailed tier list of all the available heroes in Gods Raid, ranked based on their stats, rarity, species, and skills. Use this guide to create the ultimate team and conquer your enemies in PvP or PvE battles.

We ranked the Gods Raid heroes into five tiers: S, A, B, C, and D. These tiers are based on a combination of factors such as hero rarity, species, and type.

S-Tier Heroes

These are the best heroes in Gods Raid, with incredible stats and abilities. They are mostly Mythic rarity and belong to multiple species, making them versatile and powerful in any team composition.

S Tier, the best heroes in the Gods Raid tier list
The S-Tier, ranking the strongest heroes in Gods Raid
  • Vulkan (Melee, Orc)
  • Heracles (Defense, Beast)
  • Esther (Ranged, Human)
  • Brynhildr (Melee, Demon)
  • Sariel (Ranged, Undead)
  • Orc Swordsman (Melee, Orc)
  • Orc Chief (Defense, Orc)

Vulkan is without a doubt the best hero in Gods Raid, and for good reason. Not only does he have high stats and strong skills that make him an S-tier character, but his synergy with Thor, the most powerful God in Gods Raid, makes him an essential addition to any team. His Fiery Mark effect allows him to switch between single target and AoE attacks, making him versatile against different enemy formations.


These characters are also powerful choices but may lack the ATK power and skills that put them below the S Tier. They can be great alternatives for the late-game content

A-tier characters in Gods Raid
A-tier characters in Gods Raid
  • Dark Witch (Ranged, Human)
  • Skeleton Summoner (Support, Undead)
  • Viking Princess (Melee, Human)
  • Giant Robot (Defense, Demon)
  • Harpy Queen (Ranged, Beast)
  • Divine Priest (Support, Human)
  • Death Knight (Melee, Undead)
  • Paladin (Defense, Beast)
  • Orc Hunter (Ranged, Orc)
  • Monkey King (Melee, Beast)
  • Duke of Darkness (Ranged, Undead)

Dark Witch is a powerful ranged hero in Gods Raid, known for her devastating AoE attacks that can deal high amounts of damage to multiple enemies. Her abilities make her an excellent choice for players looking to dominate in PvP battles.

When paired with Zeus or Baldur, she can become even more formidable thanks to their synergy and buffs. If you have not yet recruited Esther or Sariel, Dark Witch is a strong alternative for your ranged hero slot.


These heroes are decent, with average stats and abilities. This tier includes mostly epic and some legendary heroes that can be excellent for mid-game battles.

B-tier heroes in Gods Raid
B-tier heroes in Gods Raid
  • Skeleton Monarch (Defense, Undead)
  • Banshee (Support, Demon)
  • Power Fist (Melee, Human)
  • Fallen Angel (Ranged, Undead)
  • Ogre (Defense, Orc)
  • Assassin (Melee, Human)
  • Plague Doctor (Support, Beast)
  • Orc Warrior (Melee, Orc)
  • Yeti (Defense, Beast)
  • Lightning Demon (Ranged, Demon)
  • Knight Commander (Defense, Human)


Here we ranked characters with below-average stats and abilities. They can be useful in the game’s early stages, but overall they are not recommended for competitive gameplay.

C-tier heroes in Gods Raid
C-tier heroes in the Gods Raid RPG mobile game
  • Skeleton Commander (Melee, Undead)
  • Orc Shaman (Support, Orc)
  • Black Wolf (Melee, Beast)
  • Undead Shield Bearer (Defense, Undead)
  • Berserker (Melee, Demon)
  • Giant Armor (Defense, Demon)
  • Wraith (Melee, Undead)
  • Orc Magician (Ranged, Orc)
  • Gnoll Chief (Defense, Beast)
  • Heavy Armor (Melee, Demon)
  • Priest (Support, Human)
  • Dark Mage (Ranged, Demon)


In this tier, we ranked the weakest heroes in Gods Raid. They have low stats and abilities, making them only suitable for beginners or until you can replace them with higher-tier heroes.

D Tier, the weakest heroes in Gods Raid
D Tier, the weakest heroes in Gods Raid
  • Spear Knight (Melee, Human)
  • Mummy Sorcerer (Support, Undead)
  • Goblin Warrior (Melee, Orc)
  • Child of the Forest (Support, Beast)
  • Winged Demon (Melee, Demon)
  • Gnoll Spearman (Ranged, Beast)
  • Goblin Shield Bearer (Defense, Orc)
  • Elite Archer (Ranged, Undead)
  • Goblin Shaman (Support, Orc)
  • Skeleton Gunslinger (Ranged, Undead)
  • Burning Fists (Melee, Demon)

This concludes our tier list of the strongest heroes in Gods Raid. Remember to always consider their rarity, species, and type when forming your squad. Each hero brings unique skills and abilities that can make a significant difference in battle, and you should upgrade and equip them wisely to achieve victory. Although the game is still in early access, we will update our tier list as new heroes and updates are released.

Learn which characters to pick and upgrade with our updated Gods Raid hero tier list
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