Ever Legion Tier List for Every Character

The magical realm of Ever Legion is filled with powerful heroes, but which ones are the best? Use this tier list guide to find out and build your leading team.

Ever Legion Tier List, Best Heroes
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Ever Legion offers a variety of thrilling RPG turn-based battle modes to earn amazing rewards or even compete against other players. As the game constantly evolves and new scenarios are unlocked, it will be more important than ever to make sure your team is optimized by summoning and leveling up the heroes that offer the best stats and skills.

Our ranking list is here to help you make the right decisions when choosing your heroes as it includes the best and worst characters in the game.

Tier List Ranking Explained

We ranked the heroes into 4 different tiers, from C to S, with S being the best. We took into consideration their skills, classes, and overall usefulness in battle. We did not take into account the rarity because this can be changed for all heroes by increasing their rank.

Plus, only the Mythical rarity has a class, all other rarities have a second role instead, and would not be fair to compare them against Mythical.

Although we labeled the C tier as listing the worst heroes, this does not mean they are completely useless, is just that they will not be as effective as the other higher-tiered heroes in the late game. That being said, here’s our tier list for Ever Legion.

S Tier Heroes (Best Options)

  • Niviana (Mage)
  • Malakith (Ranger)
  • Godfrey (Tank)
  • Seithmann (Support)
  • Esia & Arnoth (Support)


Niviana - best hero in Ever Legion

Niviana is overall the best hero in Ever Legion as she not only has one of the highest base attack stats but also has powerful AoE spells and critical buffs that will further boost the attack of her allies. You can increase her stats even more by equipping her with strong artifacts like Daios’ Blessing or Farman’s Vision.

You should definitely consider summoning her and leveling her up if you are looking for a powerful teammate. You can recruit her via Tavern, S1 The Fearless, S3 Evil Awakens, or Seer’s Gifts.

  • Faction: Illuminated
  • Main Role: AoE
  • Class: Mage


Malakith hero Ever Legion

Malakith is also a great damage dealer and can deal heavy damage to backline enemies. His fourth skill is also impressive as it allows him to transform into a spirit if he is defeated in battle.

His spirit will continue to attack enemies and the best part is that he will not take any damage and will be immune to crowd control. Malakith can be summoned via Tavern, S1 Born to Lead, or Seer’s Gifts.

  • Faction: Eternal
  • Main Role: Assassin
  • Class: Ranger


Godfrey - best tank hero Ever Legion

Godfrey is by far the best tank hero in Ever Legion due to his impressively high HP and defense stats. This helps him to take a large amount of damage and protect his allies as he battles against the enemy. With his fourth skill unlocked, if his HP drops below 40%, he will become immune to damage for a short period, during which he can heal himself.

To make him even more effective in battle, you can use a powerful artifact like Cyansel’s Nourishment, which will boost his defense and HP and help him recover HP faster. Godfrey can be summoned via Tavern, S2 Fear Spreads, S2 The Stalwarts, and Seer’s Gifts.

  • Faction: Illuminated
  • Main Role: Tank
  • Class: Tank


Seithmann - best healer hero in Ever Legion

Seithmann is the most efficient healer in Ever Legion as he not only heals his allies but also buffs them, making them stronger in battle. Additionally, he also does an impressive amount of damage for a healer, which makes him an all-rounder that you should definitely consider summoning.

A perfect artifact for him would be the Farman’s Vision because it will help him recover his energy faster and make him even more effective in battles. You can get Seithmann from Tavern, S1 Golden Few, and Seer’s Gifts.

  • Faction: Ardent
  • Main Role: Healer
  • Class: Support

Esia & Arnoth (Support)

Esia Arnoth hero Ever Legion

Arnoth and his protective guardian, Esia, are a fantastic addition to any team as they provide powerful buffs that can turn the tide of battle. They share the same HP and energy and protect each other whenever they are hurt.

For instance, if you manage to unlock their third skill, whenever Esia is affected by control spells, Arnoth will remove them and protect her with a powerful shield.

Similarly, when Arnoth suffers damage, Esia can teleport to his location and knock back the enemies, while also dealing a good amount of damage. You can get Esia & Arnoth via Tavern, S2 Fear Spreads, S2 The Stalwarts, and Seer’s Gifts.

  • Faction: Euda-Anointed
  • Main Role: Buffer
  • Class: Support

A Tier (Good)

  • Edward (Ranger)
  • Iya’thill (Ranger)
  • Melusine (Support)
  • Alexios (Tank)
  • Ahasver (Support)


Edward hero Ever Legion

Edward is another good hero capable of dealing good amounts of damage with his skill attacks. He is also capable of attacking multiple enemies at once and reducing their HP recovery speed, which makes him very useful in prolonged battles.

Additionally, he has a passive ability that enables him to increase his critical strike rate, which will further increase his attack power. Is not as strong as Malakith, but is a good alternative if you don’t have him. Edward can be summoned via Tavern, Seer’s Gifts, and S1 The Stalwarts.

  • Faction: Illuminated
  • Main Role: Continuous
  • Class: Ranger


Iya'thill hero Ever Legion

Iya’thill is a good AoE choice if your team needs to quickly take out multiple enemies. She has a great skill set that allows her to attack multiple enemies while significantly increasing her attack power and reducing the max HP and defense of backline enemies. Her base HP stat is a bit low but that’s why she is best used in a team with at least one strong tank.

A perfect artifact for her would be Tik’s Rage because it will increase her crit rate and attack speed, and therefore make her more powerful. Iya’thill can be summoned via Tavern, S2 Fear Spreads, Seer’s Gifts, and S2 Born to Lead.

  • Faction: Vitalus
  • Main Role: AoE
  • Class: Ranger

Melusine (Support)

Melusine hero Ever Legion

Melusine is a good healer to have on your Ever Legion team, almost as good as Seithmann. She has an impressive set of skills that not only help her recover the HP of her allies but also make enemies attack each other.

With her ultimate skill, she can restore the HP and increase the defense of all nearby allies. You can get Melusine from the Tavern, Seer’s Gifts, or S1 the Fearless.

  • Faction: Vitalus
  • Main Role: Healer
  • Class: Support

Alexios (Tank)

Alexios hero Ever Legion

Alexio is a good tank to have on your team. Is not as efficient as Godfrey, but he has a good combination of defense, debuff, and AoE skills, which makes him a very versatile hero. For instance, his ultimate skill will block the attacks of all enemies for a few seconds, while rapidly attacking the weakest enemy.

A good artifact for him would be Daios’ Blessing, which will increase his HP and dodge stats and make him an even better asset for tough combats. Alexio can be summoned via Tavern, Seer’s Gifts, S3 Evil Awakens, and S3 Born to Lead.

  • Faction: Euda-Anointed
  • Main Role: Tank
  • Class: Tank

Ahasver (Support)

Ahasver hero Ever Legion

Ahasver can help your team greatly when it comes to debuffing enemies. He has a very powerful skill set that can reduce the attack speed and power of his affected enemies. Ahasver can be summoned via Tavern, S2 Fear Spreads, Seer’s Gifts, or S2 Born to Lead.

If you manage to unlock his third skill, he will be able to block his enemies’ attacks for a short period of time whenever one of your other heroes uses his ultimate skill, which can be a great help in tough battles.

  • Faction: Daeva Anointed
  • Main Role: Debuffer
  • Class: Support

B Tier (Average)

These mythical heroes all have their own unique strengths and weaknesses, but their overall performance is average when compared to the other heroes from the previous tiers. They can be a good choice for the mid-game though, when your team is not quite ready to take on the toughest battles.

  • Elyarill (Ranger)
  • Razhul (Mage)
  • Robert (Ranger)
  • Mawi (Warrior)
  • Oroth (Tank)
  • Melial (Mage)
  • Alexandria (Support)
  • Grukzag (Tank)
  • Wadjetta (Support)
  • Anne (Support)

C-Tier (Worst)

These are the weakest mythical heroes in Ever Legion, and they are not recommended for use in the late-game. They may have a few unique abilities, but their overall performance is quite low when compared to the other heroes in the game.

  • Rogrys (Ranger)
  • Nefertari (Mage)
  • Holech (Warrior)
  • Keelia (Mage)
  • Llyr (Warrior)
  • Globnik (Tank)
  • Theadril (Support)
  • Xayl’thir (Support)
  • Aravis (Tank)
  • Genevieve (Support)
Ever Legion Tier List, Best Heroes
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