IDLE Berserker Best Skills Ranked

Looking for the best skills to equip in IDLE Berserker? Check out this tier list ranking the top skills that will help you get ahead in the game.

IDLE Berserker Best Skills
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IDLE Berserker offers a gripping action RPG experience that will keep you entertained for hours! You’ll get to play as the swordsman who was saved by a mysterious girl and your main objective is to constantly make your hero stronger to defeat the army of monsters, fearsome bosses, and ultimately the Black Dragon Trakan.

There are multiple ways to increase your berserker’s power, such as equipping some of the best costumes, or gear, or mastering various skills. In this tier list, we’ll rank the best IDLE Berserker skills available so that you can make your hero an invincible warrior!

IDLE Berserker Best Active Skills

  • Unbreakable Will – Tier D
  • Eviscerate – Tier D
  • Bloody Blades – Tier D
  • Orb of Silence – Tier D
  • Sword of the Demon – Tier C
  • Judgment of Evil – Tier C
  • Momentum of the Berserker – Tier C
  • Covenant of Hatred – Tier C
  • Evil Grip – Tier B
  • Envy of Evil Spirits – Tier B
  • Contempt – Tier B
  • Curse of Blood – Tier B
  • Chain of Evil – Tier A
  • Mark of Death – Tier A
  • Sword of Destruction – Tier A
  • Abyssal Wave – Tier A
  • Blizzard – Tier S
  • Upward Strike – Tier S
  • Downward Strike – Tier S
  • Requiem – Tier SS

Unbreakable Will

This skill decreases the damage that your hero takes by 20% and ignores crowd control effects for 5 seconds. Unfortunately, it is the least powerful among all skills in IDLE Berserker and the cooldown does not help either.

  • Tier: D
  • Cooldown: 24s


Eviscerate skill - IDLE Berserker

This skill throws a blade to the nearest enemy, dealing 275% damage. The damage output is still not impressive but it has a short cooldown which makes up for it a bit. It can be useful in the beginning but you should replace it as soon as you get a better one.

  • Tier: D
  • Cooldown: 5.9s

Bloody Blades

The Bloody Blades skill, upon activation, summons blades to the nearest 3 enemies dealing 280% damage. This skill is good AoE damage when dealing with large groups of monsters, but there are better skills that offer better power and more targets.

  • Tier: D
  • Cooldown: 6.6s

Sword of the Demon

Inflicts 300% damage to the nearest enemy and 100% damage each second for 3 seconds.

  • Tier: C
  • Cooldown: 8s

The Eviscerate active skill is a good skill for new players. Although the cooldown is longer than the average duration, it deals a whopping 400% damage and silences the enemy for 5 seconds. This is great for crowd control cause those 5 seconds could mean the difference between winning or losing a battle.

  • Tier: D
  • Cooldown: 9s

Judgment of Evil

Creates a black explosion, dealing 230% damage to the nearest 6 enemies.

  • Tier: C
  • Cooldown: 8.9s

Momentum of the Berserker

Momentum of the Berserker - IDLE Berserker

Increases attack by 30% for 10 seconds.

  • Tier: C
  • Cooldown: 8.9s

Covenant of Hatred

Consumes 30% of current Health and increases critical damage by 15% for 8 seconds.

  • Tier: C
  • Cooldown: 17.4s

Evil Grip

Sinister hands appear dealing 230% damage to enemies and rooting them for 3 seconds.

  • Tier: B
  • Cooldown: 9.1s

Envy of Evil Spirits

Inflicts 35% extra damage for 3 seconds and recovers Health by 5%.

  • Tier: B
  • Cooldown: 11.9s


Inflicts 300% damage to the nearest enemy and decreases the enemy’s attack by 50%.

  • Tier: B
  • Cooldown: 8.7s

Curse of Blood

Inflicts 190% damage to 6 enemies each second for 4 seconds.

  • Tier: B
  • Cooldown: 12.7s

Chain of Evil

Chain of Evil skill - IDLE Berserker

Throws black chains to the nearest enemy and inflicts 625% damage and decreases the enemy’s critical chance and attack speed by 30%.

  • Tier: A
  • Cooldown: 11.1s

Mark of Death

Inflicts a death mark effect to the nearest enemy, stunning the enemy for 4 seconds and dealing 140% damage per second.

  • Tier: A
  • Cooldown: 7.6s

Sword of Destruction

Inflicts 320% damage to the nearest enemy and increases the enemy’s damage taken by 15% for 4s.

  • Tier: A
  • Cooldown: 7.6s

Abyssal Wave

Abyssal Wave skill - IDLE Berserker

The Abyssal Wave skill offers a great mix of AoE damage and crowd control. It can be used to weaken a bigger group of enemies before they can reach your hero and it also has an acceptable cooldown.

Upon activation, this skill creates a wave from the abyss and inflicts 450% damage to all enemies, while also decreasing their movement speed by 50%.

  • Tier: A
  • Cooldown: 14.1s


Summons an ice storm for 6 seconds, dealing 180% damage every 1 second, and decreases the enemies’ movement speed and attack speed by 30%.

  • Tier: S
  • Cooldown: 21.5s

Upward Strike

When using this skill, your berserker will swing his weapon and deal 650% damage to 3 enemies. This is a great AoE skill to have for smashing enemy waves and it has a decent cooldown too.

  • Tier: S
  • Cooldown: 9.2s

Downward Strike

This skill has a quite similar effect to the Upward Strike skill but is more effective against multiple targets. It will deal 400% damage to all enemies instead of only 3 as the previous skill, but it has a longer cooldown and a slightly lower power.

  • Tier: S
  • Cooldown: 13s


Requiem, the best active skill in IDLE Berserker

Requiem is the best active skill in IDLE Berserker. Despite having a quite long cooldown, the outcome of this skill makes it worth it. When you use this skill, it will consume 30% of your hero’s health but will inflict 700% damage to all enemies while also increasing their damage taken by 15%. This makes it a great tool for clearing hordes of monsters, and the more you upgrade it, the more effective it becomes.

  • Tier: SS
  • Cooldown: 22.3s

IDLE Berserker Best Passive Skills

  • Immortality – Tier D
  • Survival of the Fittest – Tier D
  • Warmonger – Tier C
  • Lust for Blood – Tier C
  • Rampage – Tier B
  • Descending Darkness – Tier B
  • Dance of Corruption – Tier A
  • Rage of the Berserker – Tier A
  • Contract of Chaos – Tier S
  • Feast of Blood – Tier A
  • Embodiment of the Abyss – Tier S
  • Vengeance – Tier SS


In spite of having such an imposing name, Immortality is unfortunately the weakest passive skill in IDLE Berserker. While this skill can save you from losing the fight, its long cooldown and the 3-second short duration of the effect make it impractical to use when facing huge hordes of monsters or tough bosses.

  • Tier: D
  • Cooldown: 180s

Survival of the Fittest

This passive skill increases the damage dealt to enemies by 25% for each crowd control effect dealt. While this can be useful in certain situations, it depends on other skills to be useful and you will need several crowd control effects active at once to get a good damage bonus.

  • Tier: D
  • Cooldown: 0s


When dealing critical damage, increases attack speed and attack by 10% for 2 seconds.

  • Tier: C
  • Cooldown: 12.2s

Lust for Blood

Lust for Blood will increase your berserker’s attack by 13% (skill level 1). And since there is no cooldown, this means that the effect is permanently active for as long as you have this skill equipped in a passive skill slot.

  • Tier: C
  • Cooldown: 0s


When in berserk mode, increases critical damage by 30% for 4 seconds.

  • Tier: B
  • Cooldown: 0s

Descending Darkness

When Health is lower than 10%, reduces all damage taken by 50%.

  • Tier: B
  • Cooldown: 0s

Dance of Corruption

When dealing basic attacks to the same enemy, increases the attack by 1% for 5 seconds (stacks up to 50 times). This is a great passive skill to have in boss fights since it can increase your attack by up to 50%.

  • Tier: A
  • Cooldown: 0s

Rage of the Berserker

After taking damage, the next basic attack increases by 30%.

  • Tier: A
  • Cooldown: 1s

Contract of Chaos

When in berserk mode, attack and attack speed increases by 15%.

  • Tier: S
  • Cooldown: 0s

Feast of Blood

Whenever the enemy is defeated, increases critical damage by 20% and critical chance by 10% for 3 seconds.

  • Tier: A
  • Cooldown: 0s

Embodiment of the Abyss

After the berserk mode is disabled, the attack speed is increased by 20% for 4 seconds.

  • Tier: S
  • Cooldown: 0s


Vengeance is the best passive skill for IDLE Berserker, offering a huge increase in attack and skill damage when your health is lower than 50%. The fact that this skill has no cooldown makes it invaluable for any type of game mode you might find yourself in.

  • Tier: SS
  • Cooldown: 0s
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