Unknown Knights Tier List: Best and Worst Heroes (2023)

Our Unknown Knights tier list is designed to help you pick the best heroes for your team so you can beat the toughest enemies in the game.

Unknown Knights Tier List
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Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG is a mobile game that offers an exciting RPG adventure filled with a variety of enemies and combat modes. As you progress through the game, the difficulty and intensity of battles increase. To ensure success in the game, it is important to select the best heroes to maximize your team’s potential. That’s why we have created this comprehensive Unknown Knights tier list to help you make the best decisions and assemble the most powerful team.

We ranked all the heroes in Unknown Knights over 4 different tiers from the S tier being the strongest to the C tier being the weakest. This tier list takes into account a variety of factors, including hero stats, abilities, and synergy based on their strength, versatility, and overall value.

Unknown Knights Tier List: S Tier (Best Heroes)

  • Amber (Earth, Sniper)
  • Winter (Water, Assassin)
  • Tristan (Light, Sniper)
  • Wilhelm (Machine, Tank)
  • Aqua (Water, Support)
  • Agnes (Fire, Mage)
  • Metal (Machine, Sniper)
  • Lilith (Dark, Mage)
  • Ravia (Wind, Assassin)
  • Kari (Wind, Support)


Amber Unknown Knights

Amber is hands down the best hero in Unknown Knights because she has the highest base attack as well as one of the highest Penetration stat among all heroes. This allows her to shred through the toughest enemies, breaking their armor easily.

She also has a great set of skills that further increase her stats and attack enemies from afar, making her an invaluable asset in any team.

  • Rarity: Legend
  • Faction: Earth
  • Class: Sniper


Winter Unknown Knights

Winter is also a great damage dealer, specifically for targeting multiple enemies at once. Her skills not only increase her attack stats but also have Area of Effect damage that reduces the attack speed of her targets. When paired with a powerful tank and other great damage dealers, Winter can be a real game-changer.

  • Rarity: Legend
  • Faction: Water
  • Class: Assassin


Tristan Unknown Knights

The Sniper class has some of the most powerful heroes in the Unknown Knight game, and Tristan is no exception. With his high damage output, accuracy, and high penetration stat, he can take out the toughest enemies with ease.

In addition, he is also great for AoE damage, as his skills will shoot countless arrows from the sky, targeting a wide area on the battlefield. Tristan is an amazing addition to any team and will make sure your enemies can never escape his wrath.

  • Rarity: Legend
  • Faction: Light
  • Class: Sniper


Wilhelm Unknown Knights

Wilhelm is undoubtedly the best tank hero in Unknown Knights. He may not have the most powerful combination of DPS and defense but is the most efficient at taking heavy hits and protecting his team due to his high HP and Defense stats.

His skill set is quite impressive and further increases his survivability while applying debuffs to his enemies, which makes him invaluable in any team composition.

  • Rarity: Legend
  • Faction: Machine
  • Class: Tank


Aqua Unknown Knights

Aqua is the greatest healer you can possibly have in Unknown Knights and can help you out in the toughest of battles. Her healing kit includes restoring HP as well as skill effect boosts for all her allies. In other words, she can make your team of heroes even more effective in battle.

Aqua may not be the most powerful hero on this list but her healing capabilities can make all the difference in long and difficult fights, and you should definitely consider her if you need a healer.

  • Rarity: Legend
  • Faction: Water
  • Class: Support

Unknown Knights Tier List: A Tier (Good)

  • Violet (Dark, Mage)
  • Asura (Fire, Warrior)
  • Eclipse (Dark, Assassin)
  • Solum (Fire, Tank)
  • Elronde (Wind, Support)
  • Desmos (Dark, Warrior)
  • Hilda (Earth, Warrior)
  • Bernhard (Water, Tank)
  • Reon (Light, Warrior)
  • Desperado (Earth, Warrior)


Violet hero

Violet has the ability to summon two dark minions to help her in battle. They have a short duration but will cause a good amount of damage to their targets. The weapon skill, once unlocked, will further increase the effectiveness of her companions, making them much more powerful. Violet is an invaluable asset in Unknown Knights and can be a powerful hero if used correctly. Is not one of the strongest, but can definitely be a good DPS hero alternative for your team.

  • Rarity: Legend
  • Faction: Dark
  • Class: Mage


Asura hero

Asura could be a great hero, provided you have strong tanks in your time. She has the ability to consume a small portion of her HP to enter a berserk state, increasing her attack power significantly. This can be a great asset in difficult battles or against tough bosses, but again, requires proper tanking to keep her alive.

  • Rarity: Legend
  • Faction: Fire
  • Class: Warrior


Eclipse hero

Eclipse is a good choice for close combats, as it will directly attack the nearest enemy and deal a good amount of damage. When the weapon skill is active, this effect will be slightly increased, while also inflicting a bleeding status on his targets. This effect will deal additional damage for a short period of time. Not the most powerful hero but a good addition to any team.

  • Rarity: Legend
  • Faction: Dark
  • Class: Assassin


Solum hero

Solum can be a good addition to your team of heroes if you need a tank, especially if you haven’t yet summoned Wilhelm. He may not be the most effective for taking damage but can still be a great asset due to his skill set.

He has the ability to knock back enemies and stun them for a short period of time. This can be enough for your heroes to finish them off. He also has a high HP stat, which helps with his survivability in difficult fights.

  • Rarity: Legend
  • Faction: Fire
  • Class: Tank


Elronde hero

Elronde is a great support hero who specializes in providing buffs to his allies and healing them as well. Her special skill can provide instant healing while also removing any negative effects from her allies, such as bleed, stun taunt, attack, or defense reduction. If you don’t have Aqua already on your team, Elronde is a great alternative for her.

  • Rarity: Legend
  • Faction: Wind
  • Class: Support

Unknown Knights Tier List: B Tier (Average)

These heroes have a unique rarity, which means they are significantly less powerful than the heroes in A and S tiers. They can be useful in the early-mid game but should be replaced by stronger heroes later on.

  • Ryo (Earth, Assassin)
  • Natasha (Water, Sniper)
  • Anemone (Dark, Mage)
  • Rocca (Earth, Tank)
  • Trinich (Machine, Support)
  • Snow (Water, Mage)
  • Helio (Fire, Warrior)
  • Arsis (Fire, Tank)
  • Detro (Dark, Warrior)
  • Bjorn (Water, Tank)

Unknown Knights Tier List: C Tier (Weakest)

These heroes have a rare or normal rarity and therefore are much weaker than the other heroes in the game. They should be replaced as soon as possible in order to make your team stronger. They are only recommended for new players who are still trying to learn the game.

  • Flamme (Fire, Sniper)
  • Vento (Wind, Mage)
  • Ohen (Fire, Assassin)
  • Ren (Earth, Tank)
  • Delphine (Wind, Assassin)
  • Gwen (Machine, Sniper)
  • Tineh (Fire, Support)
  • Kerus (Wind, Support)
  • Berek (Water, Tank)
  • Zemune (Dark, Assassin)
  • Kevin (Wind, Sniper)
  • Blitz (Machine, Assassin)
  • Felson (Earth, Mage)
  • Jonadhan (Earth, Tank)
  • Hora (Machine, Tank)
  • Yuis (Water, Support)
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