World of Water Tier List – Best Heroes to Pick

Fearsome sharks, mighty crabs, and powerful whales – who will you pick to rule the ocean in World of Water? Find out with our tier list!

Know which characters to pick with the latest World of Water Tier List
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A strong team of powerful heroes is essential for success in the World of Water mobile game by StarFortune. As creators of popular games such as Nations of Darkness and Beast Lord: The New Land, they have once again delivered a thrilling experience with their newest release.

In this World of Water tier list, we will cover the best characters to use in this match-3 game, so you can build your team strategically and become the King of the Oceans.

How we ranked the heroes in World of Water

In World of Water, heroes are categorized by their type (Combat and Development), the number of stars, and their color (which you will see below after each hero’s name). These factors are crucial in determining a hero’s strength and potential on the battlefield. With that in mind, we have ranked the characters across five tiers.

S-Tier Characters

In this tier, you will find the most powerful heroes with the highest number of stars and excellent combat skills. These heroes are a must-have for any team.

S-tier characters, the best heroes in World of Water tier list
S-tier characters, the best heroes in World of Water tier list
  • Ornate Rock Lobster (Green, Combat)
  • Alaskan King Crab (Red, Combat)
  • Nautilus (Blue, Combat)
  • Dolphinfish (Green, Combat)
  • Nautilus (Blue, Combat)
  • Japanese Spider Crab (Yellow, Development)
  • Lionfish (Red, Combat)
  • Zebra Shark (Purple, Combat)
  • Moonfish (Red, Combat)
  • Smooth Hammerhead (Yellow, Development)

Ornate Rock Lobster is undoubtedly the best hero in World of Water. His unique bonuses for Mobula troops greatly increase their strength and effectiveness in battles. Additionally, Ornate Rock Lobster has a powerful Tactical Skill that deals great damage to enemy troops and boosts the HP, defense, and attack of Mobula troops. He can also increase his teammates’ HP and dispel the target’s buff, which makes him a valuable combat hero.


Heroes in this tier are also strong, but may have slightly less effective skills than S-Tier characters. However, they are still valuable assets on the battlefield and city development.

A-tier characters in World of Water
A-tier characters in World of Water
  • Flame Cuttlefish (Purple, Combat)
  • Short Boarfish (Green, Combat)
  • Lemon Shark (Yellow, Development)
  • Killer Whale (Blue, Combat)
  • Flying Gurnard (Green, Combat)
  • Globefish (Purple, Combat)
  • Leafy Seadragon (Blue, Combat)
  • Giant Grouper (Purple, Development)
  • Blue-ringed Octopus (Blue, Combat)
  • Rainbow Fish (Green, Combat)
  • Atlantic Flyingfish (Blue, Combat)


This tier consists of 4 and 5-star heroes with decent combat and development skills. While they may not be as powerful as the higher tiers, they can still contribute to your success in the game.

B-tier heroes in World of Water
B-tier heroes in World of Water
  • Great White Shark (Red, Development)
  • Humboldt Squid (Red, Combat)
  • Yellowfin Tuna (Yellow, Combat)
  • Ocean Sunfish (Purple, Development)
  • Indian Threadfish (Blue, Combat)
  • Blacksaddle Filefish (Green, Combat)
  • Variegated Lizardfish (Red, Combat)
  • Royal Angelfish (Blue, Development)
  • Queen Angelfish (Yellow, Combat)
  • Peacock Mantis Shrimp (Green, Combat)
  • Spotted Boxfish (Purple, Development)


These heroes have average combat and development abilities. They can work well in the early game, but we do not recommend spending too many resources on them in the long run.

C-tier characters in World of Water
C-tier characters in World of Water
  • Leopard Coral Grouper (Red, Combat)
  • Clown Triggerfish (Yellow, Combat)
  • Plainfin Midshipman (Purple, Development)
  • Tuskfish (Blue, Combat)
  • Redbarred Hawkfish (Red, Development)
  • Moorish Idol (Yellow, Combat)
  • Frogfish (Blue, Development)
  • Moon Wrasse (Green, Combat)
  • Mimic Surgeonfish (Purple, Development)
  • Napoleonfish (Green, Combat)
  • Blue Devil (Blue, Combat)


Here we included the heroes with the lowest star ratings and weakest skills. While they can help you start the game, you should change them to stronger characters as soon as possible.

D-tier characters, the weakest heroes in World of Water
D-tier characters, the weakest heroes in World of Water
  • Red Reef Lobster (Red, Development)
  • Cleaner Shrimp (Purple, Combat)
  • Longhorn Cowfish (Yellow, Combat)
  • Purple Firefish (Purple, Development)
  • Blue Tang (Blue, Combat)
  • Fourspot Butterflyfish (Yellow, Development)
  • Clownfish (Red, Combat)
  • Short-headed Seahorse (Green, Combat)

Final Thoughts

This ends our character tier list for World of Water. If you happen to have any of the mentioned A or S-tier heroes (preferably), be sure to add them to your team for a strong advantage. Remember to constantly upgrade and develop your heroes to gain more power.

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Know which characters to pick with the latest World of Water Tier List
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