Seven Knights Idle Adventure Hero Tier List

Looking to take your team in Seven Knights Idle Adventure to the next level? Our hero tier list ranks the best characters in this idle RPG game

Seven Knights Idle Adventure Tier List
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Seven Knights: Idle Adventure is one of the latest adventure RPG games from Netmarble, the team behind Tower of God: New World. This is a medieval-themed idle RPG game that allows you to recruit powerful heroes from a vast collection of over 100 unique characters. That can put you in a difficult position, as it’s not easy to determine which heroes are the best and which are not.

This is where our tier list comes in handy. In this guide, we rank the strongest characters in the game, so you know who to focus on when forming your team.

S-Tier (Best Heroes)

In the S tier, we ranked the strongest heroes in Seven Knights Idle Adventure. They have top-notch stats, and skills, and are almost perfect for any game mode. These are the best characters in Seven Knights Idle Adventure:

  • Rachel (Melee, Seven Knights)
  • Weiser (Defense, Guardians of the Sealing Stone)
  • Tara (Ranged, Magic Society)
  • Seaton (Support, Guardians of the Sealing Stone)
  • Misha (Melee, Jaeger Mercenaries)
  • Kyrielle (Ranged, Raptor Hunters)
  • Lania (Support, Guardians of the Sealing Stone)
  • Ballista (Ranged, Shadow Legion)
  • Rudy (Defense, Seven Knights)


Rachel, the best hero in Seven Knights: Idle Adventure
  • Type: Melee
  • Faction: Seven Knights

Rachel is the most powerful and one of the fastest melee heroes in the game. She deals impressive single-target attacks and grants her allies a buff that significantly increases their Critical Hit Rate.

She is also a fantastic AoE damage dealer, capable of attacking a wide area of enemies and cast a Burn effect on them, which deals extra damage every second for a short duration. If you are lucky enough to get Rachel, you should definitely include her in your favorite team.


Weiser, the best tank hero in Seven Knights: Idle Adventure
  • Type: Defense
  • Faction: Guardians of the Sealing Stone

Wiser is the most powerful defense or tank hero in the Seven Knights mobile game. He has a huge HP stat which helps him take a ton of damage for his team.

Just like Rachel, he can also inflict a Burn negative effect on his targets and has a large area of attack. Additionally, he gains an Immortal buff, which protects him from taking damage for a short period of time, which can be extremely useful in difficult fights.


Tara, the best ranged character in Seven Knights: Idle Adventure
  • Type: Ranged
  • Faction: Magic Society

Tara is a fantastic long-range mage in Idle RPG title. Her range attack allows her to safely deal damage from afar.

But what makes her so special is her second skill which helps her deal staggering critical hits to her enemies while obtaining a Veil buff. This nullifies her damage taken one time per battle, which makes her an ideal tanky mage.


Seaton, the best support healer in Seven Knights: Idle Adventure
  • Type: Support
  • Faction: Guardians of the Sealing Stone

Seaton is the most effective support hero in Seven Knights Idle Adventure. His attacks are surprisingly strong for a support character, but it’s his healing abilities that make him so valuable.

On top of that, he also removes all the debuffs from his teammates, giving them a chance to survive longer and fight back.


Misha character in Seven Knights Idle Adventure
  • Type: Melee
  • Faction: Jaeger Mercenaries

Misha is another formidable melee hero to have in challenging boss stages. She deals impressive single-target attacks with her third skill while inflicting a Curse debuff.

This makes her targets unable to recover HP for a certain duration. This is why you should always pair her with more strong DPS melee or ranged heroes.

A-Tier (Strong Characters)

These characters are strong enough to be used at all stages of the game, from early to late. They have great offensive abilities and can hold their own against most enemies.

  • Jave (Melee, Seven Knights)
  • Mirage (Defense, Knights of the Night)
  • Isabella (Ranged, Terra Heralds)
  • Roro (Support, Independent)
  • Ryan (Melee, Crusaders)
  • Orkah (Ranged, Pentagon)
  • Ace (Melee, Four Lords)
  • Orly (Support, Night Crows)
  • Aleem (Ranged, Terra Heralds)
  • Snolled (Ranged, Guardians of the Sealing Stone)
  • Aris (Melee, Pentagon)
  • Clemith (Support, Pentagon)
  • Kris (Melee, Seven Knights)
  • Harmal (Melee, Guardians of the Sealing Stone)


Jave, a strong Seven Knights hero
  • Type: Melee
  • Faction: Seven Knights

Jave and his little dragon companion are mainly known for their useful attack speed buff which helps his teammates to deal more damage over time. Although he may not be one of the strongest melee characters, he can be a great help in clearing those end-game stages as he can also knock back his targets. This is particularly helpful when dealing with teams of multiple melee characters.


Mirage, Seven Knights
  • Type: Defense
  • Faction: Knights of the Night

Mirage is an unstoppable force on the battlefield with her incredible defensive abilities. As a tank knight, she can absorb a substantial amount of damage for her team, keeping them safe and sound. Her Veil buff further enhances her defensive capabilities by nullifying a powerful hit during battles.

This can be a big deal in boss stages where enemies deal massive damage to your heroes. Additionally, Mirage’s AoE attacks are also top-notch, especially her third skill where she taunts all enemies within a 4m radius to focus their attacks on her instead. Overall, Mirage is a formidable tank character, almost as effective as Weiser.


Isabella, Seven Knights
  • Type: Ranged
  • Faction: Terra Heralds

Isabella is an elusive ranged hero who excels at crowd control with her sleep and stun abilities. She works best when paired with other strong melee, ranged, or tank heroes who can take advantage of her crowd-control skills.

Her long-range attacks also make her an excellent choice for dealing damage safely from afar. While she may not have the same raw power as S-tiered characters, Isabella’s abilities make her a strong and valuable addition to any team composition.


Roro - Seven Knights
  • Type: Support
  • Faction: Independent

In our opinion, Roro is one of the greatest healers in Seven Knights. She is an essential character to have in your team, especially for tough battles where you need healing and debuff removal.

Her damage-dealing capabilities are also impressive, making her a well-rounded hero who can help your squad resist longer in any game mode. With increased critical hit attacks and the ability to heal and remove debuffs from her teammates, Roro is definitely a valuable addition to any team of characters.

B-Tier (Decent Heroes)

Bathory - Seven Knights: Idle Adventure

These heroes are decent and can be used in most situations. They may have difficulties against stronger enemies, but they can still do a good job.

  • Bathory (Ranged, Dark Grave)
  • Dellons (Melee, Seven Knights)
  • Lucrezia (Defense, Guardians of the Sealing Stone)
  • Noho (Support, Terra Kingdom)
  • Karl Heron (Melee, Night Crows)
  • Bane (Ranged, Dark Grave)
  • Spike (Melee, Seven Knights)
  • Sebastian (Ranged, Dark Magic Research Tower)
  • Alice (Support, Terra Kingdom)
  • Sylvia (Ranged, Dark Magic Research Tower)
  • Ingrid (Melee, Raptor Hunters)
  • Black Rose (Ranged, Shadow Legion)
  • Eileene (Melee, Seven Knights)
  • Karin (Support, Evan Expedition)

C-Tier (Average)

Knox, Seven Knights character

This tier is for average heroes with limited skills and stats. They are best suited for the mid game, as they may struggle against tougher enemies in later stages.

  • Knox (Defense, Purgatory)
  • Velika (Ranged, Dark Magic Research Tower)
  • Sera (Support, Shadow Legion)
  • Sizar (Melee, Pentagon)
  • Aragon (Melee, Terra Kingdom)
  • Meg (Ranged, Guardians of the Sealing Stone)
  • Spina (Melee, Pentagon)
  • Hellenia (Defense, Evan Expedition)
  • Yui (Support, Evan Expedition)
  • Heavenia (Melee, Evan Expedition)
  • Nia (Melee, Crusaders)
  • Ariel (Ranged, Evan Expedition)
  • Snipper (Ranged, Evan Expedition)
  • Hayoung (Support, Pentagon)

D-Tier (Weak Characters)

Chancellor hero, Seven Knights: Idle Adventure

These heroes are weak and should only be used in the early-mid game.

  • Chancellor (Defense, Terra Kingdom)
  • Shane (Melee, Crusaders)
  • Jupy (Ranged, Evan Expedition)
  • Chloe (Support, Terra Kingdom)
  • Jane (Melee, Shadow Legion)
  • Ruri (Ranged, Crusaders)
  • Evan (Defense, Evan Expedition)
  • Sieg (Melee, Crusaders)
  • Victoria (Melee, Snowstorm Pirates)
  • Yuri (Support, Evan Expedition)
  • Espada (Ranged, Crusaders)
  • Rei (Melee, Moonlight Guards)
  • Joker (Ranged, Independent)
  • Howl (Support, Dragon Ruins)
  • Li (Melee, Evan Expedition)
  • Kai (Melee, Frozen Land)

E-Tier (Feeble – The Worst)

Halo hero, Seven Knights: Idle Adventure

The weakest characters on our Seven Knights Idle Adventure tier list. Their stats and skills are insufficient for late game battles, so they should only be used by new players and changed as soon as possible.

  • Halo (Melee, Jaeger Mercenaries)
  • Alli (Defense, Purgatory)
  • Ming Ming (Support, Independent)
  • Clops (Melee, Purgatory)
  • May (Ranged, Terra Heralds)
  • Rook (Defense, Terra Kingdom)
  • Ellen (Ranged, Shadow Legion)
  • Karon (Support, Forest Guardians)
  • Leo (Melee, Blazing Desert)
  • Cleo (Ranged, Dragon Ruins)
  • Elke (Ranged, Forest Guardians)
  • Ponpo (Defense, Forest Guardians)
  • Sarah (Melee, Purgatory)
  • Ellin (Melee, Shadow Legion)
  • Atalanta (Ranged, Raptor Hunters)
  • Lucy (Support, Independent)

Final Notes

We hope that our Seven Knights: Idle Adventure tier list helps you get the most out of your team composition. With these heroes at your disposal, you can have an easier time conquering dungeons and arenas in the game.

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