Seven Knights Idle Adventure Best Pets to Have in Combat

The more you advance in Seven Knights Idle Adventure, the more important pets become. Find out which ones are the best for combat with our pet tier list!

Seven Knights Idle Adventure best pets
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One of the most exciting features of Seven Knights Idle Adventure is the ability to unlock and upgrade pets. Not only do pets provide additional bonuses to your best team, but they also add a unique visual element to your characters.

With a variety of pets to choose from, players can strategically deploy the best pet for their team in battle. In this guide, we will rank them based on several factors and explain how to unlock and upgrade them, so you can pick the best pets in Seven Knights Idle Adventure.

Why having the best pets is vital in Seven Knights Idle Adventure

Pets play a crucial role in this idle RPG title. These special creatures can be unlocked at Guide Mission 277 and can help you gain power and provide various bonus stats to your team. The most important aspect, however, is that the more pets you unlock/summon, the higher the bonuses are.

This is because they provide a Cumulative Collection Effect, which means that all their stats will be added together to give your best characters a significant boost, regardless of the pet being actively deployed in battle. Therefore, it is essential to unlock and upgrade the strongest pets to increase your team’s overall strength.

In Seven Knights Idle, pets have five rarities, the same as the heroes. These are Legendary (the best), Unique, Epic, Rare, and Extra, with Rare and Extra being the weakest. To determine which pets are the best, we will rank them based on their rarity, stats, and special abilities. Here’s what each tier represents:

S-Tier Pets

In this tier, you will find the strongest and most valuable pets in Seven Knights Idle RPG. These pets have Legendary rarity, high stats, and powerful abilities that can greatly enhance your team’s combat power.

S-tier, the best pets in Seven Knights Idle Adventure
S-tier, the best pets in Seven Knights Idle Adventure
  • Irin
  • Richel
  • Ruu
  • Jev
  • Dello
  • Kree
  • Pike
  • Mick

At the top of the S-tier list is Irin, the best pet in Seven Knights Idle Adventure. She has the highest and most crucial Collection Effect bonus, which is Attack. This makes her a must-have for any team looking to dominate in battle.

Next is Richel, who provides the highest Critical Hit Rate bonus, making her an excellent pet for teams that rely on critical hits. Ruu offers the most significant defensive boost with her high Defense bonus, making her a valuable asset for tanky teams.

Jev’s bonus is also essential, as it increases Attack Speed, allowing your team to attack faster and more frequently. Dello boosts HP, which is crucial for survivability in battles.

Kree’s Evasion bonus helps to avoid enemy attacks, making it an excellent addition to any team. Pike provides the highest Accuracy bonus, increasing the chances of landing critical hits or hitting enemies with high evasion rates.

A-Tier Pets

Pets in this tier are also very strong, with Unique or Epic rarity, good stats, and useful abilities. While not as powerful as S-tier pets, they are still a valuable addition to your team.

A-tier pets in Seven Knights Idle Adventure
A-tier pets in Seven Knights Idle Adventure
  • Beebee
  • Harin
  • Alfredo
  • R-rl
  • Pocong
  • Croa
  • Karen
  • Aivan

B-Tier Pets

The pets in this tier are the weakest. We recommend not spending your Pet EXP Potions on them, as you can easily obtain stronger pets.

B-tier, the worst pets to have in Seven Knights: Idle Adventure
B-tier, the worst pets to have in Seven Knights: Idle Adventure
  • Helepin
  • Nikki
  • Beau
  • Xialing
  • Sherry
  • Yuu
  • Bihyeong

Final Thoughts

Our pets tier list for Seven Knights Idle Adventure has come to an end, and we hope this guide has helped you understand the importance of unlocking and upgrading pets in the game. Remember to always consider their rarity, stats, and Collection Effect when choosing which pets to invest your resources in. With the right pet for your team, you will have a significant advantage in battles and progress faster in the game.

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