10 Beginner Tips for Playing Seven Knights Idle Adventure

Our list of essential tips for Seven Knights: Idle Adventure will help any beginner progress and increase power faster in this exciting RPG game.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure tips and tricks
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Seven Knights: Idle Adventure has a lot to offer for players looking for a new adventure. From its diverse collection of unique characters to its engaging gameplay and strategic combat, this RPG game is sure to keep you entertained.

But as a beginner, it can be overwhelming to jump into the game without any guidance. Yes, the game does offer a “mini-hand” tutorial to help you get started, but there are still many features and mechanics that may not be clear.

In this guide, we will share 10 beginner tips that will help you navigate through the game and make the most out of your adventure in Seven Knights Idle Adventure this year.

Follow the Guide tasks to unlock new features

Guide quests are the bread and butter of Seven Knights Idle Adventure. They provide clear instructions on what to do next, unlock new features, and give you rewards for completing them. Here are just a few examples of unlockables you may come across in your journey:

  • Unlocking the Pets feature (guide quest 277)
  • Infinite Tower (requires guide quest 293)
  • All dungeons (e.g. Relic Shard Dungeon at GQ 309 and Pet EXP Dungeon at GQ 932)
  • Relics (unlocked at guide quest 310)
  • Essence Research (after completing GQ 531)

These are just a few examples, but many more unlockables are waiting for you in this game. So don’t ignore the guide quests and make sure to follow them to progress in the game and unlock new features, such as using the best pets in Seven Knights Idle Adventure to help your team in battle.

Learn how to get Legendary heroes

As we ranked them in our Seven Knights Idle Adventure tier list, Legendary heroes are the highest-rarity characters in this game, and obtaining them can greatly improve your team’s strength.

The only way you can get Legendary heroes in Seven Knights Idle Adventure is by increasing your Hero Summon level to at least 4.

Unfortunately, the 0.1% drop chances can be frustrating but is the only way to summon legendary characters. The good news though, is that you get a nice reward for each of the summoning milestones, so is definitely worth the effort. Plus, this hero rarity can help you build the best team for Seven Knights Idle Adventure.

Unlock more formation slots to gain power

Formation slots let you deploy more heroes in battle, increasing your chances of winning. By default, you start with three slots but more can be unlocked as you complete more Guide Quests as mentioned before. More slots mean more heroes, which means more power and flexibility in your formations.

Formation slots in Seven Knights Idle Adventure
Formation slots

Deploy all your heroes before starting a battle

This is something that most beginners do in Seven Knights Idle Adventure. After unlocking a new dungeon of any type of battle mode, you will have to deploy all your heroes in the formation slots before initiating any fight.

Remember that you can’t deploy new heroes while a battle is happening, so make sure to fill all slots before starting it. To do that, tap your favorite heroes or just use the auto-placement button.

Use your general goods and Hero Exp wisely

General goods chests include valuable resources in Seven Knights Idle Adventure and you may be tempted to use them all at once (I know I was) to get stronger quickly.

Using general goods in Seven Knights Idle Adventure
Using 10 general goods for the Guide quest requirement

However, it’s best to use them as you advance with the guide quests. That’s because you will see quite often the quest to use 10 general goods chests, and you definitely want to save them for that.

Similarly, you should also save some summon tickets and Hero EXP for this purpose. If you don’t have many Hero EXP points left to complete that quest, upgrade any level 1 hero as the number of EXP required is the lowest possible.

Reset any underperforming characters

Unlike other similar games where obtaining summon tickets can be difficult, in Seven Knights Idle Adventure they are relatively easy to get and you will get thousands in just a matter of hours.

This also means that your hero roster will continuously increase and some characters may become underperforming compared to the new ones you get. In this case, it is best to reset those weaker heroes and use their resources to level up fast the stronger ones.

To reset a hero, tap the red star icon as seen in the image above, and press confirm. Keep in mind that this will cost you Soulstones, so make sure to use this feature wisely.

Don’t keep the boss auto-summon always on

Bosses are powerful enemies that you must defeat for each stage to progress in this game. The Boss auto-summon option can be useful when you are busy with other in-game stats such as upgrades or collecting freebies.

However, our recommendation is to keep an eye on the Guide Quests tab to see if you are required to defeat a certain number of enemies.

If so, it would be wiser to turn that option off, at least until your hero squad completes the task so you can proceed to the next one. Otherwise, they will keep summoning bosses and it will take you a while to complete the guide quest.

Use all your dungeon keys daily

Dungeon keys in Seven Knights
Dungeon Keys

Dungeon keys are crucial currencies in the game as they allow you to enter various dungeons that offer valuable rewards such as coins, Hero EXP, rubies, and more.

You have 3 daily keys plus a few more for watching some short video ads, and we recommend using all of them every day. This is especially important for the Hero EXP dungeon as the rewards become quite generous as you advance and increase the dungeon tier.

Link your game account to Google

This may seem like an obvious tip but linking your game account to Google is crucial in Seven Knights Idle Adventure. By doing this, you can save your game progress and continue playing from where you left off even if you switch devices. Plus, you will be rewarded with 5,000 Rubies.

To link your game account, tap the first icon in the top-right corner (the one with the 4 squares), press the cogwheel icon (the fourth one from top to bottom), and hit any of the 3 options under the “Link Account” section (we recommend Google).

Build up a balanced team of heroes

It may be tempting to just use your strongest characters in every battle, but having a well-balanced team is crucial for success in Seven Knights Idle Adventure. You need to have strong attackers, healers, and defenders in your squad to tackle different types of enemies and complete quests effectively.

Make sure to level up all your formation heroes evenly and advance them once you get at least 3 cards for the same hero to make them more powerful.

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