Seven Knights Idle Adventure: How to Level Up Fast

Follow these Seven Knight Idle Adventure tips and tricks to level up faster and increase power in the game.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure How to Level Up Fast
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Seven Knights: Idle Adventure is one of the newest and most engaging Idle RPG mobile games from Netmarble, the same company that brought us Tower of God: New World, The Seven Deadly Sins, and Grand Cross Age of Titans.

The game combines the popular elements of anime and RPG, creating a unique and exciting adventure for players. In this fast-paced game, leveling up quickly is crucial to progress and build a powerful team of heroes. In this guide, we will discuss some tips on how to level up fast in Seven Knights: Idle Adventure.

Multiply the offline reward before you claim it

How to multiply offline rewards in Seven Knights: Idle Adventure

The offline reward is an excellent way to gain a lot of resources instantly and level up fast in Seven Knights Idle Adventure as it includes a lot of Knight’s Order EXP. Other resources include Gold Coins, Hero EXP, Witch Hats (special currency obtained during the Carnival event) Terra Coins, and Mystic Woods Chest, which includes random valuable items and resources.

The reward is automatically accumulated over 12 hours. Before you claim it, you should take advantage of the multiply option by pressing the yellow button as seen in the image above. This will increase the accumulated offline rewards by 1.3x after watching a short video ad (usually 30s).

Constantly level up and Advance your characters

One of the most common ways to progress faster in Seven Knights Idle Adventure is by constantly leveling up and advancing your heroes. This can be done by visiting the Hero page (the first icon in the lower-left corner) and electing a specific hero.

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But before proceeding, we highly recommend saving your resources for the best rarity, the Unique one. Epic heroes are great for starting out, but they’ll be outclassed as you progress further into the game.

Once you have a Unique hero, level them up by using Hero Exp and advance them once you get enough duplicates of them. Advancing your heroes increases their star level and their stats, which will make them more powerful on the battlefield and help them defeat higher-level bosses.

Activate the Dish buffs regularly

Activating Dish buffs in Seven Knights Idle Adventure

The Dish buffs are crucial in leveling up fast as they provide a significant boost in Hero EXP, Gold Coins, and Relic Shards, among others. You can activate these buffs by tapping the paper scroll icon in the bottom right corner of your screen and start by activating the first one by pressing the “Watch Ad” button. There, you will see 5 buffs:

  • Cooked Three-legged Crow’s Egg, which increases the Stage Gold Coin drop by 10%
  • Fruna Shaved Ice, a buff that increases Stage Relic Shard drop by 30%
  • Pooki Soup, which offers a 20% increase in Stage Gold Coin drop
  • Hell Gratin, a powerful buff that increases the Stage Chest drop by 100%
  • Wyvern Egg Omelette, a vital buff that boosts the Stage Hero EXP drop by 30%

All the mentioned buffs can be activated once every 8 hours and to activate the next one, the previous buff must be active. In other words, you cannot do the third one without having the previous two buffs activated first.

Raise your summon level to get stronger heroes

Summoning heroes is a crucial aspect of Seven Knights Idle Adventure, and the higher your summon level, the more powerful heroes you can obtain, as mentioned in our list of essential Seven Knights Idle Adventure tips.

The fastest way to increase your summon level is by summoning characters in groups of 10 or 30 whenever possible. However, to use the hero summon feature in Seven Knights Idle Adventure, you must first clear the Guide quest level 38.

Once you achieve this, the Hero Summon tab will become available in the lower-right corner of your screen (the last tab).

Summoning heroes requires Hero Summon Tickets, special books that can be obtained from clearing stages, events and completing missions. You can also get them by increasing the Summon level; you get 10 at level 1, 50 at level 2, 100 at level 3, and 200 after reaching Summon level 4.

Clear higher stages to get better rewards

Another efficient way to level up and gain power fast in Seven Knights Idle Adventure is by clearing higher stages. Each stage offers different rewards, and the higher the stage you clear, the better the rewards will be.

The best part about this is that it also helps your heroes become stronger faster as they will receive more EXP from defeating tougher enemies. To check your progress, tap the Stage blue bar in the upper-right corner and it will show you your current stage, bosses and their minions for each stage, and all the available chapters.

Claim mission rewards

Completing missions is another way to obtain valuable rewards and gain power fast in Seven Knights Idle Adventure. These missions can be found by tapping on the paper scroll icon on the bottom right corner of your screen.

There are various types of missions, including daily, weekly, and repeated missions that offer summon tickets. As for the Daily and Weekly Missions, as their names suggest, they reset daily and weekly respectively.

Both provide essential resources and rewards for leveling up fast such as Rubies, Dish Baskets, Offline Hero EXP, Gold Coins, Hero Summon Tickets, Costume Tickets, and more.

The rewards for Weekly Missions, however, are more valuable but require more effort to complete. In addition, Daily and Weekly Missions also offer extra Rubies for reaching the 2, 4, and 6 mission milestones, so it’s worth completing them regularly.

Increase your Influence Tier

Increasing the Influence Tier

In Seven Knights Idle Adventure, Influence is a system that allows you to increase the primary stats of your heroes (Attack, Defense, and HP) by 1, 10, or 100. The Influence stats level can be upgraded with Gold Coins where the Influence Tier is increased when all the mentioned stats have reached the max level of a previous tier.

This will make your heroes significantly stronger and allow you to progress further in the game with ease. In the same area, you also have Traits, Relics, and Essence Research, but these are more advanced features and require clearing Guide 213 at least.

That being said, make sure you gather as many Gold Coins as possible to boost your heroes’ power as the costs to upgrade them increase with each Influence Tier.

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