Best Teams to Build in Seven Knights Idle Adventure

Build the best team in Seven Knights Idle Adventure with our expert guide, whether it’s for beginners or end-game stages.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure best team to pick
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Seven Knights Idle Adventure offers a vast collection of powerful heroes with unique abilities, PvP combat modes, weapon enhancements, and customizable costumes. To succeed in any type of game mode in this game, you will need to build the best team possible, including the most powerful characters such as the ones mentioned in our previous tier list.

This time, we will cover a more in-depth guide on the best team to build for a successful journey through the game, regardless of your playstyle or progress. Since 7 is the maximum number of heroes you can have in your team, we will explore different team compositions to maximize your chances of winning.

How to Create the Best Team in Seven Knights Idle Adventure

In any RPG game, having a strong and well-balanced team is crucial for success. In Seven Knights Idle Adventure, it is no different. To create the best team in Seven Knights Idle Adventure, you should consider the following factors:

Roles: In this game there are four main roles: Melee (close-range DPS), Ranged (long-distance damage dealers), Defense (can take a lot of damage for their team), and Support (can either heal their allies or provide useful buffs/debuffs). To have a balanced team, it is essential to have at least one hero from each role.

Rarity (Legendary, Unique, Epic, and Rare): Similar to other RPG games, Seven Knights Idle Adventure has a rarity system for its heroes. The ones with the highest stats and powerful skills are included in the Legendary rarity. The second strongest is the Unique rarity, followed by Epic and Rare.

The Stats Increase Effects: Last but not least, the Stats Increase Effects are special bonuses offered by heroes when they reach certain levels and when you advance them. These bonuses can be checked on the Codex page. To make things easier, we will include below the role and the type of bonus offered by each hero.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure Best Team (Legendary Heroes)

In our opinion, these heroes form the best team in Seven Knights Idle Adventure. They provide a well-balanced mix of roles, the best rarity, and stats increase effects.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure best team
The best team to build in Seven Knights Idle Adventure
  • Rachel (Melee, Critical Hit Bonus)
  • Misha (Melee, Critical Hit Bonus)
  • Weiser (Defense, Defense Bonus)
  • Seaton (Support, HP Bonus)
  • Rudy (Defense, Defense Bonus)
  • Tara (Ranged, Critical Hit Bonus)
  • Ballista (Ranged, Critical Hit Bonus)

First, we have Rachel, who is not only the overall best character in this game, but also offers a critical hit bonus that will significantly increase your team’s damage output. Misha is quite similar to Rachel in terms of power but she is better at weakening her targets with her Poison and Curse debuffs.

Tara is also excellent for dealing massive amounts of damage from a distance, with her critical hits and outstanding support buff that boosts the final Attack to all other ranged heroes on her team.

This is why we paired her with Ballista, another excellent damage dealer who specializes in attacking Tank enemies and boosting the Final damage by an impressive 50% while doing so.

Weiser, Seaton, and Rudy provide essential Defense and HP bonuses to keep your team alive during tough battles. With Weiser’s Defense bonus and his Immortality buff, Seaton’s HP bonus, and Rudy’s Defense buff and Immunity to negative effects like Stun, Blind, Silence, Movement Speed Decrease, and more, these three heroes are a must-have for any successful team composition.

Strongest Mixed Team

Seven Knights Idle Adventure best mixed team
Best mixed team to have in Seven Knights Idle Adventure
  • Jave (Legendary, Melee)
  • Mirage (Legendary, Defense)
  • Kyrielle (Legendary, Ranged)
  • Lania (Legendary, Support)
  • Knox (Unique, Defense)
  • Noho (Unique, Support)
  • Aragon (Unique, Melee)

In case you have not yet unlocked all the mentioned heroes, or if you prefer a more diverse team, this is a great combination to consider for Legendary and Unique rarity heroes. The top-performing heroes in this team are Jave, Mirage, and Kyrielle.

They provide strong damage output, and tanking abilities, and can give buffs to their allies. Lania, Noho, Knox, and Aragon offer a mix of debuffs, healing, immunity to negative effects, and defense bonuses – making this a well-rounded mixed team that can help you beat most of the late-game stages.

Best Mid-game Team

Seven Knights Idle Adventure best mid-game team
Best team for the mid-game
  • Hellenia (Unique, Defense)
  • Alice (Unique, Support)
  • Spina (Unique, Melee)
  • Heavenia (Unique, Melee)
  • Snipper (Unique, Ranged)
  • Howl (Epic, Support)
  • Joker (Epic, Ranged)

This team is perfect for clearing those difficult early to mid-game stages. It is a mix of Unique and Epic rarity heroes, with Hellenia providing defense bonuses to keep the team alive while Alice offers an Accuracy debuff and increases the Critical Hit Rate for all other ranged-type allies on her team.

Heavenia is one of the strongest unique melee heroes in Seven Knights Idle RPG, capable of dealing massive damage with her active skill and receiving a buff that nullifies damage taken once per battle. Snipper is another ranged hero who offers both damage and debuff capabilities, with her active skill dealing great AoEdamage.

Spina is a great addition to this team as she deals massive single-target damage and offers a buff that increases her own attack power by 20%. Joker and Howl complete the team with their ranged attacks and supportive abilities, making them essential for surviving tougher mid-game stages.

Best Team for Beginners

Seven Knights Idle Adventure best beginner team
Best team for beginners in Seven Knights Idle Adventure
  • Rei (Epic, Melee)
  • May (Epic, Ranged)
  • Kai (Epic, Melee)
  • Lucy (Epic, Support)
  • Wendy (Rare, Defense)
  • Toto (Rare, Ranged)
  • Baron (Rare, Defense)

Finally, this team can be a great option for beginners who are still learning the Seven Knights Idle RPG mechanics and do not have access to higher-rarity heroes. Rei, May, Kai, and Toto offer decent attacks while Wendy and Baron provide defense bonuses to help the team last longer in battle.

Lucy is essential for healing the team and knocking back enemies, making her a valuable addition to this team. This team may not be as powerful as the other ones mentioned, but it is an excellent starting point for players who are just beginning their journey in this RPG mobile game.

Final Notes

Creating the best team in Seven Knights Idle RPG may also depend on the type of enemies or stages you are facing. It is essential to have a diverse roster of heroes and always be open to trying new combinations.

We hope this guide has given you some helpful tips and ideas for building the ultimate team. Remember to continue to improve your heroes through leveling, upgrading, and collecting resources.

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