One Punch Man World Tier List to Pick the Top Heroes

Discover the ultimate ranking of characters in One Punch Man World to form a powerful team

One Punch Man: World character tier list 2024
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With One Punch Man: World now just released, one of the most important aspects of the game is building your team of characters. But this might not be an easy task, especially for beginners as some heroes have the power but are not easy to control, while others may have weaker abilities.

This is where our guide comes in – we created this tier list based on each character’s abilities, power, and ease of use after hours and hours of gameplay.

The characters in One Punch Man: World are divided into 4 types or factions if you will (visible below after each character’s name). Each of these types has its strengths and weaknesses depending on the type of boss or monster you are fighting.

Other crucial factors are the rarity of the characters, and the equipped skills (Impression Arms). Based on these, we ranked all the characters into 4 tiers.

S-Tier Characters

There are the best characters in the game, with powerful abilities and amazing Impression Arms and quite easy to use. These characters are essential for taking down strong bosses and completing difficult missions.

Genos Cyborg of Justice the best character in One Punch Man: World tier list
Genos Cyborg of Justice the best character in One Punch Man: World tier list
  • Genos – Cyborg of Justice (Overpower-Purple)
  • Silverfang (Technique-Green)
  • Zombieman (Assault-Blue)
  • Lightning Max (Assault-Blue)
  • Sonic Speed-o’-Sound (Technique-Green)
  • Saitama – Dreamworld (Morale-Red)

Genos – Cyborg of Justice is hands down the best character in the game, with incredible stats and abilities. He is easy to control (by that I mean his skills do not require perfect timing) and is perfect for both, close combat and long-range attacks.

He also has an outstanding set of skills, particularly his SSR Arms Skill which deals massive damage to the target and grants Might to all allies. With his SSR skill unlocked, his attacks are even more powerful, making him an essential character for any team. If you are interested in seeing him in action, watch our gameplay video to see how effective he is against Mosquito Girl boss.


Still quite powerful, but not as easy to use as the S-tier characters. These heroes can still be used effectively in battles but may require more skill and strategy.

Stinger, a strong A-tier character in One Punch Man: World
Stinger, a strong A-tier character in One Punch Man: World
  • Stinger (Morale-Red)
  • Metal Knight (Overpower-Purple)
  • Terrible Tornado (Technique-Green)
  • Smile Man (Technique-Green)
  • Golden Ball (Technique-Green)
  • Genos (Morale-Red)

Stinger is our top pick for the A-Tier characters, with decent stats and useful skills. With his SR Arms Skill, he can gain Might and increase his attack power, making him a valuable member of any team. He can also provide support for allies with his R skills, making him versatile in battle. Overall, Stinger is an all-around solid choice for any team composition.


The middle ground of characters. They have decent attacks and skills but are not recommended for high-level battles.

Triple-Staff Lilly, B-tier character in One Punch Man World
Triple-Staff Lilly, a B-tier character in One Punch Man World
  • Triple-Staff Lilly (Technique-Green)
  • Spring Mustachio (Overpower-Purple)
  • Iairon (Assault-Blue)
  • Mumen Rider (Morale-Red)

Triple-Staff Lilly is a formidable character for new players, with decent stats and skills that provide support and increase her attack power. She can also heal herself, making her a reliable character in tough battles. However, she may not be as effective in high-level battles and against strong bosses due to her lower damage output compared to higher-tier characters.


The weakest of all the characters, with low attack power or quite difficult to control. They can still be useful in certain battles or missions but we suggest focusing on ranking up higher tier characters.

Biting Snake Fist Snek, a C-tier character in One Punch Man World
Biting Snake Fist Snek, a C-tier character in One Punch Man World
  • Biting Snake Fist Snek (Overpower-Purple)
  • Puri-Puri Prisoner (Morale-Red)
  • Hellish Blizzard (Assault-Blue)
  • Saitama (Job Hunting) (Overpower-Purple)

As mentioned, C-tier heroes are the weakest in the game. However, Biting Snake Fist Snek has decent support skills that offer healing and might increase for his allies and can remove negative effects. In a team with higher-tier characters, he can provide valuable support and contribute to the overall success of the team.

However, we tried him as the main character and although his Cobra/Shaolin fight style is fun to play with (it reminds me of Gin, one of the most interesting Street Fighter Duel characters), his damage output is not enough to defeat strong bosses. We recommend using him as a support character instead.

Final Notes

This wraps up our character tier list for One Punch Man: World. Keep in mind that the game is still in its early stages and new characters may be introduced (we have not seen yet Atomic Samurai) but we will update this tier list as the game continues to evolve.

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One Punch Man: World character tier list 2024
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