One Punch Man: World Stinger Character – Is He Good?

Stinger character wiki guide. Learn how to use Stinger’s potential in battle and why he is a valuable addition to your team!

Stinger One Punch Man: World
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Stinger is a strong melee character in One Punch Man: World, with high potential and powerful skills that make him an asset to any team. With his Roundhouse skill points and Confidence accumulation abilities, Stinger excels at delivering high damage output and has the potential to enter a Confidence Burst State, greatly enhancing his attacks and skills for a short time.

Watch Stinger fighting against the Fish of Darkness boss

His unique moves like Retreating Steps and All Eyes on Me make him a versatile fighter, able to dodge enemy attacks and deal devastating blows. Furthermore, Stinger’s Potential upgrades provide additional bonuses, making him an even stronger character. If you like his spear-wielding style and want a reliable attacker on your team, Stinger is definitely a good choice.

One Punch Man: World Stinger Profile

  • Type: Morale-Red
  • Rarity: SR
  • Role(s): Melee (close combat)
  • Affiliation: Hero Association

How to get Stinger in One Punch Man: World?

As of now, the only way to obtain Stinger is through Character Draw. And since Stinger is an SR character, the chances to get him are 2.2%, still low but way higher than SSR characters at 0.3%. A good way to increase your odds of getting him or any other powerful One Punch Man: World characters, is by saving up and recruiting in bulk (10x).

Stinger’s Base Stats at Level 1 (Tier 0)

ATKHPCrit. RateCrit. DMG

Recommended Team for Stinger

Biting Snake Fist Snek

Biting Snake Fist Snek



Lightning Max

Lightning Max

Stinger’s Pursuit and Ultimate Skills

pursuit skill

Pursuit Skill

When the enemy’s composure is cleared, tap the Chase button to pursue enemies who are already in Broken Composure. This deals DMG that is equal to 150% of ATK and causes them to enter the Break State for 8 seconds.

normal attack

Ultimate Skill

When Ultimate Points reach their maximum, tap Ultimate to deal DMG that is equal to 5,000% of ATK to the enemy and increase the DMG your entire team deals by 5% for 40 seconds!

Stinger’s Skills (Normal State)

Stinger can gain Roundhouse Points through skills, causing his spearhead to enter a high-speed rotation state that enhances Normal Attacks.

This accumulates Confidence during battle, and upon reaching a maximum of 100 points, Stinger can enter a Confidence Burst State to deliver powerful Normal Attacks and skills, dealing high DMG. Roundhouse and Confidence can be accumulated up to a maximum of 100 points.

normal attack

Normal Attack – Stab

Attack the target to gain Confidence points. When you have Roundhouse Points, Normal Attack is enhanced, and more Confidence is granted.

Tap and hold: Consumes Stamina to Charge and hits the enemy to gain Roundhouse Points. After a single Charge consumes massive Stamina, continuous pursuits can be performed, granting a lot of Confidence points.

Retreating Steps skill

Retreating Steps – Accurate Dodge

Performs a backward Dodge without consuming any Stamina.

Spiral Trust skill

Spiral Trust

Launches Continuous Attacks on the target to deal DMG that is equal to 520% of ATK and gain 8.8 Confidence.

All Eyes on Me skill

All Eyes on Me

Use this skill when Confidence has reached 100 points. Stinger attacks the target to deal DMG that is equal to 220% of ATK, then enters Confidence Burst State and gains a set of new seconds. Normal Attacks and Skills for 25 seconds.

dodge skill


Consumes 100 Stamina. Shifts quickly to dodge an enemy attack. Tap Dodge again during this to spend 1 bar of Gunpowder and perform a Strike 2 Shift. Characters have 300 Stamina by default.

Stinger’s Skills (Confidence Burst!)

normal attack

Normal Attack

Delivers 5 sweeping attacks across a wide area to deal DMG that is equal to 750% of ATK.

heroic pierce skill

Heroic Pierce

Launches a Piercing attack to deal DMG equal to 330% ATK. The Character may move behind the enemy.

roundhouse dance skill

Roundhouse Dance

Launches a dancing attack to continuously attack the surrounding enemies, dealing DMG that is equal to 960% of ATK. You can move Stinger during this time.

Grand Finale skill

Grand Finale

Consumes all remaining Confidence Points. Unleashes an All-Out-Strike that deals a total DMG that is equal to 1,200% of ATK, then exits the Confidence Burst state.

dodge skill


Consumes 100 Stamina. Shifts quickly to dodge an enemy attack. Tap Dodge again during this to spend 1 bar of Gunpowder and perform a Strike 2 Shift. Characters have 300 Stamina by default.

One Punch Man: World Stinger’s Potential

  • Potential 1 Tier – Circle of Life: Increases the duration of Confidence Burst State by 50% and grants a 15% DMG bonus.
  • Potential 2 Tier – Irresistible Force: Gains additional ATK equal to 40% of the Character’s Composure ATK stat.
  • Potential 3 Tier – Seasoned Warrior: When Retreating Steps triggers Accurate Dodge, Stamina is fully restored.
  • Potential 4 Tier – Absolute Penetration: Afix: Raid Break level limit is increased by 2.
  • Potential 5 Tier – Quick Learner: If Confidence is lower than 25% in Confidence Burst State, Grand Finale deals 80% more DMG.
  • Potential 6 Tier – Victory Rush: When holding Normal Attack to Charge, consuming more than 100 Stamina triggers Pursuit.
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