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Lightning Max character wiki guide, an all-around powerhouse with electrifying moves. A top pick for any team in One Punch Man: World.

Lightning Max, One Punch Man: World wiki character
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Lightning Max, besides being one of the most popular characters in One Punch Man: World, is a strong and versatile fighter with powerful skills. He has a high attack power and can easily reduce the cooldown of his skills, making him a great addition to any team. His Lightning Kick skill is especially useful for dealing massive damage to enemies, while his Dodge ability allows him to quickly evade attacks.

Watch Lightning Max fighting against the Fish of Darkness boss

Additionally, Lightning Max’s best Impression Arm “Let’s Fight it out!” provides additional bonuses that further enhance his performance and his teammates in battles.

His easy-to-control gameplay and early availability make him a valuable character to have on your team in the early stages of the game. So, for players looking for a reliable and powerful character, Lightning Max is definitely a great choice.

One Punch Man: World Lightning Max Profile

  • Type: Assault-Blue
  • Rarity: SR
  • Role(s): Melee (close combat)
  • Affiliation: Hero Association

How to get Lightning Max in One Punch Man: World?

Lightning Max is one of the 3 main characters you get at the beginning of One Punch Man: World, along with Smile Man and Tripple Staff Lilly. But you can still get new copies of him via the Character Draw page. We highly recommend upgrading him as he is in our opinion, one of the best characters in One Punch Man: World, with nice combat animations and is easy to control.

Lightning Max’s Base Stats at Level 1 (Tier 0)

ATKHPCrit. RateCrit. DMG

Recommended Team for Lightning Max

genos cyborg of justice

Genos-Cyborg of Justice



Triple-Staff Lilly

Triple-Staff Lilly

Lightning Max’s Pursuit and Ultimate Skills

pursuit skill

Pursuit Skill

When the enemy’s composure is cleared, tap the Chase button to pursue enemies who are already in Broken Composure. This deals DMG that is equal to 150% of ATK and causes them to enter the Break State for 8 seconds.

ultimate skill lightning max

Ultimate Skill

When Ultimate is maxed out, tap Ultimate to deal massive DMG to the enemy and increase the DMG that your entire team deals.

Lightning Max’s Skills

Lightning Max can gain g-powder and enhancement effects through his Firepower Loading skill.

After performing a Normal Attack or Lightning Roundhouse Kick, Lightning Max can initiate powerful additional attacks by consuming g-powder and continuously launching additional attacks. Up to 6 stacks of g-powder can be accumulated.

normal attack

Normal Attack – Elasticity Rapid Kick

Delivers 6 strikes, dealing a total DMG that is equal to 400% of ATK. After the final strike, tap to spend 1 bar of g-powder and cast High-Speed Pursuit, dealing DMG that is equal to 160% of ATK. This can be used repeatedly by consuming g-powder.

firepower loading skill

Firepower Loading

Tap for the first time: Gain 6 bars of g-powder and get ready for Ignition. Tap again: The needle stops, and the effects vary depending on where it stops.

Gray Zone: No effect. Yellow Zone: No actions will cost g-powder for the next 6 seconds. Orange Zone: No actions will cost g-powder for the next 6 seconds, and ATK is increased by 10% for 6 seconds.

lightning kick

Lightning Kick

Dashes towards the enemy and attacks to deal DMG that is equal to 360% of ATK. DMG will then be increased by 6% for 1.5 to 6 seconds, depending on the dash distance. The longer the distance, the longer the effect lasts. This skill can be chained with High-speed Pursuit.

lightning roundhouse kick skill

Lightning Roundhouse Kick

Kicks the target to deal DMG that is equal to 300% of ATK. Tap again to consume 1 bar of g-powder, gain Invulnerability for 0.5 seconds, and deliver Lightning Roundhouse Kick for 1 second, dealing DMG that is equal to 480% of ATK per second.

Tap again during this to consume 1 bar of g-powder energy, gain Invulnerability for 0.3 seconds, and refresh the duration of the pursuit. This can be repeated up to 4 times.

dodge skill


Consumes 100 Stamina. Shifts quickly to dodge an enemy attack. Tap Dodge again during this to spend 1 bar of g-powder energy and perform a Strike 2 Shift. Characters have 300 Stamina by default.


  • Potential 1 Tier – Continuous Success: When you have the g-powder, DMG dealt by Normal attacks increases by 25%.
  • Potential 2 Tier – Spirited Warpath: Affix: Penetration Eye level limit increased by 1.
  • Potential 3 Tier – Fast Lightning: The DMG bonus provided by the Lightning Kick skill increases to 20%.
  • Potential 4 Tier – Vigorous Stance: Affix: Mind Reader level limit is increased by 1.
  • Potential 5 Tier – Diffuse Ignition: When the Firepower Loading cursor lands in the orange zone, the duration of the DMG bonus is increased to 20 seconds.
  • Potential 6 Tier – Endless Firepower: If a single Roundhouse Kick hits the enemy more than 40 times, actions during the next 6 seconds won’t consume the g-powder.
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