Rise of Kingdoms

Build your kingdom properly and become a legend with our expert strategies, PvP tips and kingdom building guides for this thrilling strategy game.


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Rise of Kingdoms Alliances: A Comprehensive Guide

Our guide includes everything you need to know about Rise of Kingdoms alliances, including ranks, territory buildings and how to join or create an...

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How to Gain Power Fast in Rise of Kingdoms

Learn how to increase power fast in Rise of Kingdoms, so you can smash your enemies, and climb the leaderboards with ease!

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Rise of Kingdoms: How to Defend Your City & Troops

Learn how to defend your city, troops, and resources in Rise of Kingdoms, to ensure a steady city growth and a strong defense against...

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Rise of Kingdoms Commander Tier List for Beginners

Our Rise of Kingdoms commander tier list will help you choose the best commander for the early game, and to get you off to...

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17 Beginner Tips and Tricks for Playing Rise of Kingdoms

New to Rise of Kingdoms? Our beginner's guide will equip you with essential tips and tricks for becoming a powerful leader.

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Rise of Kingdoms Best Civilizations Ranked

Here are the best Rise of Kingdoms civilizations or nations you can choose for the early, mid, and late game to help you become...


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