How to Gain Power Fast in Rise of Kingdoms

Learn how to increase power fast in Rise of Kingdoms, so you can smash your enemies, and climb the leaderboards with ease!

How to gain power fast in Rise of Kingdoms
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Rise of Kingdoms, like most strategy games, has a power pyramid, and simply upgrading random buildings or focusing on one research tree will not help you much. You need to progress in it quickly, so you can stay ahead of the competition and hopefully become one the most powerful players on the server. And for that, you need to understand and follow the right steps.

This guide will show you how to gain power fast in Rise of Kingdoms so you can dominate the battlefield and have a successful gaming experience.

Why is power so important in Rise of Kingdoms?

In Rise of Kingdoms, power is the measure of your kingdom’s strength. It determines how quickly you can progress through the game, how powerful your troops are, and how much your kingdom can expand. It is as well essential to rise in the ranks if you are a member of an alliance because weak players make the alliance vulnerable to enemy attacks.

In fact, in Rise of Kingdoms, power is based on 4 major aspects: building power, technology power, troop power, and commander power. Each of these four aspects must be taken into consideration to maximize your power in the game, which can be improved by following the steps in this guide, and our Rise of Kingdoms tips for new players as well.

How to Become Stronger in Rise of Kingdoms

Here are some tips and tricks to help you increase your power in Rise of Kingdoms:

1. Build up a productive economic system

The first step to increasing power fast in Rise of Kingdoms is to build up a productive economic system. I know you might think that upgrading military structures and researching military technologies is the fastest way to get powerful.

Economic technology tree upgraded Rise of Kingdoms

While this is true, an efficient economy is what helps you sustain a powerful army. That’s because the more you progress in the game and build more structures and unlock more powerful troop tiers, the more resources you will need.

The most important things to focus on are gathering and all the necessary upgrades that can help you increase the gathering, upgrading all your resource production buildings (Lumber Mill, Quarry, Goldmine, and Farm), and researching the Economic Technology tech tree at least halfway. This will offer you a steady flow of resources and help you progress in the game faster.

2. Choose a strong civilization

Vikings civilization ROK

The chosen civilization also has a huge impact on your power. Rise of Kingdoms has 13 different civilizations so far and they all have individual bonuses and advantages, which give you an edge over the rest of the players. Each civilization also comes with a starting commander who can have different abilities and purposes.

For instance, while France has Joan of Arc as commander, which can be useful in battle and gathering, other civilizations like Vikings with its military buffs and Bjorn Ironside as a starting commander, can be used for attacking other players’ cities. Therefore, make sure you pick a Rise of Kingdoms civilization that not only fits your playing style but also helps you increase power faster.

3. Unlock the second build queue

In Rise of Kingdoms, we get only one building queue to work with initially, meaning that we can only construct or upgrade one structure at a time. But fortunately, you can unlock a second one with a duration of 2 days, or permanently by paying the gem price, purchasing a premium pack, or reaching VIP level 6.

If none of the permanent options interest you, the 2-day contract is a great way to get started. The good news is that you can activate the 2-day duration multiple times for a much lower price or use Builder Recruitment scrolls, which can be redeemed in events such as Era Breakthrough.

Whichever option you choose, having an extra builder will be immensely beneficial to your city development, and as a result, your power.

4. Train and upgrade powerful commanders

Another and probably the most important way to increase power fast in Rise of Kingdoms is by training and upgrading powerful commanders. Each commander has different abilities, roles, and talents so it is essential to pick the right ones and use them wisely.

For example, if you are focusing on attacking barbarian forts, then you will need a commander who is good at PvE combat such as those having the Peacekeeping talent. Oppositely, if your goal is to attack other players’ cities, you will need commanders with Conquering talent.

The Versatility talent is also a good PvP talent tree which is mostly used for open-field fights. Once you have picked the best commanders to start with, make sure you upgrade them as soon as possible by spending commander sculptures and Tome of Knowledge books.

5. Use effective troop formations in battles

Rise of Kingdoms troop power effectiveness cycle

To have a powerful and strong army, you need to use the right type of troops. Different troop compositions not only help you protect your city effectively, but they also work better in different battle situations, so you must determine which one works best in your case.

For example, Cavalry is superior to Archers, Archers to Infantry, Infantry to Cavalry, and all 3 to Siege units. As you see, the Siege units are vulnerable to all 3 other types of troops, and they also have the slowest march speed. Nevertheless, they are a perfect choice when attacking other players’ cities, or other enemy alliance buildings on the map.

Archers, on the other hand, have the highest attack power but they also have the weakest defense, which means you will lose them quickly if you don’t have powerful commanders in your army. Additionally, and this also plays a huge role in gaining power fast, you should constantly train and upgrade your troops because higher tiers provide more powerful stats.

6. Consider creating a Farm account

No matter how many resources you get from gathering, or mission rewards on your main account, there will always be a need for more. To meet this need, Rise of Kingdoms allows you to create and manage a second account on the same server. Through this second account, you can gather more resources and transfer them to your main account with ease.

To create a second account, you simply have to head over to the Settings menu from your profile page and press the ‘Characters’ option. This will allow you to create a second character on the same server, but if you want to expand even further, and create your own little farm account hive, you can create additional accounts.

However, this process is a bit more complex as it involves switching between characters and game accounts. Nevertheless, the effort will be worth it, as it will provide you with an infinite amount of resources that can help you become stronger much faster.

7. Complete quests every day

Daily rewards from quests and missions

Another fantastic way to become stronger in this game, especially as a Rise of Kingdoms beginner, is to take advantage of the daily objectives. Accessible through the Missions tab on the left-hand side of your screen, these consist of tasks that you can complete to receive rewards every day.

On this pop-up window, you will find both Main Quests and Side Quests tabs on the very first page. It is important to complete and claim these quests regularly to gain valuable resources and Activity Points which will be used to fill the progress bar at the top of the page.

This progress bar represents five chests that require a certain amount of Activity Points to be unlocked, with each chest rewarding you with gems, golden keys, and commander sculptures among other things. All these rewards will be an immense helping hand on your way to becoming a powerful ruler.

8. Join or create a powerful alliance

A Rise of Kingdoms alliance is essential for success in this game. By joining an alliance, you can gain access to resources, daily rewards, protection from enemies, and much more. A top-ranking alliance will not only offer you better protection against other powerful players, but it will also have a wider territory with more buildings, and therefore, much better rewards.

Not to mention that the top-ranking alliances get the best rewards from events and other competitions as they have the most powerful players in your kingdom. Alternatively, if you are confident in your ability to manage an alliance, you can opt for creating your own.

This will cost you 500 Gems, and require much more effort, but at the same time, it can offer more fun because you can create your own rules and pick your own members.

9. Keep leveling up the most important buildings

Wall building power Rise of Kingdoms

In Rise of Kingdoms, each building level increase will offer you a certain building power bonus. While some buildings like the resource production buildings or the Storehouse are vital to your overall progress in the game, they do not offer the highest amount of power per level.

The buildings that offer the highest amount of power per level in Rise of Kingdoms, are the City Hall, Wall, Hospitals, and Academy. Among the troop buildings, the Siege Workshop offers the highest power increase per level.

10. Increase your VIP level

The VIP feature is crucial to your power increase in Rise of Kingdoms. As your VIP level increases, you will gain access to special bonuses and perks that will help you progress faster and become more powerful. You will get permanent boosts like increased resource production and gathering speed, faster building speed, and much more.

VIP level 4 benefits in the Rise of Kingdoms mobile game

You also get two small chests to open every day. The first one includes VIP points which increase with each consecutive day you log in, and the second one offers a lot of rewards like Commander Sculptures, Silver or Golden Keys, and many other essential items that will help you make your commanders stronger. The higher your VIP level, the better the rewards you get from these chests.

For example, I recently increased my VIP level to 3 and this gives me an additional 5% build speed bonus, on top of all other 7% resource production and gathering speed buffs. But starting with level 4, I will get two more essential buffs.

The first one is a 5% Training Speed, followed by a 5% Research Speed, which will help me progress faster. These percentages will also increase as I level up my VIP rank, so is definitely worth it, especially considering the permanent second build queue we get at VIP level 6.

11. Improve your Military tech tree

As I mentioned earlier, the Economic Technology tree is crucial for new players, but the Military Technologies are just as important. As you level up your tech tree and research new technologies, you will gain access to powerful upgrades for your troops and city, like increased damage, march speed bonuses, attack bonuses, defense bonuses, and many other powerful boosts.

Military technology tree upgraded in Rise of Kingdoms

Researching the right Technologies is essential in order to gain power fast, so make sure you focus mainly on the ones that will benefit you the most. Some good examples include the technologies that unlock the third tier of your troops such as Spearman, Composite Bowman, Heavy Cavalry, and Mangonel.

You should also consider increasing the level of your Academy building as much as possible. This will not only offer you a good building power increase but also faster research speed too. Plus, more advanced techs also require a certain level of Academy building so is better to be prepared in advance.

12. Join rallies and participate in PvP battles

Being a part of an alliance is not enough to be a successful player in Rise of Kingdoms. You need to contribute to the alliance by participating in rallies and engaging in PvP battles. The more active you are in your alliance, the more rewards and resources you will gain, and eventually help you increase your power faster.

Plus, it will help you increase in rank and get more respect from other players or make more friends by helping other members. There are plenty of alliance-related activities in Rise of Kingdoms, so be consistent and make sure to join as many of them as possible.

13. Save gems and use them wisely

Purchasing VIP points with gems in Rise of Kingdoms

Our last tip for increasing your power in Rise of Kingdoms is to save up gems. Gems can be an invaluable asset if used wisely, so don’t waste them on useless items. The best way to spend your gems in Rise of Kingdoms is to buy VIP Points, which will grant you permanent bonuses like the ones I mentioned above.

You should aim to spend your gems until you have at least VIP level 10. The Wheel of Fortune event is also a good way to spend your gems as it will offer you the opportunity to recruit more Legendary Commanders. These two should be your main priority when it comes to spending gems.

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