Rise of Kingdoms Alliances: A Comprehensive Guide

Our guide includes everything you need to know about Rise of Kingdoms alliances, including ranks, territory buildings and how to join or create an alliance

Rise of Kingdoms alliance guide
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Rise of Kingdoms can offer you a plethora of exciting strategy-based activities, either in PvE or PvP modes. While there is plenty to do while playing solo, if you want to maximize your chances of success and progress faster in this game, it would be best to join or create an Alliance.

In this guide, we will offer you all the necessary information you need to know about alliances in Rise of Kingdoms, including how to create or join an alliance, what special rewards you can get as a member, the member ranks and their privileges, territory buildings, and much more.

Why are alliances so important in Rise of Kingdoms?

Alliances play an integral role in Rise of Kingdoms, as they give you a community of players to rely on, who can provide support and assistance with upgrading buildings, city reinforcements, or taking part in PvP battles. They also provide a way to share resources, useful tips and strategies amongst members.

Becoming an alliance member in Rise of Kingdoms can be incredibly rewarding, as you will get access to exclusive rewards such as Individual Credits that you can use to buy various special items, which we will cover further in the guide.

How to join an alliance in Rise of Kingdoms

joining an alliance in Rise of Kingdoms

Joining an alliance is pretty straightforward, simply open the Alliance window by tapping the alliance flag at the bottom of the screen, and press Join. From there you can browse through different alliances, and once you’ve found one you’d like to join, simply hit the Join button. However, there are a few things you need to consider before joining an alliance.

The first and the most important one is the alliance’s power. You want to make sure that you are joining a strong alliance because this not only will offer you better city protection but also better rewards from events, competitions and territory. Other things to consider include the language, and members number. The more members it has, the more support you can get.

Things you should do as an alliance member

The very first thing you should do after joining an alliance, is to teleport your city within your alliance territory. You can do this by using a Territorial Teleport or a Targeted Teleport item. This will not only offer you better protection against enemy attacks, but also offer you a 25% resource gathering speed bonus.

Other things you should do on a daily basis as an alliance member include helping your allies, donating resources to the alliance technology, and participate in rallies and any other activities and events your alliance might have.

How to create your own alliance in Rise of Kingdoms

How to create an alliance Rise of Kingdoms

If you can’t find a good alliance to join or you would like to have more control over the alliance and its members, you can create your own. Keep in mind that this will cost you 500 gems.

If you have the required number of gems, follow the same steps as joining an alliance but instead of pressing the “Join” button, you need to press “Create”. Next, you will need to type your desired alliance tag, name and the announcement, which is a short description to inform other players about your alliance. You can also choose an banner for your alliance and set the language, as well as the join mode to either open for everyone or request only.

As the leader, you can also set different alliance privileges and decide who will be able to join and what roles and ranks they will get. Overall, it requires more effort and responsibility, but it can be really rewarding if you manage to make your alliance successful.

Alliance Member Ranks and Permissions

Alliance member ranks in Rise of Kingdoms

There are a total of 5 alliance ranks in Rise of Kingdoms, each with its own permissions and benefits. Unfortunately, there is no noticeable difference between the first 3 ranks and they are quite limited in terms of privileges as well.

R1 can help other members, quit the alliance or use the alliance chat. R2 and R3 have access the the same features, plus the ability to send messages to other alliance members. However, with R4 things get a bit more interesting. Here’s what R4 and R5 can do:

R4 (officer)

R4 members are the most privileged ones in the alliance and have access to everything from R1-3 plus the ability to kick, promote or demote players, accept/reject requests, schedule or cancel alliance events, send invitations, build alliance buildings and flags, view member coordinates, among a few others.

R5 (the leader)

There can be only one leader in a Rise of Kingdoms alliance and this is the most powerful position. As the leader, you are responsible for everything that happens within your alliance such as setting the rules, approving requests, scheduling and canceling events, building relationships with other alliances and powerful players and so on.

This is a very important role as it requires you to make sure that the alliance is running smoothly and progressing. In terms of privileges, the R5 rank includes everything from previous ranks, plus the ability to edit the alliance profile, appoint officers, demolish alliance buildings, and disband the alliance.

Alliance tech donations

Alliance tech donation Rise of Kingdoms

Tech donations should be your most important priority as a member because they are the key to successful alliances. Every alliance has a tech tree that players can donate to unlock bonuses and benefits. These techs are divided into 4 categories: Development, Territory, War, and Alliance Skill.

All these donations will be cumulative and each one will provide various bonuses for all members such as increased resource production, troops march speed, flag quantity, increased building speed, and many more.

In return for your daily resource donations, you will get Individual Credits, which is a currency that you can use to buy various items from the Alliance Shop (more details below). To get the most out of your daily donations, you should aim for techs that are recommended by your leaders. These techs are marked by a star and will offer more recharge points and individual credits for your contributions.

You and all other members can contribute up to 20 consecutive times, where each additional attempt will take 30 minutes to regenerate. You can as well donate gems, but it can become really expensive quickly as the gem number doubles with every consecutive donation. Once the tech resource bar is full, the R4 and R5 members can start the upgrade process for that specific tech.

Alliance Shop and Individual Credits

Spending Individual Credits in the alliance shop in Rise of Kingdoms

The Alliance Shop is where you can spend your hard-earned Individual Credits and get various items such as Enhanced Gathering items, Enhanced Defense, Peace Shields, and Territorial or Targeted Teleports. You can as well purchase Civilization Change tokens, in case you may want to pick a better ROK civilization.

However, this item costs 2,000,000 Individual Credits, which is quite expensive. But if you will actively make tech donations and help construct alliance buildings, you could accumulate up to 30,000 Individual Credits per day, which means you’ll need around 67 days to purchase this item.

Alliance Gifts

Alliance gifts become available to all members when any of the alliance members completes certain tasks, such as purchasing bundles, destroying barbarian forts, and defeating Lohar. These gifts contain a variety of valuable items, including key points and gift points as well.

The key points are used automatically to fill up the Crystal Treasure, which can be named differently and have different rewards, based on the gift level of your alliance. In my case, our alliance has a gift level of 12, and the treasure is called Treasure of Green Crystal and requires 2.5 million key points to unlock! The gift points, on the other hand, are used to increase the alliance gift level.

Alliance Help

The Help feature is hands down the most valuable benefit of being a part of an alliance. This feature allows you to offer or receive help on your building, upgrading, or tech-researching tasks. All that your allies need to do is press the “shaking hands” button that appears on top of the Alliance Center building.

This will decrease your or your allies’ research or upgrade time and rewards you with up to 10,000 Individual Credits daily. The number of times you can be helped can be limited but you can increase it by upgrading the Alliance Center building, which can go up to 30 times at level 25.

Alliance Territory

Alliance territory buildings and territory reward in Rise of Kingdoms

In Rise of Kingdoms, each alliance has its own unique territory, which is determined by the number of constructed alliance buildings, resource centers, and alliance flags. By expanding the alliance’s territory, members can benefit from better daily rewards and a 25% gathering speed increase.

Alliance Buildings

There are two main buildings that each alliance in Rise of Kingdoms can build. The first one is called Center Fortress and is the foundation of each alliance territory. Without this building, all other territory buildings cannot be constructed. The second type of building is called Alliance Fortress and can also help expand the territory.

Alliance Resource Centers

Alliance Resource Centers are pretty similar to the resource points we use to gather resources on the map. However, each alliance can only have one type of resource center active at a time, whether is a Granary (food), Wood Lot (wood), Stone Pit (stone), or Mother Lode (gold).

Unlike regular resource points, the alliance resource centers have also a much larger quantity of resources that can be gathered until they are depleted. Resource Centers also offer members a 100% protection from enemy attacks, a thing that is not offered while gathering from regular resource points.

Holy Sites

Alliance Holy Sites Rise of Kingdoms

There are 4 types of Holy Sites in Rise of Kingdoms: Sanctums, Altars, Shrines, and Passes. Each of these special structures can offer additional benefits and buffs for the alliances that own them. While the Passes do not offer any special bonuses, they offer alliance members the possibility to traverse regions or use Targeted Teleports to teleport their cities directly to a region that is connected by an owned pass.


  • Sanctum of Hope offers a +5% Gathering Speed
  • Sanctum of Wind offers a +5% March Speed
  • Sanctum of Courage includes a +10% Commander EXP Gain
  • Sanctum of Blood offers a +2% Troop Health


  • Storm Altar offers a +5% Training Speed bonus
  • Wisdom Altar gives a +5% Research Speed bonus
  • Earth Altar has a +5% Building Speed buff
  • Surge Altar offers a +3% Troop defense bonus
  • Flame Altar provides a +3% Troop Attack buff
  • Harvest Altar gives a fantastic +10% Resource Production boost


  • Shrine of Honor offer +5% Gathering Speed and Rallied Army Attack bonuses
  • Shrine of Order include +3% Troop Defense and Troop Health buffs
  • Shrine of War offers a +3% Troop Attack and a +10% Training Speed bonus
  • Shrine of Radiance provides an impressive +20% Healing Speed and Action Point Recovery buff
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