Souls Habby Game Guide and Tips for New Players

This guide covers the basics of the Souls Habby game and includes tips and tricks to help beginners get the most out of it.

Souls guide tips and tricks
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Souls is a turn-based RPG game, set in a sprawling, dark fantasy world. Created by Habby, the same team that brought us the famous mobile games and Archero, this game has been designed to be enjoyed by players of all levels and ages.

From the intricate designs of its characters to the unique bosses and enemies that present different challenges for our heroes, this title will keep you engaged for hours.

In this guide, we will explore the basics of playing this exciting mobile game, and provide helpful tips and tricks to help new players get started on their journey.

Souls Habby gameplay walkthrough

Souls by Habby features a tile and turn-based combat system where you control a team of powerful heroes and battle against monsters and bosses. The game revolves around unlocking new characters, upgrading their abilities, and forming strategic teams to progress through the Journey Chapters.

The more chapters you clear, the more features become available, including the ability to try other gameplay modes in the World tab, such as the Cave of Abyss, Tower of Souls, Dimensional Rift, Arena, and the Ancestral Tomb.

But before anything else, you will need to collect a lot of resources and in-game currencies to support your upgrades, which leads us to our next tip.

Managing the game’s currencies and resources

Souls currencies resources inventory

There is a wide range of currencies and essential resources that can be used to upgrade heroes and level up faster in Souls. Gold, Magic Stones, and Diamonds are the most important currencies, but other resources are also crucial for your progress. Here is a brief overview of the various currencies and resources in the Souls mobile game:

  • Gold: This is the most common currency found in-game and can be used on almost any type of upgrade including hero and equipment upgrades.
  • Magic Stones: Magic Stones are rarer than gold but just as important as they are used to increase the level of your heroes
  • Gems: This is more of a premium currency in Souls. It can be used to purchase items from vendors and summon heroes.
  • Soul Stone: This special resource can be used to upgrade your heroes beyond certain levels (usually every 10 or 20 levels). The process is called Breakthrough.
  • Enhancement Stone: This resource is required for enhancing equipment.
  • Summon Stones: These special stones can be used to obtain heroes
  • Soul Fragment: This currency is obtained by recycling heroes and can be exchanged for various items at the shop
  • Torch: Consumables required for exploring the Cave of Abyss mode
  • The Beast Heart: Required currency for purchasing items from the Beast Shop
  • Crystal Shards: This currency can be exchanged for various rewards during the Cave Hunting event

Give your account a personal touch

As a beginner to Souls, it is important to make your account stand out from the crowd. This is not mandatory but having a personal touch to your account will help you showcase your skills and progress to other players.

This can be done by visiting your profile page by tapping the avatar shown in the top-left corner of your screen. There, you can change the nickname and the avatar, select a title, and type in a short motto or greetings text.

Changing the nickname is useful later when joining a guild or climbing up the ranking system as having a name made of random numbers and letters will make it harder for others to recognize you and your achievements.

Titles, and avatars, on the other hand, can be a fun extra challenge as you will need to complete certain tasks and recruit new heroes to unlock them.

The various races explained

Primary Races in the Souls mobile game

There are 6 different races in Souls: Human, Horde, Undead, Elf, Light and Darkness. The first four races are considered the primary ones, whereas the last two races are more of a premium choice – they include some of the best characters in the Souls game, and they offer synergy bonuses for every other race.

At the same time, the heroes from these two races are also harder to get as they have some of the lowest drop rates.

Each race has its own advantages and disadvantages against the other races, so players need to understand these strengths and weaknesses before forming their best Souls team.

For example, Human heroes such as Odelia, are strong against the Horde ones. Horde heroes are stronger against Elf, the Elven race stronger than the Undead, and Undead heroes have an edge against the Human race. Therefore, it is important to form your teams smartly with heroes of all races to optimize your chances of winning.

Obtaining new Souls heroes

Hero Summon in Souls Habby game

The main way of obtaining new heroes in Souls is by using Summon Stones or Gems via the Summon Hero page of the Manage tab. This is called the Basic Summon and offers 2 summon methods: 1 or 10 heroes at a time.

The latter is more expensive but at the same time offers better chances of obtaining new characters.

Additionally, the more heroes you summon, the faster will unlock you the summon bonuses displayed at the bottom of the screen, which offers free Rare or Epic hero fragments every 50 summons.

Likewise, you can summon heroes from specific races by visiting the Select Summon tab, located in the bottom-right corner of the Summon page.

This feature requires a different currency called Race Summon Stone and every day there is a different active race that offers better drop rates.

If the current active race is not the one you want, and you don’t want to wait until the next reset, you can press the fresh icon at the bottom of the page and pay the 500 Gems price.

Upgrade and level up heroes strategically

Once you have obtained new heroes, the next step is to upgrade and level them up to make your team stronger. The first place to visit should be the Hero page from the Heroes tab.

At the top of the page you will see your strongest characters and tapping a specific hero will open a new menu with the available upgrade options including Hero Level, Equipment, Skills, Engraving, and Rune. The last two options, however, are not available in the early game.

To avoid wasting your resources, it is important to upgrade and level up those who have the highest potential first and not worry too much about the rest, at least in the beginning. The most powerful characters in Souls are those with the Epic rarity and you should always prioritize them over the Rare ones.

Advance through Journey Chapters

The Journey mode is the best place to start your adventure in Souls and farm levels and resources efficiently. In this mode, you will need to clear chapters one by one, where each chapter has several stages with increasing difficulty.

The higher you go, the bigger rewards you will receive in terms of rewards and experience points.

Doing so will also offer you bonus rewards every 5 stages, which you can check by tapping the “Bonus” button right before starting the battle. This includes Gold, Souls Stones, Gems, and even heroes, among many others.

Complete Daily and Weekly Quests

Daily and Weekly quests are an excellent way for new players of the Souls Habby game to obtain rewards that will help them progress and level up faster.

Each completed task in the Daily or Weekly Mission tab, will offer you Gems and bring you closer to unlocking the bonus rewards displayed at the top of the page.

These include generous amounts of Gems, gold, and Magic Stone chests, and several Summon Stones. To access these quests, visit the journey tab, and tap the character on the right, which will have a question mark over his head.

Furthermore, next to the mission tabs, you have Achievements. These tasks are a bit more challenging but offer more gems and unique items such as VIP points or Beast Heart items. Make sure you complete them before they expire.

Mastering the combat system

Besides having the right heroes and equipment, understanding the combat system is essential for winning fights in this game. The battle screen consists of a tile grid, where you position your team of 5 heroes before starting the fight.

Note that each race has an advantage over another one, so positioning your characters wisely can help you grant your team extra damage or defense depending on their position and role.

Speaking of roles, there are 4 roles to differentiate your characters: Tanker, Dealer (which is the DPS type), Healer, and Support. Tankers are the ones who take most of the damage from your enemies so they should be placed at the front lines along with dealers, whereas healers and supports should be placed at the back protecting them.

Finally, another important aspect of the combat system is understanding status effects. Some of these effects are positive (known as buffs) while others are negative (also known as debuffs). You can use these to weaken your enemies or protect your team in battle.

Although you cannot manually activate them since the battles are mostly automatic, you should take a look at what each hero has to offer and build your deck accordingly.

Claim timed and auto-rewards

What I like about this game is that it offers several time-based rewards to keep players hooked and always returning to the game. Specifically, you can find these rewards in the Auto-Reward, the Instant Reward, and the Log-in event.

The Auto-Reward is automatically generated for 24 hours and can be collected by tapping the flying bird on the Journey tab.

This is the best way to level up your account as it includes a large amount of account EXP, resources, and game currencies. The EXP points are used automatically upon collection to upgrade your account level, which unlocks more features for you in the game.

The Instant Reward is similar to the Auto-Reward and can be used to get account EXP, gems, and other resources for free instantly, worth 2 hours. To use this feature, tap the sandglass icon in the bottom-right corner of the Journey page (see the second image above).

Finally, if you log in for 7 days consecutively, you will be able to collect great rewards that will help you strengthen your team.

The most impressive reward of this event is the Epic hero called Odelia, which is offered on the second and seventh consecutive login day. So make sure you collect all these rewards or you will miss out on a great opportunity.

Take advantage of limited-time events

Limited-time events are perfect for obtaining more rewards in the game. As the name implies, these events come and go regularly, but you should take advantage of them and participate before they expire.

To access them, you can visit the Events tab from the main screen and click the Limited Event button in the bottom-right corner to see what’s currently available.

Most of these events include certain materials or specific items such as shards, equipment pieces, or heroes.

For example, the Cave Hunting event is available to all new players for a short time and offers an opportunity to accumulate Crystal Shards and exchange them in its special shop for Epic heroes, equipment, or Summon Stones.

Likewise, the Cave Hunting event doubles the rewards obtained from completing Cave Exploration missions. This is the perfect chance to gain more resources, especially for new players.

Last, but not least, using Souls codes can also bring you a generous amount of resources, so make sure you use them before they expire.

Final Notes

Souls by Habby is an amazing game full of action and adventure, with plenty of rewards and a challenging combat system. With these Souls tips and tricks, you can easily make progress and become one of the strongest players on your server. Be consistent and practice as much as possible, since this is the only way to master the game.

Souls guide tips and tricks
  • Release Date: Aug 8, 2023
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