Souls Harfa Character Team Composition, Skills, Summoning

Souls Harfa character comprehensive wiki guide, including recommended team build, skills, Engraving, and how to summon him

Harfa Souls Character Wiki
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Harfa is an interesting tank hero in Souls with plenty of potential. His active skill has a chance to silence his opponents, preventing them from using their active skills and gaining Energy. This can be quite useful in tough mid-game fights, as it limits the opponent’s opportunities to win the battle.

In addition, Harfa gains a nice CC Resistance bonus when upgrading his first passive skill, making him stronger against negative effects.

Finally, he offers some interesting boosts in case he is defeated in battle. Harfa will provide healing and damage-reducing buffs for his team, giving them an extra edge in battle.

Investing in this hero can be worth it, especially for beginner teams looking for a nice tank hero capable of taking high damage for the team. Visit our hero ranking list to see how he stands among all the other powerful heroes in the game.

Harfa Souls Profile

  • Race: Undead
  • Rarity: Epic
  • Role: Tanker
  • Attribute: Strength

How to get Kaion in the Souls Mobile Game?

How to get Harfa during the Cave Hunting event in the Souls game

You can get Harfa for 15,000 Crystal Shards during the Cave Hunting event. 10 Harfa hero shards cost 1,500 Crystal Shards and can be purchased up to 20 times. However, 10 times will be enough to summon him (100 Harfa shards).

Additionally, Harfa can also be obtained by summoning 40 Epic heroes during the Souls Companions event, which lasts 30 days after starting the Souls mobile game. Once you complete this task, you will receive a Hero Selection Box in your inventory and you will have to tap it and select Harfa as your favorite choice to get him.

Speaking of summoning heroes, we highly recommend using the 10x summon method over the individual one. This way you will have better drop rates, which helps get that chest I mentioned above faster.

Harfa’s Base Stats at Level 220 (Max. Level)


Recommended Team for Harfa









Harfa’s Skills

1. Destructive Charm (Active Skill)

With this skill, Harfa deals 120% ATK damage to all enemies in the front row and has a 35% chance to Silence them for 1 turn. Silenced enemies cannot gain Energy from attacking or being attacked and they are not able to use their active skills. Upgrading this skill gives you the following bonuses:

  • Level 2: The chance to Silence enemies increases to 40%
  • Level 3: The previous chance is increased to 50% and the ATK bonus to 145%
  • Level 4: The ATK bonus increases to 160% and the chance to Silence enemies to 60%

2. Vicious Cut (Passive Skill)

When this skill is unlocked, Harfa reduces the enemy’s Energy by 30 with his normal attacks. At skill level 2, he also gains 50% CC Resistance. At skill level 3, the CC Resistance bonus is increased to 80% and the reduced Energy to 40.

3. Royal Grandeur (Passive Skill)

After unlocking this skill, Harf gains 20% Magic Resistance. Once you upgrade this skill to level 2, anytime Harfa receives a magical attack, he gains an additional 20 Energy. At level 3, the initial Magic Resistance bonus increases to 30% and Energy to 30.

4. Vampiric Blade (Passive Skill)

If Harfa is defeated in battle, all his allies heal by 15% of their max HP once per battle. At skill level 2, Harfa also applies a buff that reduces the damage taken by 20% for one turn. The effect extends to 2 turns once you upgrade this skill to level 3.

5. King of the Dead (Awaken Skill)

With this skill unlocked, if Harfa falls in battle, he revives after 2 rounds with 30% HP and 0% Energy, once per battle. Upgrading this skill offers you the following bonuses:

  • Level 2: Increases HP to 40% and Energy to 50%
  • Level 3: The previous HP bonus is increased to 50%
  • Level 4: The Energy bonus is increased to 100%

Harfa’s Engraving Bonuses

Harfa's Engraving
x 32%x 24%x 16%
  • +10: Harfa’s ATK increases by 15% whenever he is resurrected (stacks up to 3 times)
  • +20: In addition to the previous ATK bonus, he also gains DEF by 22%
  • +30: The ATK bonus increases to 20% and DEF to 27%
  • +40: The previous bonuses are increased to 25% and 32% accordingly
Harfa Souls Character Wiki
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