Souls Void Character Team Build, Skills and Recruitment

Souls Void character comprehensive build guide, including recommended team, skills, Engraving, and how to get this hero.

Void Souls Character Wiki
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Void can deal strong single-target damage for a healer. He is a very effective healer who offers a series of useful buffs for his team, increasing their Lifesteal Rate and protecting them against negative effects. This can help your team last longer in difficult battles, especially those against strong opponents with a lot of debuff skills.

Additionally, Void can also slow down enemies while increasing his own speed. However, his secret weapon is his Awakened skill, which makes it impossible for enemies to be revived if they are defeated by Void in battle. All in all, Void is a versatile healer with amazing abilities that can make a huge difference in battle. We highly recommend visiting our character tier list for Souls to see how he stands among other similar characters.

Void Souls Profile

  • Race: Undead
  • Rarity: Epic
  • Role: Healer
  • Attribute: Intelligence

How to get Kaion in the Souls Mobile Game?

In Souls, Void can be recruited via the Basic Summon feature of the “Manage tab”. Although the drop chances are quite low (0.1190%), you can always use the 10x summon option, which not only offers better chances of obtaining Void or other legendary heroes but also helps get the Summon Bonus sooner (displayed at the bottom of the same page).

Void can be summoned via the “Select Summon” while the Undead Race is active which offers better drop chances. If another race is currently available, you can press the little refresh icon and pick the Undead race for 500 Gems. Speaking of in-game currencies, we recommend using the Souls gift codes so you can recruit more heroes faster.

Void’s Base Stats at Level 220 (Max. Level)


Recommended Team for Void









Void’s Skills

1. Active Skill

With this skill, Void deals 160% ATK damage to one enemy and heals all allies by 50% of the damage dealt. Upgrading this skill will offer the following bonuses:

  • Level 2: The ATK bonus is raised to 175% while the healing to 55%
  • Level 3: The previous healing bonus is increased to 70%
  • Level 4: The ATK bonus increases to 190%

2. First Passive Skill

At the beginning of a battle, Void applies a buff on the ally with the highest max HP, increasing its Lifesteal Rate by 120% for 1 turn. At level 2, aside from the previous bonus, Void also applies a buff to the ally with the lowest HP from the second round, increasing its Lifesteal Rate by 60% for 2 turns. At skill level 3, the previous Lifesteal Rate bonuses are increased to 140% and 80% respectively.

3. Second Passive Skill

After unlocking this skill, Void gains 50% CC Resistance and will release one ally under CC at the start of each round. Once you upgrade this skill to level 2, his CC Resistance is boosted to 70%. Finally, at skill level 3, the CC Resistance bonus is raised to 100% and he can now release 2 allies under CC.

4. Mania (Third Passive Skill)

With this skill, Void reduces the speed of the enemy with the highest ATK by 10 for 1 turn, at the start of each round. At level 2, the mentioned bonus is raised to 20. At skill level 3, Void gets a +30 Speed bonus, in addition to the previous boost.

5. Void’s Awaken Skill

Once this skill is awakened, enemies defeated in battle by Void cannot be revived. Upgrading this skill offers you the following bonuses:

  • Level 2: Besides the previous effect, it also applies a buff that reduces Damage Taken by 15% for 1 turn to the ally with the lowest HP and himself.
  • Level 3: The previous bonuses are extended to 2 turns
  • Level 4: The damage taken bonus is raised to 20%

Void’s Engraving Bonuses

Void's Engraving
x 16%x 24%x 32%
  • +10: Void heals for 12% of max HP whenever an enemy is defeated
  • +20: In addition to the previous bonus, a 22% Lifesteal Rate is applied, plus an increase buff to all remaining allies for 1 turn
  • +30: The mentioned bonuses are increased to 16% and 27% accordingly
  • +40: The previous bonuses increase to 20% and 32%
Void Souls Character Wiki
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