Benzel Souls Character Team Composition Build, Skills

Souls Benzel character wiki guide, including his skills, recommended team composition, and how to get him in this Habby game.

Benzel Souls Character Wiki
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Benzel is one of the strongest damage dealers in the Souls game. He deals powerful multi-target damage and inflicts an Acid debuff on his enemies while removing all types of shields from them.

In addition, Benzel also gains Energy at the beginning of the battle, and his awaken skill heals the ally with the lowest HP by up to 80% of all damage dealt via the Acid damage.

This makes him a very versatile hero that can be used in any battle situation. Make sure you also check our tier list for Souls to see how we ranked him among all other heroes.

What makes him even more special is that he can be paired with any other race hero as Darkness and Light race characters are considered members of all races/factions in the Souls game.

With his impressive abilities, Benzel is definitely an essential part of any team deck in Souls. Investing resources in him will surely reap great rewards for your team and bring you closer to victory!

Souls Benzel Profile

  • Race: Darkness
  • Rarity: Epic
  • Role: Dealer
  • Attribute: Intelligence

How to get Benzel in Souls by Habby?

In the Souls game, Benzel can be obtained via the Basic Summon feature of the “Manage tab”.

Unfortunately, the drop chances are quite low (0.0238%), so if you get him, consider yourself one of the luckiest. However, the drop rates can be improved by doing multiple summons of 10 heroes.

He can as well be summoned via the “Select Summon” while the Undead Race is active (this may vary since the Light and Darkness races are considered universal races). The drop chance for Benzel, however, is still quite low at 0.0833%.

You should keep an eye on the upcoming events as some of them such as the Soul Companion event, offer heroes as rewards. Plus, if you summon 80 epic heroes during this event, you will receive 1 random Light or Darkness race hero as a bonus, which might be Benzel.

Benzel’s Base Stats at Level 220 (Max. Level)


Recommended Team for Benzel (Mixed)









Benzel’s Skills

1. Boiling Earth (Active Skill)

When this skill is used, Bnezel deals 60% ATK damage to all enemies and inflicts an Acid debuff, dealing a 35% DoT ATK for 3 turns. Acid damage removes all kinds of shields.

When upgrading this skill, the two mentioned bonuses are increased to 65% and 40% at level 2, 70% and 45% at level 3, and 75% and 50% at level 4.

2. D.E. (Passive Skill)

Benzel’s normal attacks deal 100% ATK damage to 1 random enemy and increase the damage taken from DoT by 10% (stackable). Once you upgrade this skill to level 2, the ATK boost is raised to 115%. At level 3, Benzel also gains a 20% Crit DEF bonus, while the DoT bonus is increased to 15%.

3. Gathering Strength (Passive Skill)

Damage taken from enemies in an Acid state reduces by 15%. At skill level 2, Benzel also gains 15% HP. At level 3, the damage bonus is increased to 25%.

4. Dark Pledge (Passive Skill)

With this skill unlocked, Benzel gains 50 Energy. Upgrading this skill you get 75 Energy at skill level 2, and 100 at level 3.

5. Curse of Vitality (Awaken Skill)

Benzel’s Awaken skill heals the ally with the lowest HP by 50% of all damage dealt to enemies through his Acid damage. At skill level 2 the bonus is increased to 60% and goes up to 80% at level 4 (max. level).

Benzel’s Engraving Bonuses

Benzel's Engraving
x 16%x 32%x 32%
  • +10: For each enemy in the Acid state, increase the Physical Resistance of Benzel and his allies in the same row by 4%.
  • +20: In addition to the previous bonus, if Benzel’s HP is below 50%, ATK increases by 14%.
  • +30: The Physical Resistance bonus is increased to 5% and the ATK by 18%
  • +40: The previous bonuses are increased to 6% and 24% accordingly.
Benzel Souls Character Wiki
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