Richelle Souls Character Wiki

Richelle character wiki guide, including recommended team composition, his skills, and how to get him in the Souls Habby game.

Richelle Souls Character Wiki
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Richelle is a strong tanker hero with a lot of support capabilities. He has an active skill that applies a shield on him and his allies which protects them from taking damage. His second skill enables him to not take high damage from a single attack, making him very difficult to take down in battle.

Additionally, he can also remove one debuff from himself and his team members while gaining Energy. With his Awakening Skill unlocked, Richelle gains a Damage-Immunity Shield just before falling into battle, making him one of the best Souls characters, an incredibly useful tanker hero for any team.

Souls Richelle Profile

  • Race: Human
  • Rarity: Epic
  • Role: Tanker
  • Attribute: Strength

How to get Richelle in Souls by Habby?

You can get your hands on Richelle via the Basic Summon feature of the “Manage tab”. Although his drop chances are some of the highest among all characters, they are still significantly low at 0.1190%.

However, you can also try to summon heroes from a specific race, in this case, Humans, via the Select Summon tab of the Summon Hero page. Likewise, summoning 10 heroes at once every time can also increase Richelle’s drop chance.

You may as well want to keep an eye on events such as the Soul Companion event, as they offer heroes as rewards.

Richelle’s Base Stats at Level 220 (Max. Level)


Recommended Team for Richelle (Mixed)









Richelle’s Skills

1. Imperial Protection (Active Skill)

This skill applies a Shield on Richelle and his allies equal to 18% of Richelle’s max HP for 1 turn. At skill level 2, the previous bonus is increased to 20%. At level 3, the mentioned Shield bonus is extended to 2 turns and raised to 23% at skill level 4.

2. Drastic Measure (Passive Skill)

When this skill is unlocked, Richelle does not take damage more than 35% of his max HP from a single attack until round 3. Upgrading this skill to level 2 applies the mentioned effect bonus to all his allies behind him. At level 3, the bonus is applied to Richelle and all his allies, no matter where they are located.

3. Heartless Command (Passive Skill)

When using a Shield, Richelle removes 1 debuff from himself. At skill level 2, this effect is applied to all his allies as well. Finally, after upgrading this skill to level 3, aside from the previous bonus, Richelle also gains 5 Energy when attacked.

4. Reversal (Passive Skill)

At the beginning of each round, up to round 5, if Richelle’s HP drops below 30%, he heals himself by 15% of his max HP.

5. Strict Military Discipline (Awaken Skill)

Just before falling into battle, Richelle gains a Damage-Immunity Shield for 1 turn, once per battle. When this skill is upgraded to the second level, and if Richelle falls in battle the Shield effect, he applies a shield to all his allies equal to 16% of his max HP for 1 turn. At skill level 3, the shield is equal to 18% of his max HP, for 2 turns. Finally, at level 4, the mentioned bonus is increased to 22%.

Richelle’s Engraving Bonuses

Richelle's Engraving
x 32%x 24%x 16%
  • +10: ATK and Crit Rate increase by 12% when Richelle has a Shield
  • +20: The previous bonus is increased to 16%
  • +30: The ATK bonus is raised to 20%
  • +40: The previous bonus is boosted to 25%
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