Kaion Souls Character: Skills, Team Build, Recruitment

Habby Souls Kaion character in-depth overview, including recommended team, skills, Engraving, and how to summon this hero

Kaion Souls Character Wiki
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Kaion is an effective damage dealer in Souls, with strong single-target and AoE attacks. He can also heal himself when his active skill is used, making him very useful for those difficult mid-game bosses. Most of his skills increase his ATK, which means he gets stronger as you increase his level and upgrade his skills.

With all these great abilities, Kaion is a good choice for any beginner looking to upgrade his deck effectively. As we mentioned in our character rankings for Souls, he is the perfect hero to have on your team for those challenging mid-game battles!

Souls Kaion Profile

  • Race: Horde
  • Rarity: Epic
  • Role: Dealer (DPS)
  • Attribute: Strength

How to get Kaion in the Souls Mobile Game?

Kaion as a reward during the Prologue of Hero Birth event in the Souls game

Kaion can be obtained by completing 30 daily unlocking missions during the Prologue of Hero Birth event. Besides this, you can also summon him via the Basic Summon feature of the “Manage tab”, or via the Select Summon tab, while the Horde race is active.

We highly recommend saving your Summon Stones and Gems until you have enough to summon 10 heroes at once. This way you will have better drop rates and get the summon bonus faster (displayed at the bottom of the two mentioned summon pages). Speaking of Summon Stones, make sure you redeem Souls codes as some of them include these items, Gems, and other essential resources.

Kaion’s Base Stats at Level 220 (Max. Level)


Recommended Team for Kaion









Kaion’s Skills

1. Suffocating Blow (Active Skill)

With this skill, Kaion deals 150% damage to one enemy and all enemies in a straight line behind him. At skill level 2, Kaion also heals himself based on 40% dealt damage. At level 3, the mentioned bonuses increase to 160% and 50% accordingly. Finally, at level 4, the ATK bonus increases to 180%.

2. Devouring Blade (Passive Skill)

When this skill is unlocked, Kaion’s damage from normal attacks is boosted by 30%. At skill level 2, he also gains 15% Physical Resistance. At skill level 3, the ATK bonus is increased to 45%.

3. Wounded Beast (Passive Skill)

At the beginning of each round from the second round, Kaion’s ATK increases by 4% and can stack up to 6 times, and up to 10 times at skill level 2. Once you upgrade this skill to level 3, Kaion’s ATK bonus increases to 6%.

4. Wild Instinct (Passive Skill)

After unlocking this skill, the closer Kaion is to the enemy, the higher his ATK increases. The bonus can go up to 20%, up to 30% at skill level 2, and up to 30% at level 3.

5. Warrior of the Battlefield (Awaken Skill)

Right before being defeated in battle, Kaion gains a shield equal to 35% of his max HP for 1 turn once per battle. Besides this, at skill level 2, he also gains 50 Energy. At level 3, the mentioned boost is extended to 2 turns, and the Energy bonus is increased to 70. Lastly, after upgrading his Awakening skill to level 4, Kaion’s Energy bonus is increased to 100.

Kaion’s Engraving Bonuses

Kaion's Engraving
x 24%x 16%x 32%
  • +10: When Kaion’s ATK increases by 12% when his HP drops below 30%
  • +20: The previous ATK bonus is increased to 16%
  • +30: Besides the previous bonus, Kraion takes 14% less damage
  • +40: The previous bonuses are increased to 20%
Kaion Souls Character Wiki
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