Odelia Souls Character Team Build, Skills Overview

Odelia Souls character overview, including recommended team composition, skills, and how to get her in this Habby game.

Odelia Souls Character Wiki
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Odelia is a fantastic versatile healer, perfect for new Souls players. She has an active skill that heals the ally with the lowest HP for a substantial amount and removes up to 2 debuffs, making her incredibly useful in challenging battles.

Additionally, she can also stun her target thanks to her second skill and offers strong CC Resistance which makes her more resistant to negative effects such as stuns.

Finally, Odelia can also offer a protective shield for her allies, giving them a shield that reduces all AOE damage taken by quite a lot. Visit our Souls hero tier list to learn more about all characters!

Souls Odelia Profile

  • Race: Human
  • Rarity: Epic
  • Role: Healer
  • Attribute: Intelligence

How to get Odelia in the Souls Mobile Game?

Odelia shards, being offered as a reward during the Login event in the Souls game

Odelia is offered as a reward for the second and seventh consecutive login days during the Login Event. Besides this, you can summon her via the Basic Summon feature of the “Manage tab”.

Although the drop chances for Odelia are quite low at 0.1190%, summoning her via the Select Summon, the Humans race, offers better chances. Likewise, summoning 10 heroes at once every time can also increase Odelia’s drop chance.

Odelia’s Base Stats at Level 220 (Max. Level)


Recommended Team for Odelia (Mixed)









Odelia’s Skills

1. Prayer of Recovery (Active Skill)

With this skill, Odelia heals the ally with the lowest HP based on 240% ATK. At skill level 2, she also removes one debuff. At level 3, the mentioned bonus is increased to 270% and she removes up to 2 debuffs. Finally, at level 4, she heals the ally based on 300% ATK.

2. Divine Power (Passive Skill)

When this skill is unlocked, Odele can stun an attacked enemy if their HP is above 80%. At skill level 2, this limit decreases to 75%, followed by 70% at level 3.

3. Sorcerous Aura (Passive Skill)

This skill boosts Odelia’s CC Resistance by 70%. When upgraded to level 2, the previous bonus is raised to 100% and she receives 14% less damage when her HP is below 50%. At skill level 3, she receives 23% less damage.

4. Divine Protection (Passive Skill)

After unlocking this skill, Odelia’s 50% healing excess amount is converted into a Shield for 1 turn. The previous bonus is extended to 2 turns at level 2. At level 3, the healing amount increases by 30% at the beginning of battle, and decreases by 5% every round.

5. Path of Penance (Awaken Skill)

When using an active skill, Odelia revives one random fallen ally with 40% HP and 50% Energy. This effect lasts until round 4 and can only be used once per battle. At level 2, the HP bonus increases to 55%. The effect is extended up to 5 rounds at level 3, and the HP bonus increased to 60% at level 4.

Odelia’s Engraving Bonuses

Odelia's Engraving
x 16%x 24%x 32%
  • +10: Upon resurrecting an ally, receives a shield with 100% of ATK for 2 additional turns
  • +20: The previous ATK bonus is increased to 130%
  • +30: Besides the previous bonus, if the resurrected ally falls in battle, all remaining allies recover HP by 80% of ATK.
  • +40: The two previous bonuses are increased to 150% and 100% accordingly.
Odelia Souls Character Wiki
  • Release Date: Aug 8, 2023
  • Platform(s): Android, iOS
  • Genre(s): RPG, Adventure,
  • Publisher(s): Habby
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