Souls Best Team – Full Race and Mixed (Habby)

This guide will help you build the best team for Souls, a turn-based RPG mobile game by Habby, whether you prefer full race or mixed teams.

Souls Best Team
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Souls, the latest installment in Habby’s lineup of great games, is a turn-based RPG set in a dark fantasy world where having the right team of Souls characters is key to success.

In this guide, we’ll break down the best Souls teams for a full race, as well as mixed teams that will give you the edge you need to defeat even the toughest bosses.

Keep in mind that even though there are 8 slots available for placing heroes, only 5 of them can be used in any given battle.

How to Create the Best Souls Team

Building a random team of 5 heroes isn’t going to cut it – you need to take into account their race, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as the Synergy Bonus they will bring. Choosing a full race or mixed team depends on what kind of strategy you want to implement.

The best teams for a full race involve picking 5 heroes from one single race (Human, Horde, Elf, Undead or Light/Darkness) that will provide the highest Synergy Bonus – 20% ATK and 20% HP.

However, you can also go for a mixed team of 2 different races and/or at least one neutral hero (Light/Darkness). The Synergy Bonus in this case will be slightly lower – 15% ATK and 15% HP – but it gives you more options for tactical play.

Aside from race, each hero has its own unique abilities and strengths that need to be taken into account when building your team. Your goal is to find the right mix of heroes who can make use of their individual strengths while also working together as a team.

Keep in mind that Light and Darkness heroes are considered neutral, which means they contribute to the Synergy Bonus no matter which race they are paired with.

Souls Best Team

  • Ulion (Front, Light, Dealer)
  • Zagrako (Front, Darkness, Tanker)
  • Bahzam (Front or Middle, Darkness, Dealer)
  • Nuel (Middle, Light, Supporter)
  • Solina (Back, Light, Healer)

In our opinion, the best Souls team should be formed of Light and Darkness heroes. Since they are neutrals, they can be mixed with any other race, but that’s not their biggest advantage.

Light and Darkness characters offer unique skills that can be used to buff or debuff enemies, and the highest power and basic stats among all heroes. The downside, however, is that they are quite difficult to get. But if you are lucky enough to get them, they will certainly prove their worth.

Souls Best Mixed Team (3+2)

  • Kaion (Front, Horde, Dealer)
  • Taros (Front, Light, Tanker)
  • Carmen (Front or Middle, Undead, Dealer)
  • Zenon (Middle, Undead, Supporter)
  • Aruru (Back, Horde, Healer)

This team made of Horde, Light and Undead heroes is the most balanced option. Kaion, Taros and Carmen have great offensive power and excellent crowd-control abilities that will help you in big battles.

Zenon’s support skills are of huge importance, especially when facing bosses. Aruru, being a healer with decent stats, completes this team perfectly. With this combo, your team will get a synergy bonus that offers 15% ATK and 15% HP

Souls Best Human Team (Full Synergy)

  • Milia (Front, Dealer)
  • Richelle (Front, Tanker)
  • Olga (Front or Middle, Supporter)
  • Calix (Middle, Supporter)
  • Odelia (Back, Healer)

This is by far the most solid team you can build with Human heroes. Milia and Richelle will provide your team with great offensive and defensive capabilities, while Olga and Calix will keep enemies at bay.

Odelia’s healing skills are a crucial element for success in long battles. By having this full Human-made team, you will get a full synergy bonus of 20% ATK and 20% HP.

Souls Best Horde Team (Full Synergy)

  • Kaion (Front, Dealer)
  • Lagou (Front, Tanker)
  • Sol (Front, Dealer)
  • Paru (Middle, Supporter)
  • Aruru (Middle or Back, Healer)

If Horde is your favorite race, this team will be perfect for you. Kaion and Sol are powerful dealers who can inflict massive damage with their special skills.

Lagou’s tanking abilities and Paru’s crowd control make them an almost unbeatable front line. Last but not least, Aruru is a great healer who will keep your team in good condition for the whole battle.

Souls Best Undead Team (Full)

  • Harfa (Front, Tanker)
  • Carmen (Front, Dealer)
  • Fleta (Middle or Front, Dealer)
  • Zenon (Middle, Supporter)
  • Void (Middle or Back, Healer)

The Undead race is known for effective buff and debuff abilities, and this team is a great example. Harfa can take huge amounts of damage for his team, while Carmen and Fleta’s DPS skills will keep enemies in check.

Zenon’s support skills make it essential to have her in every battle, while Void’s healing potentials are absolutely priceless.

Souls Best Elven Team (Full)

  • Babu (Front, Tanker)
  • Tania (Front, Dealer)
  • Abala (Front, Tanker)
  • Lulu (Middle, Supporter)
  • Aolmond (Middle or Back, Healer)

The Elven race has some of the weakest damage dealers in the game but it offers the best healers in Souls. That’s why we do not recommend going full Elf synergy, but if this is your favorite race, these heroes should be your top choices.

Babu and Abala will do a great job at keeping enemies away from your fragile yet powerful casters, while Tania should be used to quickly take out enemies who get too close. Lulu’s support skills give her an edge when facing bosses, and Aolmond’s healing capabilities will keep your team alive.

Souls Best Team
  • Release Date: Aug 8, 2023
  • Platform(s): Android, iOS
  • Genre(s): RPG, Adventure,
  • Publisher(s): Habby
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