Solina Souls Character Wiki

Solina character wiki guide, including her skills, recommended team composition, and how to get her in the Souls by Habby game.

Solina Souls Character Wiki
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Solina is one of the most effective healer characters in Souls. She can restore HP to two allies on the battlefield based on her ATK power. When this skill is upgraded beyond level 2, she not only heals her allies but also grants them a protective shield and removes all their debuffs.

On top of that, Solina can increase the speed of her allies when starting a battle, as well as heal herself in order to gain an Energy bonus. Perhaps her most powerful capability is that she can regenerate more energy when one of her allies’ HP drops below half.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that she is the preferred healer for many Souls players. Make sure you visit our Souls tier list Habby to see how we ranked Solina and the other characters in the Souls game.

Souls Solina Profile

  • Race: Light
  • Rarity: Epic
  • Role: Healer
  • Attribute: Intelligence

How to get Solina in Souls by Habby?

How to get Solina during the Cave Hunting event in the Souls game

Solina can be purchased for 24,000 Crystal Shards during the Cave Hunting event in the Souls game. This is a limited-time event, so make sure you participate and collect as many Crystal Shards as possible.

Additionally, Solina can be obtained via the Basic Summon feature of the “Manage tab”, just like any other hero. However, do not expect to see her drop often as her drop rate is one of the lowest in the game (0.0238%). To increase your chances you can make multiple summons of 10 heroes at once.

She can also be summoned via the “Select Summon” while the Undead Race is active (this may vary since the Light and Darkness races are considered universal races). The drop chance, however, is still very low at 0.0833%.

Also, keep an eye out on events as some, such as the Soul Companion event, may offer her and other heroes as rewards.

Solina’s Base Stats at Level 220 (Max. Level)


Recommended Team for Solina (Mixed)









Solina’s Skills

1. Prayer of Healing (Active Skill)

Solina heals 2 allies with low HP based on 125% ATK. In addition to that, upgrading this skill to level 2, applies a shield equal to 15% of their max HP for 1 turn. Additionally, removes all debuffs from her allies.

The shield cannot exceed 150% of Solina’s ATK. At level 3, the ATK bonus is raised to 140% and the shield to 20%. Finally, at skill level 4, the ATK is boosted to 155% and the shield effect lasts 2 turns.

2. Ultimate Sacrifice (Passive Skill)

At the start of the battle, this skill permanently increases the Speed of all Solina’s allies by 10. At level 2 by 15, and by 20 at skill level 3.

3. Pillar of Light (Passive Skill)

With this skill unlocked, if Solina’s HP falls below 35%, she heals herself for 30% of her max HP, once per battle. After upgrading this skill to level 2, Solina gains a 15% increase in Dodge Rate, a bonus that goes up to 25% at level 3.

4. Unfailing Faith (Passive Skill)

If any ally’s HP falls below 50%, Solina gains 30 Energy once per battle. The bonus is increased to 40 at level 2, and 50 Energy at skill level 3.

5. Divine Miracle (Awaken Skill)

When using an active skill, Solina revives 1 random fallen ally with 50% HP and 50% Energy, once per battle. This bonus is increased by 60% HP and 70% Energy at level 2. At level 3, the Energy is raised to 100%. Finally, at skill level 4, the HP is boosted to 70%.

Solina’s Engraving Bonuses

Solina's Engraving
x 16%x 32%x 32%
  • +10: Upon being defeated in battle, Solina resurrects 1 random fallen ally with 50% of their HP and 50 Energy, once per battle
  • +20: The previous bonuses are increased to 60% and 70 Energy accordingly
  • +30: The Energy bonus is raised to 100
  • +40: The HP bonus is increased to 70%
Solina Souls Character Wiki
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