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Viking Rise: 7 Buildings to Prioritize as a Beginner

The following buildings are crucial for beginners to prioritize in Viking Rise. Follow our guide for a strong start to your Viking village!

Game Tips

Viking Rise: 7 Ways to Increase Might Fast and Get Stronger

Learn how to quickly increase your might and conquer the battlefield in Viking Rise with our comprehensive guide.

Viking Rise

Viking Rise: How to Increase Troops and Attack Effectively

Learn how to increase your troop capacity and attack power in Viking Rise to give you a superior advantage in battles.

Viking Rise

Viking Rise: How to Get More Resources for Your City

Discover the best ways to get resources in Viking Rise to ensure you always have enough to keep your Viking settlement thriving and growing!

Tier Lists

Viking Rise Tier List: Best Heroes Ranked

We've put together a tier list for all the best heroes in Viking Rise, to help you decide which ones to focus on as...

Viking Rise

Viking Rise: How to Upgrade and Recruit Heroes Properly

Our guide includes all you need to know about heroes in Viking Rise, including talents, specialties, star levels, skills, and how to level them...

Game Tips

Viking Rise: How to Get and Use Gems Strategically

Learn how to get gems in Viking Rise, why this currency is so important, and what to spend your gems on for best results

Viking Rise

Viking Rise Workers: Everything You Need to Know About

Learn all you need to know about workers in Viking Rise, including recruitment, grads, specialties, attributes, and strategies to get the most out of...

Game Tips

Viking Rise Beginner Tips and Tricks for Fast Progress

Here are some key tips for beginners to get a head start in Viking Rise and quickly progress through the game.