Viking Rise: How to Get More Resources for Your City

Discover the best ways to get resources in Viking Rise to ensure you always have enough to keep your Viking settlement thriving and growing!

How to get more resources in Viking Rise
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In Viking Rise, there are 3 primary resources essential to the success of your settlement: Food, Lumber, and Stone. You also have other resources such as Gold and Gems, but these have a more general purpose and they are not as essential to your city’s development, nor as easy to obtain, as the 3 primary resources. Let’s look at the best ways to get resources in Viking Rise, to ensure that your progress never slows down.

1. Chapter Missions

Chapter missions are one of the best ways to get more resources in Viking Rise. You have a series of missions for every chapter, and the rewards offered upon completion include great amounts of resources (Food, Lumber, and Stone).

Chapter 16 rewards in Viking Rise Chapter Missions
Chapter 16 resource rewards

For example, after completing Chapter 16, I got from the final reward 158.7K Food, 164.7K Lumber, and 107.9K Stone, among other great items.

However, to avoid delaying your progress on Chapter Missions, you should avoid building, training, and upgrading troops randomly, especially in the early stages of the game. Otherwise, your resources will soon be depleted, and you won’t have enough to complete your main objectives.

Instead, focus on completing as many Chapter Missions as you can, because they include city-developing-related tasks anyways. This way you “kill two birds with one stone” so to speak. This will also help you unlock new features and progress through the game faster.

2. Send your idle workers to gather and hunt

Hunting and gathering food in Viking Rise
Hunting and gathering food in Viking Rise

Sending your idle workers to gather and hunt constantly, will give you additional resources that can be used for building, training units, and upgrading key structures. Your workers can be sent to gather food from bushes, loot lost supplies, and hunt animals, or fish.

To do that, simply tap an animal or any of the other mentioned methods. Your workers will then start the gathering process automatically, with a timer displayed to indicate when they will be done. Do this as often as possible to keep your resources full and steady.

3. Use the right heroes when gathering

Not all heroes are created for the same purpose. While some of the best heroes in Viking Rise are better suited for offense, others should be used to gather resources. Good examples of such heroes are Varka and Sheila.

Varka resource gathering specialized hero
Varka resource gathering specialized hero

While both have 4 talents that increase the number of gathered resources, as well as the marching speed, resource load, and gathering efficiency, they are specialized for different types of resources. Varka is specialized in Lumber and Gold gathering while Sheila is specialized in Food and Stone gathering.

Make sure to use them when you are sending out your troops to gather resources as they will greatly increase your gathering efficiency.

4. Look for quick chat bubble requests

Worker chat bubble proposition in Viking Rise
Worker’s proposition options

Every day, some of your appointed workers might spawn a chat bubble icon over the building that they’re appointed to, with a few propositions or requests. Soon as you see one, tap on it, and pick one of the multiple options that the worker will offer you.

Sometimes these options might save you resources for training new units or upgrading buildings, but they might also offer you a decent amount of resources, depending on your chosen option.

5. Spend some Gems

If you need resources urgently, you can spend Gems to buy Lumber, Food, or Stone. For example, 10,000 Lumber will cost you 50 Gems, while for the same price, you get 7,500 stones. To buy resources, tap any resource icon at the top of the screen, pick the number of resources you want to buy, and hit the “Buy and Use” button displaying the price.

6. Create a season-focused strategy

Seasons gathering speed buff details Viking Rise

What I like about Viking Rise is that it has distinct seasons. They not only have specific, amazing visuals, but they also provide you with special resource bonuses. Each season lasts for 2 days and will increase a specific resource gathering speed by 10%, making it the ideal time to gather that specific resource.

For example, the 10% gathering speed buff during the spring season, applies to Gold, Lumber in the summer, Food during the fall, and Stone gathering in the winter season. So you might want to focus all your energy on gathering more of that affected resource during each season.

7. Use your daily Divinations

Divinations are a quick and easy way to get a decent amount of resources. These can be found in the Divination Shack building where each day you’ll have a few rune combinations that you can use to get resources, speedups, or various buffs. You can also speed up the process by using the “Fast Divination” button, which will skip the animation.

Divination Shack daily rune combinations

You start by having 3 Divination Runes unlocked, and they represent the reward you can select to receive after each try. But you can unlock more by increasing the Divination Shack building’s level. The 4th reward can be unlocked by upgrading the building to level 10, and the 5th one at level 16.

For each try, you will need 1,000 Divination points, and you can only select one type of reward, whether is Food, Lumber, or any of the other remaining slots.

The Divination points are replenished automatically over time, but there’s a limit to how many points you can accumulate. Fortunately, this limit can be increased by leveling up the Divination Shack building.

To start, simply pick the type of resource you want to receive, by tapping the squared slots visible on the right side, and after that, hit the “Fast divination” button. The resources will be given to you immediately, and if you are lucky, you might also hit a critical effect, which multiplies the reward randomly (so far, the highest crit chance I got was a 5x).

8. Claim your Tribe Territory reward

Tribe Territory resources reward details in Viking Rise
Tribe Territory resources reward

This resource reward is directly impacted by how much territory your Tribe holds. The more territory your Tribe has, the more resources you and your Tribe members will receive.

To claim your Tribe Territory reward, tap the Alliance menu icon on the bottom right side of the screen. Next, on the Tribe page, in the center of the screen, you will see a small icon called “Tribe Territory”.

Tap it and it will redirect you to a page where you can collect your accumulated resource reward by hitting the “Claim” button. Keep in mind that these resources must be collected daily as it can only store up to 24h worth of resources.

9. Unlock and clear more areas in your City

clearing new area in Viking Rise

By clearing the surrounding area of trees and rocks, you will not only have more space for building constructions and other activities, but you can also find hidden loots that reward you with useful items and resources.

To clear an area, just tap on it and click the blue button, which will automatically send a worker to clear it. Once it’s cleared, you can tap the loot so that the workers start gathering it.

10. Complete Daily and Side Quests

Daily Quests are a great way to quickly get additional resources such as Lumber, Stone, and Food. You will also receive Activity Points for each completed quest. The points will be used automatically to fill the bar visible on the same page, which contains 5 Chests, each with its own special rewards, ranging from resources to speed-ups and Soulstones.

The Daily Quests tab in Viking Rise
Daily Quests tab

The Activity Points required for each chest are 20 points for the first chest, 40 points for the second, 60 points for the third, 80 points for the fourth, and 100 points for the fifth.

You can access the Daily Quests tab by tapping the little scroll icon visible on the left side of your screen, below the avatar. On this page, you will see 3 tabs at the bottom: Chapter Mission, Daily Quests, and Quests (Side Quests).

The Side Quests tab (third tab) rewards are also great. In addition to resources, these quests can also contain speed-ups and gold coins. However, to unlock the Daily Quests tab, you must first upgrade your Chief’s Hall to level 5, and level 6 for Side Quests.

11. Conquer more villages

the grass grabbing icon and the Village accumulated  rewards

The Villages can provide a constant, yet great flow of resources. The rewards from occupied will can also include speed-ups, troops, and other essential items, depending on the kind of rewards each village provides.

Additionally, you should also consider upgrading the buildings that each village has and appointing the highest grade of workers, and heroes with the right specialty, to receive better rewards.

And the good news is that you don’t have to visit each village periodically to receive the accumulated resource rewards. You can use the little hand grass-grabbing icon, which appears once there are enough gathered resources, to immediately collect them.

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