Viking Rise: How to Get and Use Gems Strategically

Learn how to get gems in Viking Rise, why this currency is so important, and what to spend your gems on for best results

Viking Rise how to get Gems and what to spend them on
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Every MMO strategy mobile game has its own premium currency, which can be used to buy items or speed up game progression. Viking Rise is no exception, and the premium currency in this game is Gems. These precious red crystals can be difficult to accumulate but are worth the effort as they can be used to finish upgrades and many other tasks instantly. In this guide, we’ll cover all the best ways to get Gems in Viking Rise, and what you can purchase with them.

1. Join or create a Tribe

Tribes, also known as alliances in other strategy mobile games, are a great way to get gems in Viking Rise. When you join or create a Tribe, you get a one-time 500 gems. Once you become a Tribe member, visit your in-game mailbox, click the Tribe tab and collect the 500 Gems reward from the message you’ve just received.

2. Defeat Niflungs and Niflungs Leaders

Niflung level 13 Gems reward probability
Niflung level 13 Gems reward probability

Niflungs are the enemies visible all over the map in your state/kingdom. They range from level 1 to level 13 and their level determines the difficulty of defeating them, those at a higher level being harder to defeat, but also offering better rewards.

However, you cannot jump directly to higher levels, but need to defeat all the previous levels of Niflungs first. The rewards offered upon victory differ and you will have a drop chance of receiving special items such as Relocators, Defensive Shields, Speedups, resources, and also Gems.

In addition to the regular Niflungs, you will also find Niflung Leaders. They are powerful creatures that need to be defeated only in groups with other members of your Tribe, in rally attacks.

You can either form a rally or join one created by other members. The Gem rewards for defeating a Niflung Leader are usually better, but this also depends on the level of the Niflung Leader.

3. Complete the Guide & Help tutorial

As we described in our complete Viking Rise guide, the mini Help tutorial includes a series of quick simple steps that explain the game basics, such as accessing your city, gathering resources, conquering lands, and attacking enemies.

At the bottom of each page, you will find a small chest, which will reward you with 2×10 Gems. Not a huge amount, but enough to get you started if you check all the pages.

4. Do City Territory Map missions

City Territory Map missions Gem Rewards

This map allows you to rescue workers, soldiers, and Viking Rise heroes. Each time you complete a mission, you get 50 Gems. But to be able to claim these rewards, you must first conquer the territory occupied by enemy forces.

For that, you can either explore the map outside your village yourself or use the City Territory Map and click any enemy zone to take you directly there and attack the enemies. The map can be accessed by tapping the map icon in the bottom-left corner.

5. Complete event tasks

Events in Viking Rise offer amazing rewards among which some of the events offer Gems as rewards as well. Two examples of such events are the Harvest Festival and Conquer the Island.

Harvest Festival event

Harvest Festival includes a series of tasks and will reward you with all kinds of items, troops, speed-ups, and resources. However, the Gems are not included in this task, but in the last treasure visible at the top of the missions list.

There are 4 progression treasures, and each treasure requires a certain number of tasks to be completed to unlock it. The 4th chest includes 500 Gems among other rewards and requires 10 tasks to be completed to be able to get the rewards.

Conquer the Island event

The Conquer the Island event lasts 8 days and consists of 2 stages: the Point Acquisition stage (Day 1 to 8) and the Reward Redemption stage (Day 8). During this event, each day you will have a series of tasks, split across 3 tabs. Upon completion, some of these tasks will also reward you with a 2x100Gems reward. So make sure you check all tabs each day of the event to get as many Gems as possible.

6. Defeat Bounty Beasts

Bounty Beasts Gems reward

Besides being one of the best ways to get more workers, the Staging Post’s Bounty Missions, also include a type of special mission on which you need to defeat giant beasts.

After successfully completing this type of bounty mission, and depending on the quality of the mission (uncommon, rare, epic, etc.) you will have a chance to get one of the displayed rewards. Among these rewards are also Gems.

7. Occupy Piers

Pier level 2, Gem Reward in Viking Rise
Pier level 2, Gem Reward

Piers are a great method of obtaining Gems, but also an important strategic element as they allow members to freely access other regions on the map. To occupy a Pier, you can either organize a solo attack or participate in a rally attack with your tribe members.

For example, for a level 2 Pier, after a successful attack, all members will receive 3×1000 Gems, a Fixed Relocator, 1.5M Food, 1.5M Lumber, and 1.1 Stones.

However, access to Piers is determined by your progress in Chronicles, and players can start a Pier attack only after the initial protection period has been removed. After that, Piers will no longer be protected.

8. Complete Side Quests

Side Quests Gems rewards in Viking Rise

Some Side Quests will offer you 100 Gems if you complete the required task. As you see in the screenshot, the objective of that mission was to reach 50,000 Might, and I was rewarded with 100 Gems. Once completed, hit the “Claim” button and the reward will be collected. You can then use the Gem item or keep it in your bag until you need it.

9. Consider the Gem Shop

The free methods I mentioned above for obtaining Gems should be enough for most players. However, if you need more Gems and you are ready to spend some money on them, then the shop is the best option for you.

There you can find 6 Gem packs, each having its own price, based on the amount of Gems it contains. On my server, the cheapest pack is €1.04 and includes 500 Gems, whereas the most expensive one includes 50,000 Gems and costs €105.

To access the Shop, tap the Gems on the top-right corner, and from the Shop tabs, on the left side, tap the Sem Shop tab.

What to spend Gems on in Viking Rise

Fixed Relocator Gem price in the Honey Tavern
Honey Tavern – Tavern Kepper’s Shop

The Viking Rise Gems can be used for a variety of purposes, most notably speeding up construction and research times in the city or the occupied villages, and instantly healing troops. The best way to spend your Gems, however, is the Tavern Keeper’s Shop inside the Honey Tavern building. Here you will most important items in the Game available for purchase for Gems.

The list of items includes speed-ups, gathering, and military boosts, but also Defensive Shields (7h, 12h, 24h, 3d, and 30d), Relocators (Random, Territory, and Fixed Relocator), and Expansion Order. For instance, a 3-day Defensive Shield costs 5,000 Gems, a Fixed Relocator 3,000 Gems, and a Territory Relocator 1,500 Gems.

Final Thoughts

Viking Rise Gems are a precious resource that can be used for various purposes as well as to increase your progress speed considerably. So don’t be afraid to spend some Gems once you collected enough as you’ll be collecting plenty more by following the methods I mentioned above. But remember to spare some for Relocators and Defensive Shields, as they can be really helpful in critical situations.

Viking Rise how to get Gems and what to spend them on
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