Viking Rise: How to Increase Troops and Attack Effectively

Learn how to increase your troop capacity and attack power in Viking Rise to give you a superior advantage in battles.

Viking Rise troops guide how to Increase troop capacity attack
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There are multiple aspects that can affect your success in Viking Rise, but the most important ones are having a great hero combination and effective troops in your squad. In this guide, we will go through all the steps needed to maximize your troops’ effectiveness in any type of situation.

We will discuss how to increase your troop capacity and their attack, and how to select the best troops for various battle situations. So let’s get started!

Choosing the Right Troops

In Viking Rise, the right troops can make a big difference in the game, not just in combat. There are 4 different troop types available in Viking Rise: Porters, Pikemen, and Archers.

Each has its strengths and weaknesses, and each can be more or less effective against the other. To make sure you pick the best troops for your squad, consider the following:

Porters (best for gathering)

Porter troops tier 5 Viking Rise

Porters are great for gathering resources, as they can carry more than any other troop type. They are not very powerful in combat, but they are a valuable asset for any Viking Rise beginner because in the early stages of the game, we need a lot of resources to support our city’s growth.

Unfortunately, Porters are overpowered by all other 3 troop types in a fight, so they should not be used as the main force in battle. Some excellent gathering heroes are Sheila and Varka.

Pikemen (best against Infantry)

Pikemen troops tier 5 Viking Rise

Pikemen are powerful melee warriors and have the highest defense among all trop types in Viking Rise. They are very effective against Infantry, but significantly weaker against Archers.

This means that they not only do less damage to Archer units, but they will also suffer more casualties when attacked by them. Some of the best Pikemen heroes include Laird and Sigurd.

Infantry (best against Archers)

Infantry troop tier 5 Viking Rise

Infantry is the most versatile troop type and is effective in both PvE and PvP. They have the highest HP, which means that they can take a lot of damage to your army.

However, they are not as powerful as the other troop types in combat in terms of attack power and are significantly overpowered by Pikemen units. But when used in combination with a powerful hero like Hobert or Jens, Infantry can be devastating.

Archers (best against Pikemen)

Archer troops tier 5 Viking Rise

Archers are great for attacking from a distance and can cause massive damage to your enemies. They have the highest attack power among all troop types, so they make an ideal choice for PvP battles.

However, their defense is quite weak and they can easily be overwhelmed by other troops, Infantry in particular. Some great heroes for leading your Archer troops are Artur and Verdandi.

How to Upgrade & Promote Troops in Viking Rise

As you’ve probably noticed, in Viking Rise each type of troop has 5 tiers, and the higher the tier, the better the stats. To increase your troops’ power and efficiency, you need to upgrade them constantly, as well as promote the existing units to a higher tier.

Upgrading troops is done by using resources such as food, iron, and gold to research specific Military techs in the Academy building. For instance, Infantry Tier 3 requires the Axe Brawler tech, which costs 600k food, 533k lumber, 1.2M stone, and 1.7M gold.

Once you’ve unlocked a new tier for your troops, you should start promoting all your existing troops to the new tier, before training new ones.

To promote your troops, tap a lower tier, and next, the arrow icon pointing upward, on the left side of the selected unit. Next, drag the slider to determine how many troops you want to promote, and press the Promote button.

How to Increase Troop Capacity in Viking Rise

While the attack and defense are crucial stats for your units, troop capacity is also an important factor to consider. A higher capacity allows you to bring more troops into battle, which can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Although your initial troop capacity is limited, you can increase it by using the following methods:

1. Research March Capacity

The first thing you can do to increase your troop’s capacity is research March Capacity in the Academy, under the Military tech tree. Depending on your level, you can unlock up to 3 different March Capacity techs. The first two types have 5 levels each, while the third one can be upgraded up to 10 levels.

2. Use a good secondary commander

Secondary commander stats Viking Rise

Similar to your main commander, a strong secondary commander can also increase a lor your troop capacity. To get the most out of this method, make sure to select a hero with good stats that excels at leading your best type of troops, and level it up accordingly.

You can pick the secondary commander when creating your squad, but before that, your main commander must be at least level 5.

3. Unlock new troop tiers

Unlocking new tropp tiers can offer you better stats like attack, defense, and health. Although this will not increase the maximum number of troops in your squad, it will increase the load capacity, which determines how many resources your troops can carry after finishing the gathering session.

4. Level up your best heroes

The level of your heroes also determines the load capacity of your troops. The higher the hero’s level, the more troops you can have on his squad. To get the most out of your hero upgrades, you should focus on building your best heroes for your desired troops and level them up. This way, you will be able to bring more troops into battle while having higher stats for your troops as well.

5. Use a Squad Capacity boost

Boost items can offer you the quickest way to increase troop capacity, attack, and many other stats. You can use such items directly from the Manage City menu, which can be accessed by pressing the little arrow icon under your avatar. The one, in this case, is called Squad Capacity and exists in two forms.

The first one is called Basic Squad Expansion and offers a 25% troop capacity increase and costs 4,000 gems. The second one is called Advanced Squad Expansion and offers a 50% troop capacity increase and costs 10,000 gems. Both items last for 4 hours.

How to Increase Troop Attack in Viking Rise

Your troop attack is the most important stat when it comes to winning battles. While having low-tiered troops can still be useful in gathering resources on the world map, having high-tiered units with a good attack stat is key to dominating your kingdom and progressing through the game. Here are some of the ways you can increase your troop attack in Viking Rise:

1. Research attack-related techs

Military techs researched

The last way you can increase your troops’ attack is by researching the various attack-related techs found in the Academy building, under the Military tab.

While some of these techs can unlock more powerful units with higher stats, the majority of them will help you strengthen your army significantly. The effects range from higher defense and attack power to increased march speed and many more.

2. Level up the Barracks

The Barracks can also play a big role in enhancing your troops’ stats. Each upgrade you make to the Barracks will increase the maximum number of troops you can train at a time, which means you will increase your army much faster.

Additionally, each Barracks building comes with its own specific stat boost such as attack power for Archer Barracks, defense for Infantry Barracks, and health for Pikemen Barracks. Therefore, you should try to keep a balance between all Barracks and prioritize the ones that you know will benefit your type of troops the most.

3. Increase your Prosperity level

Prosperity level 11 attack buff in Viking Rise

The Prosperity level, also known as the VIP level in other games of this genre, can offer you a ton of amazing buffs. Among these buffs, there’s also an Attack boost which starts from Prosperity level 11. To increase your level, you need Prosperity points, which can be acquired with gems.

The good news is that these buffs are permanent and each new Prosperity level increase comes with better daily rewards, which you can collect by opening the chest on that page.

4. Use an Attack Boost

Similar to purchasing and using a Squad Capacity boost, you can also use an Attack Boost item directly from the Manage City menu, which has 3 tiers. All have the same name but different colors and stats. The green one costs 500 gems and can offer you a 5% attack increase for 12 hours.

The blue one also has a 5% attack increase, but it costs 800 gems and lasts for 24 hours. The purple one offers a 10% attack increase and costs 3,000 gems.

5. Take advantage of your tribe’s War buffs

As a Viking Rise tribe member, you get access to numerous benefits such as daily rewards, protection from enemy attacks, and also various buffs that can help your economy and city development. Tribe techs can be researched once the number of resources donated by all members has been completed.

The ones that can increase your troop’s power, defense, and other combat-related stats, are located under the War tab of the Tribe Tech page.

However, depending on your tribe’s progress, these techs’ availability may vary a lot. That’s why you should consider joining a powerful tribe as the more powerful it is, the more techs will be available, and the more benefits you’ll get.

Final Thoughts

Increasing your troop attack in Viking Rise is essential for making progress in the game and dominating your opponents. Follow all the mentioned tips and you’ll be able to build an unbeatable army in no time! Good luck with your Viking Rise adventures!

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