How to Get More Food in Rise of Cultures

Learn the best ways to get Food in Rise of Cultures, the most essential resource in the game that we always strive to get more of.

How to get Food in Rise of Cultures
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Every strategy game has some kind of resource that players are always looking to get more of, whether it’s gold, silver, gems, crafting materials, or in the case of Rise of Cultures, food. However, in Rise of Cultures, you will soon notice that there is a huge imbalance in the amount of food and gold you can get from various sources, food being a much more valuable resource. And if you don’t know how to get food efficiently, your progress in the game will be severely hindered.

This guide will teach you how to get more Food, one of the most important resources in Rise of Cultures, and how to better use it to progress in the game.

1. Complete quests

Unlike other mobile strategy games I tried, Rise of Cultures has a lot of quest chains that you can complete for massive food rewards, which is fun. These quests usually involve tasks such as building new structures, researching, crafting items, training troops, and much more.

The good thing is that you can complete multiple quests from different mobs, each having its own quest chain. Each set of quests has also a chest that requires you to complete all the quests in the chain before you can open it for great rewards, including food.

2. Collect the City Hall rewards

City hall daily reward in Rise of Cultures

The City Hall building, besides the fact that will offer you 2 workers after starting the game, also offers 2 excellent features that can help you get more food in Rise of Cultures. Firstly, it allows you to collect a reward just by tapping the treasure which appears on top of the building once every 8 hours.

This reward contains a significant amount of Gold and Food, always handy to have more resources. Secondly, the City Hall can also be used for boosting general resource production, which I will cover next.

3. Activate the Daily Economy Boost

Activated level 4 of Daily Economy boost Rise of Cultures

The City Hall allows you to boost the production of all the Farms, Homes, and Workshops in your city by up to 20%. You can use these boosts once per day, and they exist in 4 different levels. Each level offers a percentage of boost, ranging from 5, 10,15, and 20%.

All you need to do to unlock a level of the Daily Economy Boost is to watch a 30 seconds video ad. Once the video is over, you click the x icon that appears in the top-right corner, and your boost will be active for up to 1 hour.

4. Prioritize Farms

Farm structures should be one of your main priorities in terms of food production because the more farms you have, the more food you will generate over time. You should also focus on increasing their levels before any other structures to make them more efficient. Each time you upgrade a Farm, you unlock new food production slots with a higher amount of food.

5. Complete incidents

Solving incidents in Rise of Cultures

Incidents in Rise of Cultures are small, easy tasks that appear on your map from time to time and they usually take less than two minutes to complete. They will offer 3 types of rewards, each having a chance to drop, and in most cases, one of these items is food.

One thing to bear in mind is that they require 2-3 workers to complete, so make sure to complete these incidents before using all your workers in Farms, training new troops, or other activities.

There is, however, one type of incident that has all 3 rewards as food items in different amounts, and that is the apple tree (check the screenshot). These incidents have a limited number of completions, and they will despawn after some time, so make sure to do them as soon as they appear.

6. Conquer new territories

conquered territory in rise of cultures

Conquering new territories is another brilliant way to get food in Rise of Cultures. Each territory has a few zones that you need to capture, and each offers Food and Gold as rewards. Besides this, once you conquer all these zones within a territory, you will also receive a bonus reward, which sometimes can be Food as well. Another benefit of conquering new territories is that you will unlock new expansions, parcels of land that you can claim to construct additional structures.

7. Take part in the Treasure Hunt event

Treasure Hunt is a weekly event where you can participate with your alliance members and win great rewards, including food as well. Besides Food, the event offers its own set of exclusive rewards such as the Scallywag’s Shanty (domestic Farm), or the Coconut Tree (Cultural Site) which can be used to increase your Food production even more.

8. Place Cultural Sites strategically

Cultural Sites placed near farms

Cultural Sites are basically decorative buildings that you can place in your city to make it look nicer, but also to substantially increase the happiness of adjacent buildings, which results in production boosts. Each cultural site can increase happiness by a certain amount, and the bigger the site, the more happiness it offers. The smallest ones are those that require one square of land, but you also have those that take up to 4 squares.

In terms of food production, you should place as many Cultural Sites as you can close to your Farms to boost their Food production as much as possible. You don’t really need to boost the gold production from Homes or your Military buildings, as you will get plenty of gold from other sources.

To check the happiness of your buildings, simply tap the sun icon on the top-right corner of your screen, as you see in the screenshot.

9. Unlock World Wonders

Hanging Gardens world wonder structure in Rise of Cultures

World Wonders in Rise of Cultures are special buildings that can be used to boost Food or Coins production, increase the damage of your troops, and other similar benefits. The Wonder that is best for food production is the Hanging Gardens. This structure provides a 10% Food production boost (as you see in the screenshot) to all the Farms in your city, which is extremely useful, especially early on.

Final Thoughts

This concludes our guide on how to get more Food in Rise of Cultures. Follow the methods I mentioned above and you should have more than enough food to support your growing empire. If you have any other tips or suggestions, feel free to share them with us.

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How to get Food in Rise of Cultures
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