How to get Orichalcum in Rise of Castles: The Complete Guide

Discover the best ways to get Orichalcum in Rise of Castles: Ice and Fire and why do you need this special item in the latest expansion

How to get orichalcum in Rise of Empires
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You will need a ton of Orichalcum to upgrade almost every building lately, so it is important that you start stockpiling it as soon as possible. In this guide, we’ll share some of the best methods to obtain Orichalcum in Rise of Castles.

What is Orichalcum?

Orichalcum is a special item included with the latest Rise of Castles expansion, the Castle Era, and it is required to upgrade your Castle to levels 26-30, as well as other upgradable buildings in your town.

You can get Orichalcum in various ways and you can check how much you currently have by tapping on the “Inventory” button (below the inbox icon) on the right side of your screen. Next, tap on the “Others” tab.

How to get Orichalcum?

So far there are only a few ways to obtain it and you will need a lot of them. Here are the ways to get Orichalcum:

1. Start building the Lighthouse

By starting the process of building the Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the latest buildings added in the latest Rise of Castles expansion, you will be rewarded with an impressive amount of Orichalcum by finishing each stage of the building, and there are five stages in total.

By finishing the first stage, you will be rewarded with 70 Orichalcum, 270 Orichalcum for the second stage, and 3900 Orichalcum for the last three stages, which makes a total of a stunning 12,040 Orichalcum amount.

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Although this is by far the best method to get Orichalcum, it is also the most difficult to accomplish as it will require a long time and a lot of resources. For instance, to get the stage 3 rewards, it is also required to upgrade your Castle to level 29, on top of the 80+ days that it takes to finish this stage.

2. Complete the Milestone of an Era Quests

This is the second way to get Orichalcum from the Lighthouse, a new series of quests called “Milestone of an Era”. To access these quests, tap the Lighthouse building and after that the “Milestone of an Era” icon.

You can also access it while on the “Magnificent Structure” page and by tapping the top-right side of your screen on the “Milestone of an Era” button. There are 5 quests in total to complete and by completing all 5 quests, you will receive a total of 131 Orichalcum.

3. Join or create rallies for Ferocious Zoltan Giants

Ferocious Zoltan giants are a new type of giants, similar to Savage Giants but higher level and more difficult to defeat. The rewards are also better, among which is Orichalcum. You will get Orichalcum once the giant is defeated, but also as a bonus reward for defeating the giant for the first time a day. This means that you can join or create a rally attack multiple times a day but you will only get the bonus reward once.

The Ferocious Zoltans have levels 30, 35, and 40 at the moment, the higher the level, the more Orichalcum you will get. The Ferocious Zoltan giants Orichalcum rewards are:

  • Ferocious Zoltan level 30: 6 Orichalchum for victory + 20 Orichalchum bonus reward
  • Ferocious Zoltan level 35: 7 Orichalchum for victory + 35 Orichalchum bonus reward
  • Ferocious Zoltan level 40: 8 Orichalchum for victory + 50 Orichalchum bonus reward

4. Defeat level 16+ Gale Marauders

These are the bandits (the smaller ones, not the giants) you see all over your map outside of your castle. But not all of them drop Orichalcum, only Gale – Tomahawk (levels 16-20), Gale – Axe Master (levels 21-32), and Gale – Hillsplitter (levels 33-35).

These types of Marauders can be attacked individually, they do not require creating or joining a rally as you normally would for Savage Giants. However, if this is your first time filling these Marauders, it is required to start your first attack with the lowest level, a Gale – Tomahawk level 16.

This means that you cannot jump from a level 16 Gale – Tomahawk directly to a level 25 Gale – Axe Master, you must go through the levels in order.

Once you defeat a specific level Gale Marauder, you will be rewarded with a certain number of Orichalcum plus the Orichalcum bonus reward called the 1st defeat reward, for defeating that Gale level for the first time. These high-level Marauders are also a great way to level up your legendary heroes.

The higher the Marauder level, the higher the Orichalcum rewards and more experience for your heroes. For example, after defeating a level 35 Gale – Hillsplitter for the first time, you will receive 200 Orichalcum as a 1st defeat reward.

5. Complete Benefits Center quests

The Benefits Center allows you to complete a series of quests that contain different rewards, including Orichalcum. These quest chapters have in general a limited time to be completed, so you must check back often and complete them as soon as possible.

To access these quests/challenges, tap the Benefits Center icon (the red chest) visible on the right side of your screen while inside your castle. There you will have different tabs (the big icons at the top) each having its own set of quests.

At the time of writing this guide, the Ultimate Duel is available for 3 more days (hopefully they will re-include it soon after that), and if you tap the Login Rewards button, you will see five different quests that require you to log in during five consecutive days.

During these five days, you can collect the rewards by tapping the “Claim” button. The rewards include resources, Alfred hero fragments, and a few Orichalcum items.

However, the more quests you complete inside The Ultimate Duel tab, the more Progress Chests you can open. Progress Chests 3 and 4 each include 50 pieces of Orichalcum.

6. Purchase Orichalcum packs?

Orichalcum pack in the ROE Shop

I personally do not recommend buying these packs only for the sake of getting Orichalcum, as there are other free and better ways to get this resource (which I already mentioned above). However, if you are also in need of some extra Iron, Gold, or Diamonds, you could buy the Orichalcum pack from the shop, which includes:

  • 2000 Diamonds
  • 1 x Good Construction Gift
  • 120 Orichalcum
  • 20 x 75,000 Iron
  • 20 x 25,000 Gold

At the time of writing this article, the price for this pack is $10,99 and it might be different in your country or maybe there are different Orichalcum packs for your region. Nevertheless, you should consider this as your last option to get Orichalcum.


As you see, there are various ways to get Orichalcum, from fighting Ferocious Zoltans and completing quests in the Benefits Center to attacking high-level Marauders.

Do these activities regularly and you will have enough Orichalcum in no time to upgrade everything in your town to level 30! Do you have any other Rise of Castles tips on how to get Orichalcum? Please let us know! Happy farming!

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