Rise of Castles: Castle Upgrade Requirements Levels 25-30

Find out how many resources you need and which other buildings to upgrade so you can advance your castle to level 30 in Rise of Castles

Rise of Empires Castle upgrade requirements from level 26 to 30
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The latest Rise of Castles expansion has finally been released, and I can’t say how excited I am! Not only does it add a whole new continent to the game with its own unique storyline, but there are also new buildings, events, and units. In this article, I’ll review the requirements for upgrading your castle to level 30 in the new expansion.

Update July 2023: We finally have the upgrade requirements for level 30. We do not have the resource costs for Arena Lvl. 29 and Mint Lvl. 29 yet, but we will update them as soon as possible.

One of the most game-changing additions in this latest expansion is the ability to upgrade your castle all the way to level 30. However, this will be a long and arduous task, especially if you’re struggling to get more resources.

There is also a new consumable called Orichalcum, which is required for upgrading your castle up to level 30 and all your other buildings as well. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you start stockpiling Orichalcum as soon as possible.

Upgrade Requirements for Castle Level 25

Castle level 25 is where your journey as a veteran player begins. It used to be the highest level available, and it comes with a set of requirements. To upgrade your Castle to Level 25, besides the resources and the population number I’ll be sharing below, you must also upgrade the Tavern and Alliance Hall to level 24.


Upgrade Requirements for Castle Level 26

Once you gather all the resources to upgrade your Rise of Castles castle from level 25 to 26, you will also need a lot of building speed-ups because the duration of your upgrade is around 24 days, and 17 hours, quite a long time. In terms of castle design (the outside), there are no significant changes, but you will have a lot more available space in your city because of the extra walls that are added, and the river.


Upgrade Requirements for Castle Level 27

Upgrading the Castle from level 26 to level 27, will require more effort besides the basic resource requirements. You will now need to upgrade some buildings to level 26 as well. As for the Orichalcum required amount, you will need over 10,000 Orichalcum to upgrade your castle to level 27.

Building requirements for level 27:

BuildingUpgrade Requirement
Trading House Lvl. 26840 Orichalcum, 42.5M Gold, 13.6M Charcoal, and 112.2M Iron
Stable Lvl. 26Iron storage IV lvl.2, 2,800 orichalcum, 24M Gold, 2.6M Charcoal, 161.2M Lumber, and 26.1M Iron
Tavern Lvl. 261,680 Orichalcum, 36M Gold, 155.3M Food, and 35.6M Marble
Iron storage IV Lvl. 1784 Orichalcum, 30M Gold, 161.9M Lumber, and 58.8M Marble
Iron storage IV Lvl. 2Iron Mine lvl.26, 1,176 Orichalcum, 39M Gold, 194.3M Lumber, and 65.9M Marble
Iron Mine Lvl. 26210 Orichalcum, 2.4M Gold, 4.2M Food, and 1.1M Charcoal

Resource requirements for level 27:


Upgrade Requirements for Castle Level 28

Please keep in mind that the following requirements are taken from a castle having the hero Castle Builder with his levels and skills maxed out, which reduces significantly the total resource cost for building upgrades. So if you don’t have the castle builder development hero, the resource requirement and the total duration of the building upgrade process will be different in your case.

Building requirements for level 28:

BuildingUpgrade Requirement
Training ground 1 Lvl. 27Training ground 1 Lvl. 26
Training ground 1 Lvl. 261,400 Orichalcum, 30M Gold, 91.3M Lumber, and 20.5M Marble
Tavern Lvl. 27Food Storage IV Lv. 2, 2,520 Orichalcum, 40M Gold, 169.5M Food, and 37.4M Marble
Food storage IV Lvl. 2Food storage IV Lv. 1
Food storage IV Lvl. 1784 Orichalcum, 30M Gold, 58.8M Marble, and 110.4 Iron

Resource requirements for level 28:


Upgrade Requirements for Castle Level 29

To upgrade your castle from level 28 to 29 you will need over 14,000 Orichalcum. A population of 600,000 is also required, as well as the Marble Storage IV level 4, which will require you a lot of resources. Once you meet all the requirements it will take you over 70 days to complete the upgrade (of course you can use speed ups..a ton of it).

Building requirements for level 29:

BuildingUpgrade Requirement
Tavern Lvl. 284,900 Orichalcum, 52.8M Gold, 270M Food, and 60.6M Marble
Barracks Lvl. 285,040 Orichalcum, 32.4M Gold, 240M Food, 4M Charcoal, 54M Marble, and Marble Storage IV Lv. 4

Resource requirements for level 29:


Upgrade Requirements for Castle Level 30

Finally, here are the requirements for Castle level 30 in Rise of Castles: Ice and Fire. In addition to these requirements, you will also need a population of 680,000. As for the entire Orichalcum cost, you can expect around 90,000 Orichalcum for the entire level 30 upgrade. After starting the castle level 30 upgrade it will take you around 79 days to complete.

Keep in mind that this duration as well as the resource requirements you see below may be slightly different for you based on your active building bonuses and/or the development heroes you may have. Nevertheless, it’s still quite a lot, so I hope you’ve accumulated enough speedups.

Building requirements for level 30:

BuildingUpgrade Requirement
Arena Lvl. 29To be updated
Mint Lvl. 28To be updated
Tavern Lvl. 29Food Storage IV Level 8, 5900 Orichalcum, 75M Gold, 290M Food, 64.5M Marble

Resource requirements for level 30:


Final Thoughts

As I said the guide is still in progress and I will add more info as soon as I have the info. In any case, considering the small amount of Orichalcum we get per day from events, it will take a while to get the required amount and see some level 29 castles, so start stockpiling now! I hope this guide was helpful, and if so, feel free to share it with your friends! Happy leveling!

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