Rise of Castles Era: What’s New in This Expansion?

New castle upgrades, new events, and more. Learn what’s new and different in this expansion and what it means for you and your empire!

Rise of Empires Castle Era new expansion
Image via Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire

Rise of Castles has recently released its newest and biggest expansion yet, the Castle Era. This introduces a whole new range of gameplay with the addition of the long-awaited Titanus the new world boss event, Die! Savages!, and more. Here’s everything you need to know about the new expansion.

What’s New in Rise of Castles Castle Era Expansion

First, to get the new expansion, you must update the game to ver. 1.250.246. Once you have updated the game, you will be able to take part in the new world and all the new features that come with it. Here’s what’s new:

1. Castle upgrades up to level 30

Rise of Empires castle level 26 requirements

This is the most important change in the new expansion, as players can now upgrade the castle up to level 30. But, as you probably guessed, you’ll need a lot of resources, the most important one being the Orichalcum metal, which can be earned by completing the five Lighthouse stages, doing the “Die! Savages!” (max. 10 defeats per day), and ranking among the first 150 spots in the “Stop Titanus” world event.

But first, you’ll need to upgrade the castle to level 26, and it will require 950 Orichalcum, 40M gold, 80M food, 78,8M wood, 5M charcoal, 150M stone, and 110M iron. Upgrading the castle to level 30, you’ll get access to a pier and its features.

2. Alfred: King of the Empire (new hero)

Cavalry is my favorite unit in Rise of Castles and when I saw Alfred, the new legendary cavalry hero, I was so excited. If you are like me and planning to use a lot of Cavalry in your army compositions, make sure to get Alfred as soon as possible, as he will offer a great damage boost to your already powerful Cavalry.

Upgraded at level 10 (max level), his first skill, the Soul Sucker, offers your Cavalry a 25% chance to deal 218% (+ 1% for each Hero level) damage to 2 enemy squads and reduces their power restoring effect by 40%, within the valid range. On top of that, if the target is already affected by these skills, it will take an additional 30% damage for 1 round. Quite powerful, right?

Strengths and Role

Alfred’s role is Leading front-row Cavalry. When the enemy is stronger than you, Alfred could be of great help. When taking damage, he will have a bigger chance to cast his skills, dealing massive damage to the enemy at the price of wounding some allies.

How to obtain

Alfred will be relatively easy to obtain through events. You will need to engage in the serial events of the extension pack to get multiple Alfreds for free.

Recommended Combo

Alfred + Roku Boshuten + Living Saint
Lawman + Alfred + Warhammer
Alfred + Warhammer + Avalanche


  1. Soul Sucker: A chance to deal massive Damage to the enemy squad(s) within the valid range and reduce the target’s troop power restoring effect. If the target is already subjected to a status that stops it from restoring troop power or curbs its power restoration, the target will take more Skill Damage.
  2. Lethal Blade: A chance to deal damage to all enemy squads, at the price of making all your squads take massive damage.
  3. Hard-Won Victory: Alfred takes the mission in an emergency. When the troop power of his squad drops below a certain level for the first time, his squad will have more chances to cast combat skills.

As an exclusive Hero, it takes multiple Medals to upgrade Alfred. To get Hero Fragments you’ll need to participate in the extension pack event to get Alfred Fragments for free. You can also participate in the subsequent events to be the first to have Alfred.

3. Milestone of an Era (new quests series)

The “Milestone of an Era” is a new series of quests and can be accessed after starting the construction of the Miraculous Lighthouse building, also known as the Lighthouse of Alexandria.

By completing each challenge you will be rewarded with great resource amounts, building speed-ups, and Orichalcum, the most important item in this expansion as it’s required to upgrade most of the buildings from level 25 to 30. These are the “Milestone of an Era” quests:

Quest NameTaskRewards
Cumulative LoginLog in every day2 Building Speed-ups, 5 Orichalcum, 4x30k Food, 4x30k Wood, 4x20k Stone, 4x15k Iron
Top ArchitectUpgrade the Castle to level 2680 Building Speed-ups, 100 Orichalcum, 5x500k Food, 5x500k Wood, 5x320k Stone, 5x240k Iron
Knowledgeable TalentResearch Damascus Steel I to level 120 Orichalcum, 10x50k Food, 10x50k Wood, 3x100k Stone, 3x75k Iron
Strong ArmyTrain 10,000 level 10 soldiers5 Orichalcum, 4x30k Food, 4x30k Wood, 4x20k Stone, 4x15k Iron
Great HunterKill 10 level 16 or above Marauders1 Building Speed-up, 1 Orichalcum, 6x4k Food, 6x4k Wood, 7×2.4k Stone, 7×1.9k Iron

4. Lighthouse of Alexandria (new structure)

lighthouse Rise of Empires

Once you’ve upgraded to level 26, you’ll get access to the Lighthouse of Alexandria, a new building that offers a new set of challenges, rewards, and exclusive achievements. Besides all these features, the walls, and the castle skin (the inside appearance only) will also change into a more advanced and luxurious look, the further you upgrade this building.

The Lighthouse of Alexandria building has 5 different stages that you’ll need to complete, each offering town decor or rewards such as:

StageConstruction Rewards
Lighthouse I: Chaotic Era20 Speed ups, 70 Orichalcum, 500k Food, 500k Wood, 320k Stone, 240k Iron
Lighthouse II: Dawn Breaking Era100 Speed ups, 270 Orichalcum, 1.5M Food, 1.5M Wood, 1M Stone, 750k Iron
Lighthouse III: Growth Era1300 Speed ups, 3900 Orichalcum, 5M Food, 5M Wood, 3.2M Stone, 2.4M Iron
Lighthouse IV: Enlightenment Era1600 Speed ups, 3900 Orichalcum, 5M Food, 5M Wood, 3.2M Stone, 2.4M Iron
Lighthouse V: Lighthouse Era3900 Orichalcum, 5M Food, 5M Wood, 3.2M Stone, 2.4M Iron

5. New boss: Titanus

Titanus world boss roe


Deadly Blade: x round(s) of prep. Deals damage to all enemy squads.
Colossal Figure: In round x, the damage Titanus takes drops.
Butcher in the Wild: In round x, make all enemy squads bleed and disarmed and take some damage till the battle ends.

6. Die! Savages! (new event)

“Die! Savages!” is an event where all Alliance members work together to fend off Savage soldiers. Engage in the event to obtain the construction material, Orichalcum. The event lasts from Sept 19 to Oct 2, from 00:00-12:00 every day.

7. Pier (new structure)

rise of empires pier and river

From this new structure, the Pier, players can send their heroes on trade voyages, and they will get rewards when the heroes return. As they mentioned, the journey is risky, and the sailors (heroes) need to meet certain requirements to be eligible.

8. Waterwheel (new structure)

a waterwheel building and four Farms

The Waterwheel it’s a new small 2×2-sized structure, half of which needs to be placed in water. Therefore you’ll need to create a river first.

The main purpose of the Waterwheel structure is to increase the production of the nearby Farms. After updating the game to its latest version, you will have a river automatically created in your town where you could place your Waterwheels to start receiving the Food production boost.

If you don’t want to change your existing Farm layout, you can also create new rivers (or small lakes) anywhere in your town, near your Farms. To do that, hit the “Build” option visible on the bottom right side of your screen, and there you’ll have the “Dig River” feature. Tap on it and start drawing the shape of a small lake (2 squares should be enough).

To remove the lake, you can use the “Refill with earth” option from the same menu. Once you’ve built the lake, you can place your Waterwheel on it and up to four Farms next to it, as seen in the image above.

However, surrounding the Waterwheel with four Farms, you’ll have no more space to connect the Waterwheel to a road. But you don’t have to worry as the Farms can still benefit from the Food production bonus.

9. Digging ditches & leveling the ground (new feature)

These new features will allow you to dig multiple rivers and build bridges (four different models and sizes, between two banks. Connecting the banks makes it possible for workers to cross the river.

10. Fixes, Optimizations, and other Features

  • Optimized the display of wings and Pendants to allow them to be visible inside your castle
  • Optimized the chat channel of the Battlefield of Honor: The news from non-battlefield servers will be blocked.
  • Optimized the Battlefield of Honor to allow us to speed up the troops’ marching on their way back.
  • New season mode: Royal Clash: Dominion. We can access this mode in season X, after updating the game to the latest version.
  • The dragon-raising quests are now available on Tuesday in the Clash of Provinces.
  • The tiles in Royal Clash: Dominion will now be red on the left, purple on the top, green down the bottom, and orange on the right.
  • Fixed the issue with the background music in the dragon system.
  • Fixed the issue where the common soldiers were displayed as strengthened soldiers in the battle reports.


With so much new content, there’s bound to be something for everyone. Upgrading the castle to level 30 is every player’s priority, as it will grant access to a whole host of new features.

But this will be a long journey and it will require a lot of Orichalcum, so make sure to participate in every event that offers it as a reward. So what are you waiting for? Update your game and jump into the new era today!

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