Rise of Castles Alliance Cup Event: All You Need to Know

Learn everything you need to know about the Rise of Castles Alliance Cup event, what are the requirements and the rewards for you and your allies

Rise of Castles Alliance Cup event guide, how to participate and what rewards you can get
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There are so many things to do in the Rise of Castles, but the events will offer you the best rewards, such as medals, speed-ups, and other useful items, to help you become stronger in this game.

The Alliance Cup event is one of the events that you can participate in to earn rewards for you and your Alliance. The tasks for the event are not too difficult, and the rewards are definitely worth it! Here’s everything you need to know about the Rise of Castles Alliance Cup event:

How to Start the Rise of Castles Alliance Cup Event

To start the Rise of Castles Alliance Cup event, all you need to do is to access the event’s page, pick your first task from the Tasks page and finish it. To access the Alliance Cup event page, simply click on the “Events” button located on the right side of your screen and then click on the “Alliance Cup” event.

Alliance Cup event in the events page

Things to Know Before Starting the Alliance Cup Event

Before starting the event, there are a few things you should know:

Alliance Cup Requirements

There is a preparation phase called “matchmaking” and it will occur 24 hours before the Alliance Cup event starts. During this phase, only the players with castles higher than level 10 and the Alliances with more than 10 members logged in in the past 7 days, can qualify for this event. The players who move to a new Alliance during the Alliance Cup event, will not be able to participate either.

Choose your tasks wisely

Before choosing a random task from the list, you should first start with the tasks related to your current Hourly Challenge and Clash of Province tasks. This way you get multiple rewards at the same time. Similarly, you should also check the Benefits Center’s current tasks.

Finish your task as fast as possible

Once you take a task from the list, you have 24 hours to complete it. However, you should try to finish it as fast as possible so that other members can have a chance to do it too. Also, if you are not able to finish the task in time or if you think that someone else can do it better than you, feel free to abandon the task by clicking on the “Abandon” button.

You have a limited number of tasks for each tally stage

You should also be aware that for each tally stage you have 5 free chances (tasks) plus 5 more that you can purchase with gems. The 6th one, however, is free. The 7th task, on the other hand, will cost you 500 gems. Therefore, if you can, try completing tasks that offer the best points possible.

The Alliance Cup Tasks

Alliance cup tasks quality by colors: blue, purple, golden and light golden

By visiting the Task tab, you will see a list of tasks classified by colors. These colors represent the difficulty of each task and the number of points that will be given for its completion. The tasks colors are:

  • Blue: These are the easiest tasks and give 10 points each.
  • Purple: These tasks are a bit more challenging and give 40 points each.
  • Golden: These tasks are quite difficult and give 100 points each.
  • Light Golden: These are the most difficult tasks and offer 200 points each, which is the highest number of points possible.

The Alliance Cup Ranks

Once the tally’s progress bar is full and depending on the ranking spot before the tally reset, your Alliance has a chance to be promoted to the next tally. There is a preparation phase plus 5 ranks available in the Alliance Cup event and the higher the rank that your Alliance is qualified for, the better the rewards will be!

Alliance Cup current rank example (the one that our Alliance is currently qualified for)

Here are the ranks and their requirements:

  • Advancing Conditions of Warm-Up: This is the preparation phase and is not considered a rank. The initial rank is the Bronze one.
  • Advancing Conditions of Bronze: This is the initial rank and no demoting will be applied. In this phase, Alliances that rank among the top 3 and have at least 5400 points, will be promoted to the next rank.
  • Advancing Conditions of Silver: The Alliances that have this rank and rank among the top 3 with at least 7200 points, can be promoted to the next rank when the tally stage occurs. The Alliances that rank among the last 2 spots, will be demoted to Bronze rank.
  • Advancing Conditions of Gold: In this rank, the Alliances who rank among the top 2 spots and have at least 10,000 points as of the tally stage, will be promoted to the Platinum Rank.
  • Advancing Conditions of Platinum: The Alliances in this rank who want to qualify for the Diamond Rank, must be in the top 2 and have at least 14,000 points as of the tally stage.
  • Advancing Conditions of Diamond: This is the highest rank and offers the best individual and alliance rewards. There will be no promotion as this is the final rank. However, the Alliance with the highest score among the top 2 spots, will keep its rank, whereas the other one will be demoted to the Platinum rank.

The Milestone Tab: Alliance & Personal Rewards

This tab shows the different milestones that you need to reach to earn rewards. It is also the place where you can collect your individual and Alliance rewards by clicking on each level’s reward icon.

Alliance Cup Milestone - the reward levels, personal rewards, alliance rewards and advanced rewards preview

Reward Levels

On the left side of this page, the first column shows the reward levels and required points for each level that you need to unlock. You can advance to the next level by collecting the required number of points. These can be earned by completing tasks. The more points you have, the faster you will progress through the levels and the better the rewards will be.

Alliance Rewards

The second column on the left side of this tab is for Alliance Rewards. These are rewards that your Alliance will earn based on the number of points that it has collected. The higher the level, the better the rewards. These rewards include gems, speed-ups, resources, Advanced Teleports, March Acceleration items, and other special items.

Personal Rewards

The third column from the left side is for Personal Rewards. These are rewards that you will earn based on the number of points that you have collected. Every time you unlock a new level, the reward icon is highlighted to let you know that you can claim this reward by tapping on the icon.

Advanced Rewards

These are extra rewards that you can claim for each level only by purchasing the Advanced Rewards premium pack, which is €10.99. These additional rewards include a lot of War Badges (around 1,500 on average for each unlocked level), resources, Super Recruitment Tickets, speed-ups, gems, gold, and other items.

Individual Ranking

Rise of Empires Alliance Cup individual ranking list

As the name implies, this is a ranking that tallies the points that each player has earned for their Alliance. The players that are in the top 5 spots of this ranking will receive additional rewards sent by in-game mail. These rewards can be anything from gems to speed-ups and gold, and they vary depending on your Alliance point level. You can see your Alliance point level above the current rank progress bar in the Task tab.

Alliance Ranking

This is the ranking that tallies points earned by each Alliance. The top 4 Alliances at the end of the event will earn different rewards, including Platinum Medals (1st spot only), Dragonite Fragments, gold, and speed-ups.

Our Alliance qualified on second place in the Alliance Ranking list

FAQs on the Alliance Cup Event

How to refresh the Alliance Cup tasks?

To refresh the Alliance Cup tasks you must be an R4 or an R5 alliance leader.

How many tasks can I take in the Alliance Cup event?

You can take one task from the Alliance Cup tasks list. Once you finish that task or abandon it, you can take another one.

How can I abandon a task?

You can abandon a task by clicking the Abandon button. To do that, click on the task that you have taken, and in the window that opens, click on the Abandon button.

What is a tally reset in the Alliance Cup event?

The tally reset in the Alliance Cup event is the phase where all the participating alliances are either promoted or demoted to their new ranks based on their score before each reset. The reset happens once every few days.

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