Best Hero Combinations for Rise of Castles

This guide includes some of the best hero combinations for Rise of Castles for veterans and beginner players alike.

Rise of Empires Ice and Fire Best Hero Combinations
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Rise of Castles is an exciting mobile game with intense real-time battles and strategic kingdom-building. The game is fun and engaging but has some of the most complex battle systems we have seen on a mobile strategy game.

As a beginner, your hero options are limited. However, the collection will rapidly expand as you progress through the game and new Reign of Chaos and Eden seasons become available on your server.

This guide will help you pick some of the best hero combinations for Rise of Empire: Ice and Fire, so you can create a mighty legion of legendary heroes to help you conquer your enemies.

Rise of Castles Best Hero Combinations

These are the best ROE hero combinations for the late game. It includes heroes only from Season X1 up to Season X15 and some Exclusive heroes marked with (E).

You can also find below the best Rise of Castles hero combinations for the early game.

Since Cavalry troops are the most efficient and versatile in Rise of Castles, as of Season X15, the best ROE hero combination should include Lawman (X2), Farah (X11), and Sundiata (X15). Despite being released in Season X2, Lawman is still one of the strongest front-row Cavalry heroes.

Having a full unit-based legion such as Footmen, Archers, or Cavalry only, will give you additional bonuses from your heroes’ skills, but if you prefer having a mixed legion, you can check that below as well.

Cavalry Only

Front RowMid RowBack Row
Lawman (X2)Farah (X11)Sundiata (X15)
El Cid (X12)Hellfire (X9)John I (X13)
Lawman (X2)Gnaeus Pompey (E)Avalanche (X2)
El Cid (X12)Hellfire (X9)Rainforest Ranger (X8)
Lawman (X2)Bjorn (X7)Avalanche (X2)
Alfred (E)Warhammer (X7)Rainforest Ranger (X8)
Wind Walker (X1)Army Breaker (X2)Warhammer (X7)
Alfred (E)Jeanne d’Arc (E)Bjorn (X7)
Wind Walker (X1)Cleopatra VII (E)Avalanche (X2)

Footmen Only

Front RowMid RowBack Row
King Arthur (X15)Clovis (X15)Scarlet Reaver (X7)
Ashoka (X14)King Arthur (X15)Scarlet Reaver (X7)
King Arthur (X15)Clovis (X15)Valkyrie (X2)
Ashoka (X14)Fortuneteller (X8)Pepin (X12)
Liberator (X7)Skanda (X7)El the Healer (X10)
Ashoka (X14)Dach Tengri (X2)Hellfire (X9)
Hunk (X1)Che Liu (X1)Valkyrie (X2)
Che Liu (X1)Cleopatra VII (E)Dach Tengri (X2)
Hunk (X1)Cicero (X1)Cleopatra VII (E)

Archers Only

Front RowMid RowBack Row
Eidolon (X7)Darius I (X13)Eselfred (X14)
Darius I (X13)Poison Master (X10)Belisarius (X12)
Eidolon (X7)Darius I (X13)Lilith (X9)
Boudica (E)Hellfire (X9)Spectral Reaper (X2)
Eidolon (X7)Warden (X7)Ashen Verdict (X7)
Ophelia the Defender (X2)Sakura Blossom (X1)Spectral Reaper (X2)
Boudica (E)Cleopatra VII (E)Tarantula (X2)
Ophelia the Defender (X2)Spectral Reaper (X2)Nathan the Elk
Boudica (E)Sakura Blossom (X1)Frederick I (E)

Mixed (Footmen, Cavalry, Archers)

Front RowMid RowBack Row
Eidolon (X7)Sundiata (X15)Eselfred (X14)
Darius I (X13)Avalanche (X2)Belisarius (X12)
Darius I (X13)John I (X13)Lilith (X9)
Boudica (E)Farah (X11)Spectral Reaper (X2)
Ophelia the Defender (X2)Hellfire (X9)Ashen Verdict (X7)
Peace Bringer (S2)Rainforest Ranger (X8)Spectral Reaper (X2)
Eidolon (X7)Warhammer (X7)Tarantula (X2)
Jiguang Qi (S1)Bjorn (X7)Nathan the Elk
Peace Bringer (S2)Army Breaker (X2)Frederick I (E)

ROE Best Hero Combinations for Early Game

These are the best hero combinations for beginners to Rise of Castles. These lists include non-seasonal legendary heroes and heroes from Season 1 up to Season 4.

Cavalry Only

Front RowMid RowBack Row
Alfred (S3)War Lord (S3)Roku Boshuten (S3)
The Immortal (S2)Rozen Blade (S3)Jane (S3)
The Immortal (S2)Beast Queen (S2)The Brave (S4)
Black Prince (S1)Constantine the Great (S1)Lionheart (S1)
North’s RageCleopatra VII (E)The Boneless
KublaiJeanne d’Arc (E)Heaven’s Justice
Mulan the HeroineRough RiderQueen Anne
North’s RageIsabella IWilliam Wallace
Rough RiderYukimura SanadaHeaven’s Justice

Footmen Only

Front RowMid RowBack Row
Peace Bringer (S2)Bleeding Steed (S3)Desert Storm (S4)
Peace Bringer (S2)Isabella IDesert Storm (S4)
Jiguang Qi (S1)Genghis Khan (S1)Jade Rakshasa (S2)
Demon SpearMulan the HeroineCao Cao (S1)
North’s RageYukimura SanadaQueen Anne
KublaiGenghis Khan (S1)Heaven’s Justice
Jiguang Qi (S1)Rough RiderQueen Anne
North’s RageMulan the HeroineHeaven’s Justice
Demon SpearIsabella IWilliam Wallace

Archers Only

Front RowMid RowBack Row
Immortal Guardian (S4)Divine Arrow (S4)Jade Eagle (S4)
North’s RageCharles the Great (S1)Sky Breaker (S3)
KublaiYukimura SanadaWitch Hunter (S2)
Charles the Great (S1)Edward the Confessor (S1)Inquisitor (S2)
Edward the Confessor (S1)Cleopatra VII (E)Al Fatih (S1)
North’s RageCharles the Great (S1)William the Conqueror
Mulan the HeroineRough RiderWilliam Wallace
Isabella IYukimura SanadaQueen Anne
Charles the Great (S1)Mulan the HeroineHeaven’s Justice

Mixed (Footmen, Cavalry, Archers)

Front RowMid RowBack Row
Peace Bringer (S2)The Brave (S4)Jade Eagle (S4)
Jiguang Qi (S1)Rozen Blade (S3)Sky Breaker (S3)
Peace Bringer (S2)Beast Queen (S2)Witch Hunter (S2)
Demon SpearJeanne d’Arc (E)Inquisitor (S2)
North’s RageRough RiderAl Fatih (S1)
Jiguang Qi (S1)Cleopatra VII (E)William the Conqueror
Demon SpearConstantine the Great (S1)William Wallace
North’s RageYukimura SanadaQueen Anne
Jiguang Qi (S1)Heaven’s JusticeHeaven’s Justice


This concludes our guide on the best Rise of Castles hero combinations. As you progress through the game, your hero lineup will be constantly changing and evolving, and you’ll always have the chance to experiment with new hero combinations.

Keep in mind that these hero combinations are based on our experience up to Season X15, and are not a definitive answer to how you should build your legendary hero lineup, so feel free to experiment and find your own perfect hero combination!

Good luck with your battles, and we hope this guide helped you to create the best legion of heroes for your Rise of Castles journey.

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